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12th Year


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Our first meeting of the year took place at the 2011 location for the Minnesota Tile Festival, the Midtown Global Market.  The group did a tour of the space and got a sense of how the flow of the show will work.  The discussion of the layout of the tables was helped by Emily Dyer and Miriam Shuros as they have done shows at the Midtown Global Market in years past.  


At this point the MN Tile Festival committee is working on gathering information on the concerns of the artists, how the layout of tables will work best for everyone and what type of goals we want to achieve from the new audience we are going to engage with this different location. The MN Tile Festival Committee is made up of Josh Blanc, Norma Hanlon, Christine Nelson and Lisa Trnka. There is a lot of work that the committee needs to get its arms around and they expect to have it mapped out in the next couple months as they continue to make site visits.  


It will be an exciting year for the Minnesota Tile Festival with the different location for the festival.  Everyone at the meeting was very engaged and had lots of good suggestions on how we can get the most out of the event.  One of the major ideas to come out was the concept of "Tile Bucks".  When an exhibitor registers for the festival, $15 of each of the exhibitor's fee will create a pool to use as marketing.  Patrons will be given the opportunity to win "Tile Bucks" and use toward purchasing a tile artist(s) work.  The HTA will give the money directly to the artist(s) they choose to purchase from. If the MN Tile Festival sells all booths for the show, $900 Tile Bucks would be available for the winner to use. Patrons will have to fill out a form to register to win the Tile Bucks. This will then give us quality contact information that we can use for our mailing list.  


Attendance at the meeting: 

Nancy Froseth, Leann Johnson, Mercedes Austin, Carri Carlson, Miriam Shuros, Emily Dyer, Sheryl VanderPol, Alex Chinn, Rebecca Rayman, Roger Mayland, Christine Nelson, Norma Hanlon, Josh Blanc and Lisa Trnka. 

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Minnesota Tile Festival Registration now open
Call for Archives of HTA aritsts
Minnesota Tile Festival Planning
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February Jobs
Spotlight on Artist Schedule
Minnesota Clay is Moving
Minnesota Tile Festival Registration now open
MN Tile Festival LogoThe Minnesota Tile Festival registration is now open for artists and designer to register. Click here to purchase your space on line.

Click here to download a printable application.
There are many new changes due to the new location. Here is the major info you need to know.


We are moving the event for one year to the Midtown Global Market

The Minnesota Tile Festival has been expanded to a two-day event for 2011. 5- 8pm on September 16th and 10 - 5 on September 17th

This Minnesota Tile Festival is not juried. 

60 spaces are available for the entire event. 

All booth spaces will be indoors.

Booth spaces are 5'x 10' vendors can purchase more than one booth.

Vendors must furnish their own tables, chairs, walls and displays.  Rentals of tables will be available. Please check the box if you need to order a table.

Some electricity is available but not guaranteed.

There will be a silent auction benefiting the Handmade Tile Association. 

You are not required to donate but it would be appreciated.

Parking is free.  

Vendors can pay by check or online by clicking here. Please note if you purchase your space on line you will be charged a credit card fee for the service.
Call for Archive of HTA Artists
cover of HTA directoriesWendy Penta of Stone Hollow Tile as part of her 5 hour volunteering project is working on creating a "hands on" visual archive of all it's artist members. She is asking for the following information. 
All information will be put into scrap book form with section for each artist.

Completed "Book" can be used for variety of situations for promoting the Handmade Tile Association as a whole, at the same time showcasing each artist individually.

Please send any PRINTED information about yourself, the tile you create and projects you have created- any information submitted will NOT be returned- so xerox or computer print.

Ideas of things to include-

Mission statement

Newspaper or magazine articles (xerox or originals)
Photos of projects- as many as you would like, public or private.
List of any awards received.
Photos of studio and booth at Art Fairs
Any thing else you can think of.
Please send to: (or bring to a meeting)


Handmade Tile Association
Josh Blanc
34 13th Ave. NE
Mpls, Min. 55413


Art A Whirl Opportunity

Art A Whirl DirectoryOver the past couple of months Mercedes Austin and Sheryl VanderPol have been meeting and discussing how the HTA can have a presence at Art A Whirl for 2011. Art A Whirl is an amazing studio tour May 20th - 22nd in NE Minneapolis, MN.  Over 20,000 people attend each year.  They produce a full color directory with 40,000 copies printed and distributed. 


Mercedes and Sheryl have located a space on the 4th floor of the Casket Arts Building. This is a large space where the HTA would have to present the members work and promote the HTA. This is a great venue, as it is one of the major stops at Art-A-Whirl.


So far there are 12 HTA members interested in participating. You would not have to be at the booth the whole time with many members participating shifts would be set up. You also do not have to live in NE Minneapolis to take part you just have to be an HTA member and deal with any shipping. They are considering doing a slide show so images might be all that is needed.  What you do need to do to be a part of the show is become a member of the North East Minneapolis Arts Association NEMAA  which is $72 annually, if you want a photo next to your info in their directory add $25 to the membership fee.  The HTA will pay $300 for the rental of the space so we would ask all interested artist to pay $20 to the HTA for the opportunity.  So you would have two checks to write one to NEMAA and one to the HTA.  So minimum investment $97 if you want an image $122. This is very inexpensive for a three day show this size and the benefits you will get from the exposure in Art A Whirl directory.  If you are interested contact Mercedes by February 10th to get on the list and she will tell you the details of how to get registered.



Join us on Facebook
The Handmade Tile Association is doing regular updates and we invite our members to post new projects and artwork they have completed. 
To join the Handmade Tile Association fan page click this icon Find us on Facebook

Handmade Tile Association Meeting 

February 8th
When - Tuesday 6:30
Where - Crystal Kitchens
3620 Winnetka Ave. N,
Crystal, MN 55427


Meet and greet of tile artist with kitchen designers
Tour of Crystal Kitchens with kitchen and bathroom designers
Continued discussion of Minnesota Tile Festival
Register for 2011 Minnesota Tile Festival

We are looking for venues to have meetings in 2012.  If you would like to host a meeting please contact the HTA to set one up.

If you are not in the Minnesota region consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and Linked in. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas.


Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
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February Jobs
5 Hours button
Get your 5 hours in!

 We have two major needs this month.

1. We need some office help to catch up with entering all of the requests for directories and filing

2. We need a membership renewal person.  This job is a once a month reminder to members who's membership is due to renew their membership. You can do it from home the HTA sends you the list of who needs a reminder and you send out the reminders.  The HTA does the rest.

I can help Click here to tell us what you can do
Spotlight on Artist Schedule
 The HTA has mapped out all of the artists to be highlighted in the Spotlight on artists for 2011.  Please send us any new images, information or news that you would like to be highlighted by the first of your month to the the HTA.


February 2011 - La Alameda Press, Leaway Designs, Margy Jean Balwierz


March 2011- FK Art Glass, Deb LeAir, David Aichenger Tile Co


April 2011- D'Arte Designs LLC, SoMi Tileworks,  C Wilson


May 2011-  Bella Vista Tile, Hjelle Studio, Jim Boles Designs


June 2011- Mad Zebra Tile, Pewabic Pottery, Red Step Studio


July 2011 - Terrapin tile, Tina Schowalter, Bon Ton Designs


August 2011- Ceramic Chinn, North Praire Tileworks, BA Schmidt


September 2011-Earth Wood and Fire, Margy Jean Balwierz


October 2011- Tile Restoration Center, Weaver Tile, Swan Tile


November 2011- Sheryl Tuorila, Stone Hollow Tile, Emily Dyer,


December 2011- Untapped Resources, Suzanne Crane Fine Stoneware, Mercury Mosaics

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Minnesota Clay is moving to a new location

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As of the week of March 1st our new location


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