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11th Year


August is the full of need to know information for artists and members to participate in.  The first is the booth registration deadline for the 9th annual MN Tile Festival is August 15th, no late registrations will be taken. We only have four spots left so don't miss out. More info below.

August is also our annual kick off of our 12th annual directory drive.  2010 directory The big news is because of our growth we have been able to keep artists prices the same as the 2011 directory. Our prices are very reasonable already but with so many members putting in their 5 hours you have kept costs in check.  If you still want to save money and put in your five hours please contact the office. 2011 directory is expected to grow to be at least 52 pages up from 48 this year.  Many ad prices are the same too. We also plan on printing an extra 1000 copies for a total of 11,000 directories all free to hand out all over the country.  We hope you are a part of the Handmade Tile Association directory the premier handmade tile and mosaic resource directory in the United States.

The other big news is the Phipps Show The Art of Tile is the big event of the month and we hope all artists participating are finishing up their work and the rest of you are planning on attending.  It is going to be a fabulous show.  You can RSVP by clicking here Find us on Facebook
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Marketing of the MN Tile Festival
The Art of Tile: Phipps Center Artists
2011 Directory Drive Starts Now
Facebook and the HTA
Thanks to our volunteers
Welcome new member
Speaker Larry Millett at MN Tile Festival
August Jobs
2010 Commemorative Tile
Marketing of the MN Tile Festival
tile festival app cover

Trebuchet the marking firm for the MN Tile Festival has been canvasing the Twin Cites handing out press releases and building relationships with new groups. In there packets they asked the American Swedish Institute to donate fun gifts like Swedish flags and candy the Handmade Tile Association made tiles out of the logo.  Trebuchet received word that the press kits were a big hit.

The HTA has taken out ads that will appear in the Summit Hill Association home tour the weekend before the MN Tile Festival. North Prairie Tileworks work will be featured in the tour.  Last year over 800 people went attended.  

American Bungalow Magazine has contacted the HTA and asked for images of artist Joan Malloy Slack of Riverrun Tileworks to highlight in their magazine.

We have also set up a MN Tile Festival Facebook fan page.  Click here to view it and become a fan or to say you "like" the MN Tile Festival.  You will get regular updates of the newest happenings, history, and inside info.  We will be looking for photos of your newest work you will be showing off at the sale and any pertinent info to the patrons of the show. Tell the Handmade Tile Association what you are doing to promote the show on our facebook page

tile festival registration buttonWe have 27 artists registered for this years event.  If you are a tile or mosaic artist, designer, architect, historic tile dealer, tile setter planning on selling or showing your work at the MN Tile Festival your drop dead deadline is August 15th to register.  We only have 4 spots left.  Don't procrastinate and miss out on all the great PR, sales, and contacts you will get for 9th annual MN Tile Festival.

Click her for more details

The Art of Tile: Phipps Center Artists
August 20th - September 19th - Time of show The Art of Tile

August 10th - list of artwork with sizes, materials used, name, and prices to Josh Blanc to create a master list of art work in the show.
August 17th from 2 - 8 - Drop off of work
August 18th and 19th  - Install of show
August 20th 6 -8:30 - Opening of show
September 19th Show ends. Pick up work from 12 - 4:30

The HTA has created a facebook event page where you can post images of the work you will be showing.  Invite your friends and family.  Click this link to see the event.
2011 Directory Drive Starts Now

9 directories2011 Handmade Tile Association Directory drive has started.  Our directory is tile and mosaic artists premier publication in the United States.  We hope all artists and trade advertisers will update your images and review your copy to make sure you are projecting the story you want to tell. 
Our big announcements are  we are going to order a 11,000 directories for 2011 a thousand more than 2010.  We are anticipating a larger crowd for the MN Tile Festival in 2011 and we want to ensure we don't run out of copies. We are also noticing more artists and businesses handing out the directories so supply and demand says we need to order more. The extra directories will cost us a $1000 more for printing. The average cost for a 52 page full color directory is $2.47 each.  Our budget for the many of the prices have stayed the same as last year a few categories have gone up click here to see 2011 prices
Estimated expenses for 2011 directory
-200.00office supplies
-100.00bank fees
-2,500.00designer fee
-200.00writer fee
-12,252.0012000 directory costs
1,998.00full page trade
-1,797.00half page trade
-590.00quarter page trade
-169.00eight page
-120010% discount
-1,400.0015% discount
-6,702.75HTA pages

-27,222.75total estimate expenses

What you need to do next
1.  review your ad(s) and get new images ready
2.  review your copy writing, update as needed.
3.  Double check your web link(s)
4.  Planning on writing an article for the directory? click here for more info
5.  Send us info on major tile events to be considered for print
6.  Get your 5 hours of volunteering in to save money on your ad rates.
Facebook and the HTA
As many of you know Facebook has become a force in both social interaction and business relationships.  The HTA is working to build our presence with the medium.  Not only because it is free but also because it allows the HTA to disperse its information evenly through out the month and develop new audiences.
The Handmade Tile Association has two new facebook pages we are trying to cultivate.  The Minnesota Tile Festival fan page and the Handmade Tile Association fan page.  Both are new and we are about to start advertising to gain more audiences.  The HTA could use your help by first becoming a friend by saying you like the group and then by suggesting it to your friends and colleagues. 
The plan is to start having at least three posts per week where we profile an artist per week, a news story, and history post as a starting point.  The posts do not come as an e mail unless you comment on the post.  Otherwise it will just show up on your news feed and you can read about it and move on.  If you see something that interests you then you can pass it on to people you think would find it useful or fun. We also will invite members to post events and images of new work, process and important info.  

To join the Minnesota Tile Festival fan page click this icon Find us on Facebook

To join the Handmade Tile Association fan page click this icon Find us on Facebook

Please note there are two other Facebook group pages the HTA maintains but they are group pages and we have to send everything as a e mail and we are trying to get away from that type of correspondence.  We will still post the same information on them but you will not see the posts unless you visit the group page. 

Thanks to our volunteers

5 Hours buttonThank you to all who have helped keep the costs down for the Handmade Tile Association during 2010. When you do 5 hours of volunteering or more you qualify for discount pricing in the 2011 directory.

Blue Marble Clayworksmade commemorative tile maker 2010
Jill Libbydata entry
Maxine Theushdata entry
Array kitchen and bathdelivered directories around TC 
Marcia Glancydelivered directories around TC 
Stephanie Kaczrowskidelivered directories around TC 
Margy Jean Balwierzdelivered directories in Western WI
Leann E Johnsondesign work for directory
FK Art Glassdid meeting 2010
Stone Hollow Tilehistory book of HTA
Mercury Mosaicshosted meeting 2010
Christine Nelson DesignHTA Board member
Clay squared to infinityHTA Board member
Earth Wood and FireHTA Board member
Lucy v. YogerstHTA Board member
North Prairie Tile Inc.HTA Board member
SOMI TileworksHTA Board member
jane swanmembership committee
Linda Mix Yatesmembership committee
Dean Tileorganizing Seattle members
Tile Restoration Centerorganizing Seattle members
Deb LeAirput in 5 hours of data entry 
Miriam Shurosvolunteering for Phipps show
Sheryl Tuorilavolunteering for Phipps show
Kirsten WalstedJury of MN State Fair
Linda A. Witkowskidelivered directories in NC and Chicago


Those of you interested in volunteering 5 hours for discounts on advertising or just want to help the HTA please contact the office to tell us what you would like to do.

If you did volunteering and we did not recognize you please send the HTA a note and we will in next months newsletter.

Our next meeting will be October 18th at Clay Squared to Infinity.  We are looking for venues to have meetings in 2011.  If you would like to host a meeting please contact the HTA to set one up.

If you are not in the Minnesota region consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and Linked in. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas.

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
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Welcome new member

Business Members
LaNeva Artisan Tile
Lisa La Nasa
Thank you!
Speaker Larry Millett at MN Tile Festival
curve of the arch book
Larry Millett esteemed Twin Cities architectural writer and historian will be our speaker for the 2010 Minnesota Tile Festival!  Some of his famed books "Lost Twin Cities", "The Curve of the Arch" and "AIA guide to the Twin Cities".
He will speak at noon at the MN Tile Festival.
Larry Millett
Larry Millett
August Jobs
5 Hours button
Get your 5 hours in!

1. We are looking for Volunteers for the MN Tile Festival. 

2. Data Entry

3.  Ad sales

3.  Host a meeting in 2011 and get your 5 hours in.  If you are in another part of the country consider hosting a meeting of artists near you and get more organized.  We can send you directories, info, and help with topics.

Click here to tell us what you can do

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2010 Commemorative Tile
2010 commemorative tile
Sandre Griffin of Blue Marble Clayworks has made the 2010 commemorative tile. Sandre works in porcelain clay.  Size is 4" wide, 7" long.
Only 25 are made.  Collect your piece of Minnesota Tile History.  Only $25 each.  Click here to reserve yours today.  You can pay for it and we will have it ready for you at the MN Tile Festival.  If you can not attend we will mail it to you.