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Welcome to the December 2011 spotlight on Handmade Tile Association artists and tile events from the around the United States.  We feature three artists every month and links (to the right) to many of the tile events, gallery shows, workshops featured around the country.

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Enjoy the spotlight.
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Mercury Mosaics  

Mercedes Austin
Minneapolis, MN


 5 Hours button
5 Hours button

* We are located in the NE Minneapolis Arts District.

* We love bold bright COLORS

* Our tile has been featured on DIY's "Bath Crashers" & "I Hate My Kitchen"

* Lately we've been working on a lot of commercial projects in addition to residential

* Here we are standing in front of some Tiger Lily 3x6's we made for Pittsburgh Blue Steakhouse!

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Crown Building

1331 Tyler St Street NE

Studio 110

Minneapolis, MN  55413


(612) 236-1646 

Śrtist Ŗlock∑
Suzanne Crane
Earlysville, Virginia  
5 Hours button I make botanical tiles and pottery in a rennovated 1890s warehouse in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, not far from Charlottesville.  I cut each tile by hand with a copper cutter, then impress it with a botanical specimen gathered from the woods and streamsides near my home, leaving a fossil-like imprint in the clay.  The geometric point pattern around the edges of my tiles is hand pressed one point at a time to give the tiles an Arts and Crafts era feel.  I come from a family of botanists, land conservationists and ornithologists, and I can't help being enthralled by the graphic possibilities of leaves, ferns, branches, and mosses.  I also find the botanical nature of my work a great excuse to go hiking in the woods almost every day.

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5 Hours button I make deco tiles in 6" and 4" sizes, and also make framed tile murals.  I've been commissed to make kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, tiles for floors, bathroom tiles, and tiles to inset in tables.  My husband and I have designed a streamlined Arts and Crafts style tiled furniture line in cherry with walnut accents that compliments my tiles well.  My old and creaky website might be of help:, or call my studio: 434-973-7943 with questions.

For more information please contact





Untapped Resource 

Sheryl VanderPol  

Plymouth, Minnesota   

5 Hours button Sheryl VanderPol is your Untapped Resource for custom artwork.  Using any commercial ceramic or porcelain as the canvas, we are the paintbrush that creates hand-painted tiles and porcelain sinks, fired to a beautiful permanency, along with wall murals and TrompeL'oeil.
5 Hours button Whether it's scenery from around the world, nature, bright colors or the look of texture and depth, for artist Sheryl VanderPol, the creative process begins with conversation...her first priority is to get to know the customers and what they love.
5 Hours button From those discussions, VanderPol creates a theme uniquely personal to the client-incorporating favorite travels, hobbies, art and lifestyles. "People get excited when they realize they can put a little of themselves into a design." "Including that personal element is what makes my company unique."
View  Remember "If you can dream it, we can do it." 
Then start dreaming!  Call 763.542.1116, "Who you are, inspires me, to create for you."

For more information please contact Sheryl: 



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Feature Resource

 Hohn & Hohn
Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Hohn & Hohn Inc. is an award-winning custom tile and stone contractor with more than 85 years combined experience.
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Awarded NTCA's Five Star accreditation as one the top installers in the United States. She and her staff are all Certified Tile Installers which is a national certification program administered by the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation. Hohn & Hohn, Inc's work has won numerous awards, including the 2010 Tileletter Stone Special Recognition Award for a marble bathroom installation and the 2011 Tileletter Grand Residential Award for a breakfast room floor installation.
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