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11th Year

July is full of interesting happenings, approaching deadlines and lots of news. The big info is the members filled out a survey for next years location for the MN Tile Festival in 2011 and the winner will have to read down below to find out the answer.

For this years MN Tile Festival in 2010 at the American Swedish Institute we are in full swing of marketing.  Trebuche set up a new fan page on Facebook.  We are populating it with info on the event, its past and photos of tiles.  If you want to post images of tiles you will be showing please do. 

Start getting ready for the 2011 HTA directory, start narrowing down what new image(s) you will be submitting.  We ask that artists submit a new image in there artist ads each year to keep the directory fresh and it showcases the advancements and range of our members.  Look over your ad copy has it changed what do you want it to say for 2011? We are expecting the directory to grow again this year and we are considering printing more copies.  Look for the full details in the August newsletter.
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MN Tile Festival Deadline Approaching
The Global Market is the choosen space
The Art of Tile: Phipps Center Artists
Trebuchet Talk: Google Analytics
Fundraiser for the HTA and THF
2011 directory drive starts in August
Tiles for a cause
Welcome new and renewing members
Tile Festival on Facebook
July Jobs
MN Tile Festival Deadline Approaching
tile festival app coverWe have 27 artists registered for this years event.  If you are a tile or mosaic artist, designer, architect, historic tile dealer, tile setter planning on selling or showing your work at the MN Tile Festival your drop dead deadline is August 15th to register. 
We have 14 tables left in the inside spaces for artists.  Many artists get two tables so that could mean we only have 7 spots left.  Don't procrastinate and miss out on all the great PR, sales, and contacts you will get for 9th annual MN Tile Festival.

Click her for more details

We have also set up a MN Tile Festival Facebook fan page.  Click here to view it and become a fan or to say you "like" the MN Tile Festival.  You will get regular updates of the newest happenings, history, and inside info.  We will be looking for photos of your newest work you will be showing off at the sale and any pertinent info to the patrons of the show.
The Global Market is the choosen space

We conducted a survey of three locations to choose for the location of the Minnesota Tile Festival for 2011. The one year move while the American Swedish Institute is under construction for 2011.  The winner by by a landslide was the Global Market in South Minneapolis. 
Midtown Global Market
Midtown Global Market

Now the hard work of coordinating the show will begin. The HTA will be looking to develop a committee to handle the logistics of the show, budgeting, ideas  to make up the loss of the the gate fee, marketing both for 2011 and the return back to the ASI in 2012. 

Here is a link to the survey to review the results.
The Art of Tile: Phipps Center Artists
5 Hours buttonAugust 20th - September 19th - Time of show

August 17th from 2 - 8 - Drop off of work
August 18th and 19th  - Install of show
August 20th 6 -8:30 - Opening of show
September 19th Show ends. Pick up work from 12 - 4:30

The HTA has created a facebook event page where you can post images of the work you will be showing.  Invite your friends and family.  Click this link to see the event.
Trebuchet Talk: Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google to help you track traffic to your website.  It's fairly simple to install, but you need some prior computer programming knowledge to do so.  Once it's set up, the tool will generate monthly reports directly to your Inbox with information on how many people visited your website, how much time they spent on each page, what kinds of words they used to find you on a search engine, and where geographically the visitors live. 


For example, if a kitchen designer's report told her that 90% of her website visitors last month came from the northern suburbs, that tells her that current advertising efforts in those cities are working or that she needs to probably start targeting those areas.  If her report also told her that people were spending 5 minutes on her "Project Gallery" and only 20 seconds on her "Services" page, she might want to think about incorporating some of the Services information into her Project Gallery to ensure people are seeing the services she offers. With the monthly reports, you can look at your marketing efforts and evaluate as you go. If you or someone you know can install the Analytics tool, it's well worth it!


  2010 Trebuchet Communications

Read More Click Here

Fundraiser for the HTA and THF

The Handmade Tile Association and The Tile Heritage Foundation co sponsored a adobe oven workshop in June.  It was a fundraiser for both organizations.  Shelia Meinze came to MN and conducted the workshop.  Clay Squared to Infinity donated tiles for the project.  It was done at Josh Blanc's house. 
Adobe Bread Oven
Bread oven firing

The workshop brought in $1559.40 in revenue
The expenses were $1212.76 to cover for travel, materials and food.
The net is $346.64 that will be split between both groups $173.32 each.  Being our first workshop in this manner we are happy for the positive results.  The 5 participants in the workshop had a great time. 

We will have to have an HTA meetings at Josh's house so members can sample the oven's abilities. 
Josh will be offering a mosaic workshop to finish the counter area also to be a fundraiser for both groups.  Anyone wanting to help or knowing of people please contact Josh.  Click here to see the process

If you would like to do a fundraiser for either group contact Josh and he can help you with advertising and logistics.

2011 directory drive starts in August
In August the Handmae Tile Association will start the 2011 directory drive.  If you are interested in receiving info please send a note and he will make sure you get on the updates to recieve info.
Our next meeting will be October 18th at Clay Squared to Infinity.  We are looking for venues to have meetings in 2011.  If you would like to host a meeting please contact the HTA to set one up.

In August we will have the new info on the 2011 directory and how you can be a part of it.

If you are not in the Minnesota region consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and Linked in. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas.

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
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Tiles for a cause

 5 Hours button
Bon Ton Tiles has completed
 its first philanthropic tile for Animal
Rescue, "Chanceux" (Lucky in English)
has sold over 175 pieces to raise
money for animal rescue. A percentage
of sales are donated to Second Chance
animal rescue in the Twin Cities. 
To see more:
Click here
Welcome new and renewing members
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Paula Karl
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Tile Festival on Facebook

Tell us your story!


How are you putting your Member Kit marketing materials to work? If you have a success story, we want to hear it! How are you putting your Member Kit marketing materials to work? If you have a success story, we want to hear it!



Find the Festival on Facebook!


Many of you may already be members of the HTA or Tile Festival "group" on Facebook, but we will be launching our "page" and invite you to "like" it.  Having a page will make it easier to be visible to more people and gives us a way to share new information in real time to keep you in the loop. Search for "Minnesota Tile Festival" and click on the bright orange hexagon!Many of you may already be members of the HTA or Tile Festival "group" on Facebook, but we will be launching our "page" and invite you to "like" it.  Having a page will make it easier to be visible to more people and gives us a way to share new information in real time to keep you in the loop. Search for "Minnesota Tile Festival" and click on the bright orange hexagon!

July Jobs
5 Hours button
Get your 5 hours in!

1. We are looking for Volunteers for the MN Tile Festival. 

2.  Host a meeting in 2011 and get your 5 hours in.  If you are in another part of the country consider hosting a meeting of artists near you and get more organized.  We can send you directories, info, and help with topics.

Click here to tell us what you can do

Thanks to Maxine Theusch
for taking over the filing and getting our office in shape for the 2011 directory drive!

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