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13th Year  



The March meeting was one of our best meetings we have ever had and we have had lots of great meetings. Jan Hohn lead the meeting about the standards that certified tile setters use to install tile. She described how to use the The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Tile Council of North America handbooks. Jan also told the attendees what and how to choose top quality Modified Thinset Mortars and grouts. Lastly she and the fellow tile setters/contractors attending talked about the differences between the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and ANSI standards.
What made the meeting so helpful is Jan broke down all the jargon of the codes and technical writing to terms we all could understand and utilize as we move forward. Here are some hightlights.


Ansi book Choosing a Modified Thinset Mortar on the bag it should have this A118.4 specification. Thinset is the adhesive to set tiles.  





5 Hours button The annual TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation is a guide to assist in clarifying and standardizing installation specifications for tile. Each installation recommendation, or method, requires a properly designed, constructed, and prepared substructure using materials and construction techniques that meet nationally recognized material and construction standards. 


Jan Hohn, Joe Kerber and Dave Karp all expressed how important is that a certified tile installer should be hired to installation tile projects for the integrity of tile industry. In the past few years all of them said that are redoing work of handyman or trades people who pick up the trade to make some extra money. Back
5 Hours button
Jan Hohn going over ANSI
before the 1970's they said most tile setters were union trained and with the advent of sheetrock and new DIY materials the craft has taken a hit on trained tile installers. So many projects have failed and it has reflected poorly on the whole tile trade. The tile industry has recognized the need to go back and start a training process to rate tile setters so Architects, designers, tile showrooms, contractors and even the public know what type of quality tile setter they are hiring. The 5 star program created by the NTCA is the top of the line rating for tile setters and the industry is pushing to get builders to utilize them for all commercial, historical and large and small scale projects to ensure fewer issues to help build a better name for tile over all. 
After this meeting it became apparent the Handmade Tile Association will ask for tile setter qualification to be a part of the directory from here on out. We have been very fortunate all of the tile setters in our directory are highly trained and we have two 5 star tile setters in our directory. But as we become more national it will be a way for the organization to ask for the best and have a measure to work with. 



Host Jan Hohn of Hohn & Hohn

Joe Kerber, Dave Karp, Stephanie Kazrowski, Wendy Penta, Roger Mayland, Carri Carlson, Lisa Trnka, Christine Nelson and Josh Blanc 


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Minnesota Tile Festival
Minnesota Tile Festival Early Registration till April 30th save $20
The MN Tile Festival early registration is in full swing. We have had 10 booths sold. We have 30 spots left. Our early bird special ends at the end of April. Then the price goes up $20.    The big news and questions the HTA has received about the tile festival is that the whole show is Outdoors this year. This is the first time ever that it will all be in one area and completely outdoors. For the organization this is a great thing. 5 Hours button
There will not be any issues on navigating patrons to all of the artist booths making the logistics of the show much simpler. For artists who don't do many outdoor shows there is some anxiety that has been expressed. The main concern is about having a tent. In the 10 years we have done the event rain has never been an issue. That does not mean it always will be dry. There are a variety of tents that artist can purchase ranging from $140 at Cosco and Walmart on line and a whole range at If you are planning on doing more outdoor shows invest in a higher quality tent. If not you might be able to rent or borrow one from other artist friends. We are still offering table rentals or you can bring your own disp
MN Tile Festival Logo
The HTA will be having a meeting at the American Swedish Institute on August 29th vendors and members will have a walk through of the space to view the layout and ask questions. Ultimately it is going to be a brand new space that is just op
ening for the public and lots of people will b
e interested in checking out the new building and this event will be an extra excuse to visit and the MN Tile Festival is expecting a great crowd. We hope you will take advantage and have a booth. 
Vendors registered! What about you?
Stone Hollow Tile
Minnesota Mosaic Guild
Margy Jean Balwierz
James Whitney Tuthill
Creative Photos Etc
Elfstone Studio
Clay Squared to Infinity
Mercury Mosaics
Sheryl Tuorila 
Kuilema Pottery

Submit your Gallery Shows and Events

Over the past year or two we have noticed that lots of people who read the HTA newsletter and visit the website click on all of the events, gallery shows workshops and classes. If you have something going on please send us your information to post. Here is the format that helps the HTA best
Name of event
Where it is
When it is
How much is costs
and a image. 
Minneapolis & St. Paul Home Tour
Sixty homes have been chosen for the 25th Annual Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour. New content, and a new look for this website, will be launched soon. Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour set for April 28-29, 2012. Every year the HTA has members work showcased. If you have a project in one of the homes tell the HTA about it so we can published it. If you want directories tell us and we will get you some to hand out. 


Event of the month 
April 17-20, 2012 
Orange County Convention Center 
Orlando, FL, USA 
This is the worlds largest tile shows. Visit the Artisan Tile Village. Meet the Tile Heritage Foundation, Joe and Shelia will be selling books and will talk tile with you. The Tile Council of North America will be serving there famous free hot dog lunch and have copies of the new TCNA handbook. Pick up your copy and see the amazing tiles from around the world. 


Networking Dos and Don'ts

  Networking one of the easiest and most effective ways to market yourself and get sales!



Do go to as many events as you have time'll never know who you will meet and how they will connect to you.


Don't make excuses...go!

Do make contact with at least three people at each event.


Don't just talk to the people that accompanied you to the event.

Do make a point to contact new and old friends via email, phone or snail mail right after you see them at an event. Keep your name at the top of their contact list


Don't wait for people to contact you. Be proactive! 

Do remember that face-to-face time is just as important as social media. Studies now say that it takes 10 connections for people to fully understand what you're selling and how it will benefit them.


Don't be afraid to use all your networking tenacious! 

Events, shows, new products, art, classes etc!
Facebook icon and link We are looking for more events to post. Please send us your classes and workshops, and gallery shows.

Four times a week the HTA does a Facebook post on the Handmade Tile Association page. We are looking for , members and advertisers who have events or anything they want to publicize, they can send all the info to

The same thing goes for artists chosen for the HTA "Artist of the Month" spotlight. If they connect with me early, I can integrate more of their work and interests in the press release.

Handmade Tile Association Meeting


April 24th

Clay Eart Studios
Linda Taylor has been working on photography on ceramic tiles and she will give us a tour of her studio and process. 

Where: 16246 Hominy Path, Lakeville MN 


Directions:  We are about 25 miles south of Downtown Minneapolis at 16246 Hominy Path, Lakeville, MN 55044. Note that there are several similar roads such as Hominy Ct, Harmony Path, etc. so be sure to be looking for Hominy Path.  Questions? Call 612-203-9193 (c)
Take 35 W south... Past 494, Hwy 13 and County Road 42 and where 35E & 35W join.  The next exit is County Road 46. Take this exit and make a left (east).  Cross over 35W and go approximately 2 miles east.  You will  pass Ipava and Lac Lavon roads and come to Highview. There is a traffic light here.  (Note the name on the right (south) side is Highview and on the left(norht) is Gardenview Drive). Make a right (south) onto Highview and then make the next right (Hominy Path).  Continue on Hominy Path approx. 500 yds.  Our home is on the righ.  We have a front porch, big boulder and a fire hydrant in front.  There will likely be several cars including a big black aging pick-up truck on the driveway.


You can also take Cedar Road if you are coming from St. Paul but there is extensive construction. If you come this way expect one lane south of the river.  If you take it all the way, go past Target, Rainbow and Cub foods to 160th st. (This is also County Road 46.) Make a right (west) and go to Highview (approx 2 miles) and make a left (go south). Take the first right for Hominy Path.

Pot Luck Please bring warm yummies!


Time - 6:30- 8pm


If you are not in the Minnesota region consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and Linked in. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas.



Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
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Art A Whirl and the HTA

Mercedes Austin from Mercury Mosaics has again volunteered to organize the HTA to have a presence at Art A Whirl in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. This year she is planning a little different presence. Instead of having 10 artists show at once she is putting together one booth highlighting the HTA and its members. She is creating banners with the Help of Christine Nelson and Josh Blanc the will give Art a Whirlers an experience when they stop by the Casket Arts Building space. 
Mercedes will be asking for artists to booth sit and bring your tiles to show and talk about the HTA and all of its services and programs. You will be welcome to see the work you bring. You can send her examples of your work for the booth too even if you can not be there.  The booth will have directories to hand out, tile maps and commemorative tiles for sale and info on the MN Tile Festival. Contact Mercedes if you would like to help out.
Moravian Tile Festival Registration 

The 14th annual Moravian Pottery and Tile Works in Doylestown, PA is inviting tile artists off all disciplines to purchase a booth. a 10'x 10' spacis $175 you can get a double booth for $345. 6' tables are available for $10 each.  If interested contact  Vance Koehler at or call 215-348-6002
Fax 215-345-1361
Deadline March 16th
Spotlight on Artist Schedule
USA MapSpotlight on artists for 2012. 
If you are next Please send us any new images, information or news that you would like to be highlighted by the first of your month to the the HTA.
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Minnesota Tile Festival
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Register to have a booth at the 2012 MN Tile Festival. Click here for more details.