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12th Year  


Our meeting in March was at Potek Glass Studio in NE Minneapolis.  Malcom Potek was our host and he gave us a tour of his studio on how he makes glass tiles and his experience with Groupon for classes that he was offering that day.   


trowelWe also had two tile setter guest speakers Jan Hohn of Hohn and Hohn and Joe Kerber of Kerber Tile and Marble. Jan is on the board of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) Board of Directors and Joe just finished his four year term.  Jan is the first woman to be elected to the board and the NTCA Technical Committee and Joe is also on this committee. Jan is also a Certified Tile Installer through a national test program run by the Ceramic Tile  Education Foundation. Joe Kerber started his company Kerber Tile Marble and Stone in 1973 and has been a been one of the highest recommended tile setters in the region for consult on tile installation projects as well as consulting with architects and designers.   

They both gave a riveting explanation of tile setting on how to set glass tile and handmade tile. With great information on best techniques and the responsibilities of the tile manufactures to give information on how their tiles should be set. They are writing up information to help members trying to develop their own how to install guides. We will try to have that in next months newsletter and on the website. 



Attendance at the meeting:
Host: Malcolm Potek 

Leann Johnson, Mercedes Austin, Deb LeAir, Rebecca Ryman, Stephanie Kaczrowski, Jan Hohn, Joe Kerber, Deirdre Hjelle, Josh Blanc. 

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Tile Festival postcards now are available
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Artist registered
Kuilema Pottery, inc
Duluth Pottery
Christine Nelson Design
Stephanie Kaczrowski
Mad Zebra Tile
Clay Squared to Infinity
Pearson Artworks
Congratulations HTA Grant Winner

Felice Amato WorkNorthern Clay Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, announced Minnesota artists who received 2011 Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grants. Three artists were chosen and Handmade Tile Association member Felice Amato, St. Paul, received $6,000 grant! 

The primary medium for each of these artists is clay.  However, their individual explorations in clay range from architectural narrative relief to three-dimensional sculptures with unconventional surfaces to wood-fired pottery.


This grant program, sponsored by the Jerome Foundation, Saint Paul, MN, reflects the Foundation's interest in supporting the work of individual.

Congratulations Felice 

NKBA meets the HTA
NKBA logo and linkOn March 17th the National Kitchen and Bath Association MN Chapter NKBA meet at Clay Squared to Infinity to find out more about

The Secrets of Handmade Tile. Over 30 designers were in attendance and were given a great presentation on how they could utilize the handmade tile field. Carri Carlson and Josh Blanc of Clay Squared to Infinity gave the presentation highlighting over 50 tile installations of the members work.  Each of the designers at the meeting were given a goodie bag with all the literature from the HTA as well as over a dozen of the HTA members who sent in their brochures and tiles. 


We had many members attending to talk tile with the designers as well.  Thanks to Dierdre, InPlain Sight, Deb LeAir, Painted Ambience, Mercury Mosaics,



  • tile columnSomething I wanted to share is some of the testimonials the HTA artists, writers and experiences of HTA events that handmade tile has inspired and you should hear.  

Very impressive and worth discovering. The Mission Motif


OMG!  The tiles are amazing.  As soon as I think the tiles can't get any more incredible, I turn the page and am proved wrong. Debbie Moon


We attend the show every year, and ever year it's bigger and better,
with tremendous variety.  It amazes me how many different ways artists
express themselves using the same medium.  We definitely appreciate the
show! Kathleen J. (Kitty) Hough


Just wanted to THANK YOU for sending me all the HTA Directories!!!!!   As a contemporary craftsperson at the February 19-21, 2010 Arts & Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC.......ALL of those directories were grabbed by interested persons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Hopefully, it will generate a lot of interest and further inquires to all who advertise ! Linda A. Witkowski


Thanks for all the resources you provided, they were a tremendous help to me.

Bridget Stanley


Absolutely awesome! So much talent! Susan Alliston-Lago


In reading the newsletter I was motivated by the section on "Branding" and found the approach taken by the writer not only more readable to someone without an MBA but very useful in that it actually discussed the elements of Branding and logo. I've recently attended a number of seminars on Branding and didn't gain as much as I could have due to the constant use of business terminology that those of us in other fields (art, science, etc.) are unfamiliar with. Debra Kimbrell 


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Handmade Tile Association Meeting  


April 12th
When - Tuesday 6:30
Where - Mosaic on a Stick   

595 N. Snelling Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104

Postcards pick up for MN Tile Festival
Tour of Mosaic on a Stick
Art A Whirl Discussion
Register for 2011 Minnesota Tile Festival


This is our second to last meeting before the summer. Don't miss out on great tile conversation, get to meet other tile artists, tile sete 

We are looking for venues to have meetings in 2012.  If you would like to host a meeting please contact the HTA to set one up.

If you are not in the Minnesota region consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and Linked in. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas.


Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
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Thanks to

Susan Shaughnessy for coming in March to do office work.  Susan has also working on the membership renewal. 

Thanks to Deb LeAir too for filling the goodie bags for the NKBA show.  

Garden Concrete Furniture Workshop Fundraiser for HTA

concerete workshop link

Garden Concrete Furniture Workshop
with Carol Dean of Dean Tile in co-ordination with The Handmade Tile Association.  

When: 2 day workshop June 10th and 11th    

Where:Minneapolis MN           

Cost: $225    
Handmade Tile Association members receive a 10% discount.
Click here for more details


Spotlight on Artist Schedule
Spotlight on artists for 2011.  Please send us any new images, information or news that you would like to be highlighted by the first of your month to the the HTA.

April 2011- D'Arte Designs LLC, SoMi Tileworks,  C Wilson


May 2011-  Bella Vista Tile, Hjelle Studio, Jim Boles Designs


June 2011- Mad Zebra Tile, Pewabic Pottery, Red Step Studio


July 2011 - Terrapin tile, Tina Schowalter, Bon Ton Designs


August 2011- Ceramic Chinn, North Praire Tileworks, BA Schmidt


September 2011-Earth Wood and Fire, Margy Jean Balwierz


October 2011- Tile Restoration Center, Weaver Tile, Swan Tile


November 2011- Sheryl Tuorila, Stone Hollow Tile, Emily Dyer,


December 2011- Untapped Resources, Suzanne Crane Fine Stoneware, Mercury Mosaics

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