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        At our October meeting a full range of topics were discussed and many new directions were laid out for 2009 and beyond.
        Our biggest topic of the night was the review of the MN Tile Festival.  Even though it was our best attendance ever all members present and those who reported in the survey feel like we could do better. Some people have suggested moving the venue to a new location.
         Our biggest challenge is trying to court two audiences at once.  One is the arts festival crowd that buys art the day of and the second is the tile project crowd- people looking to use tile in their projects.  In the brain storming session the idea of creating two distinct areas for artists to be in was very well liked.  The concept of grouping artists as "art tiles" and the others as "project tiles" was the general idea.  There are many artists that do both so we would have to experiment with how this concept could work best. 
         The second issue is our status at the American Swedish Institute.  We have been at this location from the start seven years ago and have a contract through the 2009.  The HTA is negotiating and deciding whether or not our future will be in that location.  We have done preliminary explorations of other spaces concerning their costs, benefits and issues we would have if we moved the MN Tile Festival.  There are many issues if we move and many dangers so what ever we do it must be very thoughtful and members would have to be ready for the challenges if we went on this road.  Our main goal is to re sign with the ASI for an extended period but we will be deciding if renting the space instead of trading for sponsorship will be more beneficial for the HTA.  Currently the HTA looses money on the tile festival.  It is a small amount of $375 but it is still a loss and we need to move towards seeing the tile festival as a fundraiser not just a PR event for tiles.  The tile festival will be a major topic at the next couple of meeting so those members who would like to have a say in the process are welcome to join the tile festival committee at any time.  Please contact Josh Blanc for more details of how you can be involved.
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2009 directory thank you
Proofing party for 2009 directory November 18th and 19th
Board Elections
New Sponsor for the HTA
HTA 10 Gallery Show Call for Artists $2500 in prizes!
Tile and Mosaic Calendar
Save $180
New Product for tile and mosaic artists
Phipps Show 2010
SoMi Tileworks Holiday Sale
Art Attack.
New Book: Motawi Tileworks
elit-tile 2010
2009 directory thank you

The Handmade Tile Association wants to thank all of the artists, advertisers, sponsors, and members for participating and supporting the concept of the HTA directory.  As you know this is the 10th year edition and we continue to grow the directory.  We have 35 artists this year up from 32 last year. We also have many returning and more advertisers to the directory.  We have made the directory more national as well as expanding the website to make it more national. Check it out by clicking here.
We have had some great logistic support from our friends at the Tile Heritage Foundation who supplied us with tile cover options that the members can vote on at the proofing party on November 18th and 19th.  Joe and Shelia also submitted articles for the directory.  They are the best!
The 2009 directory is going to be fabulous and you all should take pride in the fact that you have contributed to the organization to make it as successful as it is.  Thank you everyone!
We will all look forward to the unveiling of the directory on New Years Eve at the HTA 10 Party!

Proofing party for 2009 directory November 18th and 19th
Our next meeting is the proofing party will be at Clay Squared to Infinity.
34 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
612-781-6409 for directions

When - November 18th and 19th
Time - 11- 5 come in at your convience
Snacks will be available

Members can come to the HTA office and see the layout of the directory and proof their ad as well as the the whole directory.  This is very important that members put their proofing abilities to work so that we do not make any glaring errors.  It is what makes our publication so professional. 

Those who can make it will also get to vote for the cover design.
advertisers who can not make it will be sent a proof of their ad through e mail.

We will also be having our annual board member vote.  Members will be getting a ballot by e mail as well where they can vote for the board members.

Board Elections
All Handmade Tile board members are running for reelection.  If you can not make the proofing party to vote for the board members you can do it by printing out a board ballot and mailing in back in or copy and paste and send it to the Handmade Tile Association office.  You can select as many or as few people as you wish. 

Board Candidates
__Roger Mayland
__Laura McCaul
__Lucy Yogerst
__Josh Blanc
__Norma Hanlon

Mail to
Handmade Tile
34 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Email to
New Sponsor for the HTA
The Potter's Council who is partnering with the HTA to put on the 2009 Tile Conference has agreed to be our 2009 sponsor.  We are doing a trade to help both organizations reach new audiences.  In the sponsorship the HTA will receive three 1/2 page ads in Pottery Illustrated as well as links on their website throughout the year. 

potters council logo

The Potter's Council was established in 2001 as a nonprofit subsidiary of The American Ceramic Society by a group of individuals like you. Individuals who are passionate about pottery, who care about education, and who want to continue making pottery accessible to anyone interested. The mission of the Potters Council is to meet the needs of studio potters and ceramic artists by providing forums for knowledge exchange and professional enhancement.
Potters Council strives to:
Increase the number of workshops
Offer a wide-variety of locations and topics for each workshop
Support existing art organizations
Provide business and career opportunities
Promote ceramic awareness.
Potters Council Workshops
There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for you to attend a Potters Council workshop. And, as one Potters Council member, the experience of learning new techniques and meeting other potters is extremely rewarding:

They also produce the a free daily newsletter, access to Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated magazines, and to Potters Council, as well as all the related products and services that these groups offer.  To get the daily newsletter click this link

Thanks to our new sponsor and welcome to the Handmade Tile Association.
HTA 10 Gallery Show Call for Artists $2500 in prizes!

The Infinity Gallery at Clay Squared will host HTA 10 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Handmade Tile Association directory. The opening party will be December 31st New Years Eve!  We will have $2500 in prizes, catered food by Chow Girls, a cash bar, music, and Fireworks at midnight provided by the City of Minneapolis- who knew that the city loved tile so much they would honor our directory with fireworks!

Artists who advertised in the directory are eligible to enter work into the show.  Click here for an application. There are two options: pieces under 12" are $35 and if you would like to enter a piece over 12" it will be $50. 

All artists who enter will receive two free tickets to the event. 
Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 the night of.   Click here to order your tickets.

Please mark your calendars and help us celebrate the 10th year of the HTA directory! 
Tile and Mosaic Calendar
The Calendar Committee was formed at the most recent HTA meeting.  Susan Piazza, Marcia Glancy, Leanne Johnson banded to together and got to work on how to develop a HTA calendar featuring HTA member's work and important tile dates.

They have already met and have started getting price quotes and working on coming up with a price for the calendar. There are two main purposes of the calendar- one as a PR campain for tile and mosaics second is a fundraiser for the HTA. If you have ideas contact Susan Piazza to give suggestions or to join the committee.
Save $180
So you missed the 2009 print  directory advertising?
Well don't fret- we have a new option to help artists get opportunities to participate in the HTA resources.  Many advertisers noticed that we had a special offer for a free web link if you were able to trade time. Below is a list of concepts that any advertiser can do to qualify for the link trade.
The way it works is if you can give five hours of time we will offer you a web link for a year a $180 value. If you do more than five hours you can build credit for future years.  The HTA recognizes that many of our advertisers do not live in driving distance of the office to offer logistical help but there are many ways you can qualify for the program.  Listed below are some concepts but feel free to create more.

Write an article for the directory or website

Make a presentation about the Handmade Tile Association to a trade group. Such as AIA, ASID, NKBA, Coverings, Bungalow Clubs, Museums audiences, Art Groups, Home and Garden Shows, etc.

Office work - data entry, filing, preparing packets for mailing, design work, etc

Join or create a committee to develop the programs for the HTA.  current committees, Calendar Committee, Tile Festival Committee, Marketing Committee.  Don't see one that fits your skills?  We would love you to create one to fill the voids in the organization.

Create a tile or mosaic tour in your area.

Create a fund raiser for the HTA. examples include the calendar committee.

Sign up to make the commemorative tile for future years.

Develop a gallery show of HTA artists in your area.

Basically if you help the HTA grow we will reward you with promotion of your art or tile company.  Contact the HTA with your ideas about how you would like to help promote the HTA.
We are looking for venues to have meetings for
2009.  If you would like to host a meeting please contact the HTA to set one up.

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC

ASI logo

potters council logo
Quick Links
New Product for tile and mosaic artists
mesh mount tape
Meshmount Paper & Tape announces the addition of fiberglass/plastic mesh to its line of mounting products which include back mount perforated kraft paper and front mount Tile Tape.
 The product we have to help those in the Handmade Tile Association is our front mount Tile Tape.  It is very helpful in preassembling mosaics, borders, accents, medallions, or any number of tiles when assembly prior to installation is required.  It is easier and cleaner to apply and is removed once the mortar is set/cured.  Our back mount materials remain in the installation.
Please call or e mail us to request samples or ask questions.
800-456-PAPER (7273)
Phipps Show 2010
The HTA has been selected for exhibition in Gallery Two and Three and the Overlook Gallery from August 20,2010 through September 19, 2010. A complete packet of materials related to this exhibition will be sent in February 2009.

Marty Pearson, Karin Kraemer, Deb LeAir, North Prairie Tile, Leann Johnson, Sandre Griffin, Bryan Johnson, Laura McCaul,Felice Amato, Sheryl Tuorila, Josh Blanc, and Linda Taylor will be exhibiting 
Thanks so much to Laura McCaul for putting the call out to the HTA artists and submitting to the show.

SoMi Tileworks Holiday Sale

December 12 - 13
somi leaf tile
3920 Nicollet Avenue, suite 400
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55409
Art Attack
Dates & Times
Friday, November 7th
5:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday, November 8th
12:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, November 9th
12:00 to 5:00 p.m.

art attack

Art Attack Celebrates its 11th Year!
The artist at the Northrup King Building celebrate the 11th year of Art Attack with a fashion show, live music, demonstrations and a chance to win $500 in Art Bucks.

HTA artists Sheryl Tuorila, Sharra Frank, Josh Blanc will all be showing their work
Art Attack is an annual open studio and gallery crawl at the Northrup King Building, in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. The weekend-long event features hundreds of artists working in ceramics, glass, jewelry, mixed media, mosaics, painting, photography, pottery, sculpture, wood, textiles, and more.
New Book: Motawi Tileworks
motawi book
HTA members Motawi  Tileworks has had a book written about thier company. Contemporary Handcrafted Tiles in the Arts & Crafts Tradition
By Anne Stewart O'Donnell
This luscious new book from Pomegranate Press is a tile treasure melding historic traditions with contemporary fine art tile work. Truly a 'must have' book! It is an illustrated essay, 112 pages in length, following the development of the Motawi Tileworks from its inception in an Ann Arbor, Michigan garage, converted to a studio, through the present day studio factory that employs roughly thirty people. Nawal and Karim Motawi together have crafted a successful company through vision, innovation, creativity and impeccable design. Inspired and nurtured by the works of artisans that have come before them, especially in the Arts & Crafts movement, the sister and brother team have firmly established their tile work as a standard to strive to attain in the world of contemporary art tiles.

  You may purchase this new book from Tile Heritage for $29.95 (CA residents add 7.75% sales tax) plus $4.50 for shipping/handling.
elit-tile 2010
International Tile Competition

elit-tile has been launched to promote the making and use of tile as
conceptual medium, architectural ornamentation or personal/cultural
See our web page
  and you will find information
about our non profit organization and also memories of the
international triennials tiles events.
  elit tile is an INVITATIONAL event.
The third triennial 2006/07 just end, with 257 tiles from 53 different countries.