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Review of the 2011 Minnesota Tile Festival


Thanks to everyone for all your hard work to put on the 10th annual 2011 Minnesota Tile Festival. MN Tile Festival Logo It was another amazing festival with great tile art, speakers and food. Below are all the statistics and images from this years show and comparisons to other years.  If you have questions, ideas, or concerns please contact the HTA and we will get back to you. Check out the day of pictures at the MN Tile Festival page on facebook by clicking here  or at
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The 2011 MN Tile Festival Review.
Results of all data collected
Exit interviews
PR of the show..
Thanks to our Volunteers and Committee
President Commentary
Next Meeting October 11th
Award winners
Tile Bucks
Thanks to our speakers
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The 2011 MN Tile Festival Review
Mad zebra with child  The 10th Annual Minnesota Tile Festival was a world wind project that kept the tile festival committee on it toes for weeks before and during the show.  Moving a show to a new location had a lot of logistic issues that needed to be dealt with that we have not had to do since the first year of the show. ie lots of redirecting the followers to the new location, all new signs for the address, parking issues, directing patron traffic to the artists, layout of the booths, extra meetings with the vendors, etc. The committee did a fabulous job.

Attendance was not able to be tracked as we have in years past since there was no gate or even a single entrance to the festival(there are six entrances we know of). Our main measurement was how many directories were handed over 1000 were gone by the end of the weekend. Which is higher than we have ever had before.

Vendors filled out a survey on the event. In general is was a mix like all the years past. Some vendors did well other struggled with the audience. Any new space takes time to understand the audience and its traffic flows and norms. The biggest surprise with the Friday set up there were lots of Allina head quarters workers wanting to purchase work and some did. This seemed to be the most potential of a group of art buyers from the comments we received in the survey. Click here to read the results from the survey.

Linda Taylor Lots of PR went into the show both behind the scenes and at the show. Trebuchet Communications sent out two press releases twice a month all year long. They made many connections to the media with the biggest connection was Melinda Nelson of Mpls/St.Paul Magazine who juried the show handing out three awards. Having an editor of a major magazine meet and study the works of all the artists gave her a deep understanding of the tile artists in the community. This will make it much easier as we continue to send more press releases that she will cover the events, news and artists of the HTA.

Thank you to all of our artists for participating and showing the community the amazing variety and selection of handmade tile, mosaics and tile art available.

Results of all data collected
in plain sight  Every year since 2002 we have made stat chart of what was done and what was spent on the MN Tile Festival. The information we collected is too long for the body of  our newsletter please click the link below and you will see all of the years side by side for attendance, money made, lost, how many tickets of each category came in etc.  It is very interesting.  Tell us your thoughts and if you have any ideas on how to improve.

For those who do not want to wade through all the statistics the main numbers that people usually like to know is the MN Tile Festival costs

$8210 to put on and we make $6603 for a net loss of $1607. This is $442 better than last year even with the cost of paying for the rental of MGM. The extra expenses are picked up through membership and revenue from the directory.

We also doubled in many statistics
Visits to website for the month before the tile festival went up from 2000 last year to 4000 this year
Our e- newsletter has gone from 500 to 1000 in less than a year
Our facebook page has gone from 150 to 300

Results of the 2011 MN Tile Festival data click here
Exit interviews
volunteers We had a team of St. Cloud Marketing students volunteer to conduct an exit interview for the Minnesota Tile Festival. We fitted them with our first ever MN Tile Festival T-shirts don't they look awesome. We still have some only $10 get them while they last.
We had 126 exit interviews

We asked
1. Are you working on a tile project?
59 NO
67 YES
17 ART  
16 OTHER  
2. Where did you hear about the show?
3. What is your zip code?
Click here to see the list

PR of the show
Devil tile Trebuchet Communications knocked on every door they could find to spread the word on the Handmade Tile Association and the Minnesota Tile Festival. We got a variety of articles written about HTA artists through out the year helping set up the event. Much of the media really understands who and what we do as an association through these efforts.

Here is where the tile festival notices were posted: Star Tribune calendar, Twin Cities Bungalow Club,  St. Paul Pioneer Press calendar, American Swedish Institute e newsletter, Tile Magazine website, Tile Heritage Foundation website, Midtown Global Market website MGM, Yelp, ASI e mail blast, HTA website, many of the HTA member's websites, there were probably more but this is what we know of.

Paid advertising - Bungalow Club ad, Arts and Crafts magazine ad, Mpls/St.Paul banner ad, Mpls/St.Paul VIP e blast, Stumbled Upon,  Tile Directory (full page ad), four posters in MGM, banners in MGM, postcards (10,000), Blue Sky Guide ad, facebook ads.

Thanks Trebuchet Communications for all your hard work.
Thanks to our Volunteers and Committee
The work that goes into the event both before, during and after is a testament to the passion people have about this show and handmade tile and mosaics.  These people and all of the volunteers through the years are the legs of the festival.  Thanks to everyone!

diner Thanks to the Midtown Global Market and Kimberly Hanna and staff for working with us this year.

Thanks to the committee Norma Hanlon and Lisa Trnka, Jana Galdames. Jen Seeger, Katelyn Tischler, Leigh Oltmans, Christine Nelson and Josh Blanc

Thanks to all of the Handmade Tile Association volunteers. Tom Hanlon, Alex Chinn, Sebastian Galdames, Lara Roy, Carri Carlson, Layl McDill, Katie Thompson, Lucy Yogest, Students from St. Cloud State.

Thanks to the Edina Art Center for the Make one Take one tile workshop.  Last but not least thanks to Mosaic on a Stick for  their mosaic on a stick workshop.  Both groups were well received and people were very thrilled with their projects.

President Commentary

Somi House The 10th annual Minnesota Tile Festival gives us a marker to have a moment of reflection of where we have been and where we have come to. When we first started the tile festival handmade tile was in search of an audience and we had lots of help from the Tile Heritage Foundation choosing Minnesota to have a national tile conference to highlight our cause. Over the years we have consistently had attendance of 600 to 1000 attendees and have built a following. This was in full affect with our move to the Midtown Global Market this year we had our highest attendance even with a transfer of venues that is a major accomplishment. We have a dedicated following where ever we show and a growing appreciation of the medium.
We still have a long ways to go to achieve the concept where Americans use artisan tile work in all of their home building projects and collect tile as an art form just like traditional art formats like paintings. The Minnesota Tile Festival has established a venue that helps us achieve those goals. As we move ahead to our next ten years we have a blueprint to utilize on what works on building our audience and we have made some fabulous friends in our local community and nationally that will help us achieve even greater heights. Thank to everyone for helping us accomplish so much. We will see you next year on September 15th at the American Swedish Institute in their brand new building!
Next Meeting October 11th
Next meeting will be Laurie McKichan LLC Furniture Studio

chair When - Tuesday October 11th
Time - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Pot Luck

558 Vandalia St, Suite 205
St. Paul, MN 55114

94 to Cretin/Vandalia Exit.
Go North towards University.
1st building on the Right (right next to the freeway)

Building has 550 and 558.  Go in the 558 door up to the second floor.  The freight elevator will be straight ahead.  Go right and suite 205 is straight ahead.

Review of MN Tile Festival.  If you have opinions this is the meeting you should attend.

Last days to submit for the 2011
Tour of furniture maker studio and discussion with woodworkers on how to collaborate with tile and wood

Review 2011 and Discuss 2012 goals

Discuss directory for the 2012 directory. Click here to get ad rates

We are looking for venues to have meetings for 2012.  If you would like to host a meeting please contact the HTA to set one up.


Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
Quick Links
Award winners
We had four awards this year from two different groups. Mpls/St.Paul Magazine and Tile Heritage Foundation.

The Tile Heritage Prize  was juried by Sandra Shaughnessy of the Edina Art Center. She choose
Stone Hollow Tile
"Awarded to the artist whose tile in the juror's opinion best represents the ceramic tile traditions in America" 
SHT award winner

meet the award winners link
The Second series of awards was done by Melinda Nelson editor of Mpls/St.Paul Magazine. 
David Achinger Tile Co.
Editors Choice

Lea Way Design
Leann E. Johnson
Best Use of Detail
Stephanie Kaczrowski
Most picturesque
Polar Bear

Mercury Mosaics -
Mercedes Austin
Most inventive use of medium

Tile Bucks
tile buck
The Tile Bucks concept was a huge success. The National Kitchen and Bath Association MN Chapter sponsored the $250 award. Over 150 people register to win on Friday night.
The winner used her award money to purchase from two artists. This was a win win for everyone involved.
Thanks to our speakers 

1.  Roger Mayland of North Prairie Tileworks Replication of Historic tile.


2.  Jan Hohn topic:  Handmade vs. Machine Made Tile Installation.


3.  Carri Carlson of Array Kitchen and Bath Design "Lean to Love your Pink (Yellow, Blue, Tan...) Tile Bathroom."  


4. Christine Nelson  of Christine Nelson Design. Topic Planning the details with a designer. Kitchen and bath designer. 

Christine and Alisha  

Also Thanks to Christine for gathering this group to speak to the Tile Festival attendees.

Thanks to all of our sponsors

ASI logo

Handmade Tile Association link

THF  Arts and crafts magazine



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