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11th Year


Our last meeting was very focused on a major issue the moving of the MN Tile festival for one year to a new location in 2011.  Nine years ago when we started the MN Tile Festival at the American Swedish Institute (ASI) they had told us they were planning on expanding the ASI and we might not have the show the following year.  Well in 2011 the ASI raised enough funds and are going through with their plans.  We tried every scenario to keep the show at the ASI but the construction schedule was going to be causing conflict at every stage.  The plan at the ASI is in general that they will be closing the building down for most of the year to build the edition and renovate the original building. So this has lead us to work with the ASI to find alternative location and to return to the new building in 2012 as part of our contract.

Karin and Nina from the ASI had been searching for alternative spaces for us and other groups as well and met with representatives from the Midtown Global Market at the old Sears building.  Josh Blanc compiled a list of potential spaces pros and cons. Bloomington Art Center, Edina Art Center, MN State Fair Grounds.  Norma Hanlon and Josh Blanc meet with the ASI reps and the Global market rep and got the stats on the space.  For those who have not been to the Global Market (GM)  here is a link to some of the history. 

The Global Market is located in South Minneapolis.

The Pros
There are over 4000 people go through the building during each weekend day. The main draw of people that the Global Market says they get on the weekends are suburban crowd and locals from South Minneapolis. Other special events they host the No Coast to Coast or popularly know as Craft o Rama show total attendance is tracked at 7000 people and the Green Gifts show has 5500 people. This is significantly more than what we get at the MN Tile Festival at the ASI 700 - 1000 annually. They have a 1000 free parking spaces. Electricity would be available for many but not all vendors. Lots of great food options in the market for vendors and patrons. All vendors would be on one level. It has great atmosphere with mosaics in the front entry made by HTA artist advertiser Lori Greene of Mosaic on a Stick right in the front entry. Lots of public art too. It has a hotel on the site, it is less than 5 blocks from the ASI so it would be easy to tell people to attend the show when we move it back the following year. We could consider having a two day show a Friday and Saturday to reach the workers at the Allina hospital headquarters.
Load in and tear down would be easy.

The space will cost between $1200 to $1500 to rent but they were receptive to trading and working with the ASI and HTA to mitigate costs. We would not be able to charge a gate fee which is our main way both the HTA and ASI pay for behind the scenes costs. We would have to rent tables and chairs for vendors unless we required vendors to provide their own displays.

The Bloomington Art Center is our second choice.
Located in Bloomington MN about 20 miles from the American Swedish Institute site.

Since we have had recent shows in there gallery and we have a very good relationship the BAC. They have lots of indoor space on one level, free parking, they will be having a Farmers Market from 8 to 1 which draws about 2000 people weekly. They have tables and chairs available for free, they have space for speakers, we would only be charged $220 for security for the use of the space. Load in and tear down would be easy.

Artists would have to be set up by 8 am we would look into set up on a Friday evening too. We would have to be out at 6 pm as well. We might try to convince some food vendors from the Farmers Market to stay later to have food available for patrons and vendors. It is out of the city which can also be a plus too. It might be harder to convince our dedicated followers to go out to Bloomington and it might be a hard sell to convince Bloomington vistors to come back to the ASI show the following year A few of the artists at the meeting and have done shows in Bloomington said the area is not wealthy and The suburban crowd tends not to be buyers in there experience. It does not have the atmosphere of tile history.

The MN State Fair Grounds is our 3rd choice located in St. Paul MN.

It is a very well know location so telling patrons of the show where it is not an issue.
Lots of free parking
We would be able to charge a gate fee.
they have electricity in the building
Everyone would be on one floor.
It would be all inside.
Load in and tear down would be easy.

It costs $1200 to $1500 for either the Fine Arts Building or the Green building. They would just be a rental not a partner like the GM or BAC would be. There is not built in audience so we would have a lot of work to draw new people to the event and move our regulars. Food would be what ever the fair has around. We would not be able to do the show on our regular scheduled time. The Arts and Crafts Show is the 4th weekend of September and we could rent the building they do not use to have a semi joint show. But would we charge and they would charge? Would we collaborate with their show? There is no heat in the buildings. No ambiance of tile.

At both the HTA board meeting which meet at the Global Market and the general meeting after discussions we got a hand vote in from both groups and they both were unanimous on the Global Market as the preferred choice of venue and opportunity.  But this is only a sample of the membership and we will be putting a vote by e mail shortly to get a quorum to move forward.   Please look for it and fill it out. 

This is a great challenge but also a great opportunity to expand our audience of the MN Tile Festival.  We will members help to make sure this event keeps building and reaches it full potential. Thanks for all of your help and we look forward to seeing what everyone votes on to move forward.  I f you have questions please contact Josh.

People in attendance 15
Host Mercedes Austin
Melissa Mobley Copon, Maxine Theusch, Sheryl VanderPol, Jan Hohn, Linda Yates, Emily Dyer, Miriam Shuros, Martha Enzler, Norma Hanlon, Roger Mayland, Nancy Froseth, Stephanie Kaczrowski, Wendy Penta, and Josh Blanc
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Phipps Center Amazing Show Opportunity
Trebuchet Talk: The World Wide Web
MN Tile Festival Registration
Welcome new and renewing members
Thank you
June Jobs
The Art of Tile: Phipps Center Artists
5 Hours buttonLast month we had a call for artist for the Phipps Center for the arts show.  Here is a list of the artists participating.

Felice Amato
Malcolm Potek - Potek glass
Connie Cohen - Spitzzi Mosaics
Nancy Froseth - Thomas Kent Collections
Emily Dyer - Emily Dyer Ceramics
Mercedes Austin - Mercury Mosaics
Judith Poe - Cabin Fever Pottery
Deb LeAir
Sandy Griffin - Blue Marble Clayworks
Linda Mix Yates - My Mosaics
Linda Taylor - Clay-Earth Studios
Leann Johnson - Lea-Way Designs
Karin Kraemer - Duluth Pottery
Gary Balwierz
Sheryl Tuorila
Marty Pearson - Pearson Artworks
Josh Blanc - Clay Squared to Infinity
Laura McCaul - Earth Wood and Fire
Sheryl VanderPol Untapped Resoureces Inc
Norma Hanlon and Kirsten Walstead SoMi Tileworks

Thanks to all the artists for signing up we look forward to a great show.

Info needed
August 20th - September 19th - Time of show

August 17th from 2 - 8 - Drop off of work
August 18th and 19th  - Install of show
August 20th 6 -8:30 - Opening of show
September 19th Show ends. Pick up work from 12 - 4:30

If we missed someones name please contact Josh and we will make sure to get you on the list.
Trebuchet Talk: Blogging

While it may seem that everyone and their uncle has a blog these days, there are actually far more readers than writers. This is an opportunity! When we suggest blogging to our marketing clients, they tend to dismiss the idea, saying they couldn't possibly have anything interesting to say. We disagree. Writing a blog is a chance to become the "expert" on any subject matter that's important to you... like your business! It's free to start a blog, and you can update it as often as you choose. Once a month is usually do-able for most people. If you're a kitchen designer, blog about interesting articles you've read, new color trends, tips for being eco-friendly, and things like that. While a blog indirectly promotes your business, you shouldn't use it as a platform to sell your products or services. A blog is a way to share information, and in doing so, you build trust with your readers and they start viewing you as a resource and as an expert.


  2010 Trebuchet Communications

Read More Click Here

Our next meeting will be October 18th at Clay Squared to Infinity.  We are looking for venues to have meetings in 2011.  If you would like to host a meeting please contact the HTA to set one up.

In August we will have the new info on the 2011 directory and how you can be a part of it.

If you are not in the Minnesota region consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and Linked in. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas.

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
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MN Tile Festival Registration
tile festival app cover
The registration for the MN Tile Festival is moving into the final stages.  Only 9 inside booths remain

You can use our new online registration and use your credit card (please note a $3 fee will be assessed for the service).   Or you can do the old fashion way by sending a check.  Click here for more details
All the artists registered have links to there websites.  Please make sure you have a reciprocating link using the logo.  It will help drive traffic to your website.
Welcome new and renewing members

Business Members
Carol Bradley

Thank you!
Thank you
Thanks to Mercedes Austin for hosting the meeting. 
Also to Maxine Theush for volunteering to organize the office.  She did a great job and has got us ready for the directory push in August.

Thanks to Kirsten Walstead of SoMi Tileworks for volunteering to be the juror for the MN State Fair tile section.

Registration for the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Competition is required and will be available April 1. Eligible artists must register their work. Registration must be completed on-line no later than 4:30 p.m., Monday, July 19, 2010. Registration absolutely closes July 19, 4:30 p.m.

June Jobs
5 Hours button
Get your 5 hours in!

1. We are looking for Volunteers for the MN Tile Festival. 

2.  Host a meeting in 2011 and get your 5 hours in.  If you are in another part of the country consider hosting a meeting of artists near you and get more organized.  We can send you directories, info, and help with topics.

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