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11th Year


The 9th Annual Minnesota Tile Festival Saturday, September 18th is less than three weeks away.  The Tipping Point book coverThe MN Tile Festival is the biggest PR event in the in the Midwest for handmade tile and mosaics.  As readers of this newsletter either as members or interested parties you are the mavens of information on handmade tile and the Minnesota Tile Festival.  As most of you know the HTA is a small volunteer based organization and its strength is in its membership to work together to get the word out on this amazing event. 

The HTA volunteers, artists and Trebuche have been laying the infrastructure for the 9th annual MN Tile Festival all year.  Press packets, bumpers stickers, newsletters, artists and members handing out the directory, gallery shows, facebook pages, postcards, ads in print, on the web and radio streaming. From now to September 18th we are in the 
This part is we need to turn our PR efforts into actual patrons of the Discover American Art Tile at the Minnesota Tile FestivalMN Tile Festival Logo and Link to $1 couponEven at the most basic level by you just showing up you are showing your support of this event and its artists.  Bring a friend and you just doubled the impact.  Now times that by the 600 people who receive this newsletter and you can see how we can get to 1000 to 2000 patrons with very little effort.  But this does not happen unless you take action. We need you to post the Minnesota Tile Festival event on your websites, newsletters, social media, hand out postcards, and word of mouth.  Every action creates a reaction so make a difference and let people Discover American Art Tile!
We look forward to seeing you at the Minnesota Tile Festival with your friends and family!
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The Artist of the Minnesota Tile Festival
Become a Facebook fan of the MN Tile Festival
2010 Commemorative Tile
Free Tours of the American Swedish Institute
2011 Directory Drive Starts Now
Welcome new member
Speaker Larry Millett at MN Tile Festival
Second Speaker
Third Speaker
The Art of tile continues
September Jobs
The Artist of the Minnesota Tile Festival
Outside Booths

Tile Fesival day of activites

James Whitney Tuthill
Stone Hollow Tile
Jane Swan
Martha Enzler Designs
North Prairie Tile Inc.
Clay Squared to Infinity
Miriam Shuros
Lesilie A Krist
Cotton Lake Tile
Belvedere Art Tile Ltd
Pearson Art Works
Duluth Pottery
FK Art Glass
Inside Booths 

Nancy Froseth
Margy Jean Balwierz
Blue Marble Clayworks
Sheryl Tuorila
Minnesota Mosaic Guild
Christine Nelson Design
John D Luetke
Cabin Fever Pottery
Emily Dyer Ceramics
Earth Wood and Fire
Mark A Rademacher
B.A. Schmidt Arts
Bella Vista Tile
Untapped Resources
Mercury Mosaics
Twin Cities Bunglow Club
Terrapin Tile
Lindsay RudeMeet the artist button and link
Become a Facebook fan of the MN Tile Festival

The HTA  has set up a MN Tile Festival Facebook fan page. The goal is to get a daily info guide of the show before and after.  We will be looking for photos of your newest work you will be showing off at the sale and any pertinent info to the patrons of the show. Tell the Handmade Tile Association what you are doing to promote the show on our facebook page.

We also need your help to promote the Minnesota Festival fan page.  A fan page allows the HTA to reach a larger audience and do it for a low cost....Free!  Please consider putting links to the fan page in  your promotions or just casually on your social networks. click the link below to start the fun.
Find us on Facebook
2010 Commemorative Tile
                                   The 2010 Commemorative tile was made by 2010 commemorative tileSandre Griffin of Blue Marble Clayworks
Sandre works in porcelain clay.  Size is 4" wide, 7" long.

Therea are only 25 of these unique pieces availabl.
Only $25 each. 
Click here to reserve yours today.  You can pay for it and we will have it ready for you at the MN Tile Festival.  If you can not attend we will mail it to you. 
Free Tours of the American Swedish Institute
Tours of the American Swedish Institute Swan J. Turnblad mansion founded the Institute in 1929.

American Swedish Institute Tiled StoveThe Turnblad mansion, which houses the Institute, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The 33-room mansion is a fine example of early 20th century chateauesque architecture. Graced with a majestic two-story grand hall, carved stone and woodwork, sculpted ceilings, and eleven floor-to-ceiling kakelugnar (Swedish porcelain tile stoves), the mansion is now a blend of period rooms and exhibit galleries.

Don't forget to get some authentic Swedish Meatballs too.  Go down to the Stuga and have lunch.
2011 Directory Drive Starts Now

9 directories2011 Handmade Tile Association Directory drive has started.  Our directory is tile and mosaic artists premier publication in the United States.   
click here to see 2011 prices

What you need to do next
1.  review your ad(s) and get new images ready
2.  review your copy writing, update as needed.
3.  Double check your web link(s)
4.  Planning on writing an article for the directory? click here for more info
5.  Send us info on major tile events to be considered for print
6.  Get your 5 hours of volunteering in to save money on your ad rates.
Our next meeting will be October 18th at Clay Squared to Infinity.  We are looking for venues to have meetings in 2011.  If you would like to host a meeting please contact the HTA to set one up.

If you are not in the Minnesota region consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and Linked in. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas.

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
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Welcome new and renewing members
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Untapped Resource Inc
Sheryl VanderPol

Bella Vista Tile
Lisa & James TeviaClark
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Gary L. Quirk Studios
Satori Tile
Twin Cities Bungalow Club
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Rebecca Rayman
Thank you!
Headline Speaker Larry Millett
curve of the arch book
Larry Millett esteemed Twin Cities architectural writer and historian will be our speaker for the 2010 Minnesota Tile Festival!  Some of his famed books "Lost Twin Cities", "The Curve of the Arch" and "AIA guide to the Twin Cities".
He will speak at noon at the MN Tile Festival.
Larry Millett
Larry Millett
Second Speaker
Stephany Eaton
stephany eatonHistorical perspective decorative and mosaic art.
Stephany is a mosaic artist with her company Painted Ambiance Decorative Artisan Finishes
Third Speaker
2 pm
Peter Solac
Peter Solac
The Tile and Masonry Heating Fireplace;  A European Tradition in Elegant and Efficient

Peter Solac founded Woodland Stoves and Fireplace which is located in the Seward neighborhood at East Franklin Ave and Riverside in Minneapolis. " All of us as humans are linked with fire; its uses and forms are manifold both practically and aesthetically. Our work, in short, is to make the form of the fireplace function. In actuality, it involves an entire world of considerations "  The store has worked with diverse fireplace styles and traditions since 1977.
The Art of tile continues
August 20th - September 19th - Time of show
Click here to see photos of the opening and the show 
The Art of Tile


Artists pick up work from 12 - 4:30
September Jobs
5 Hours button
Get your 5 hours in!

1. We are looking for Volunteers for the MN Tile Festival. 
2. Data Entry
3.  Ad sales

Click here to tell us what you can do

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