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It is hard to imagine but 10 years ago there was no HTA directory of tile and mosaic artists, no web site to upper Midwest tile artists, no maps of tile of MN and WI, no tile festival within 500 miles. Galleries and art centers did not considered having shows of tile artists and  articles in the media on handmade and mosaic tile were virtually non existent.  There was no newsletter devoted to tile issues and no meetings to discuss tile issues.  Very little was out there that could help a tile artist grow to their full potential.
Over the past 9 years the members of the HTA have set out to change those issues by collaborating together to make a directory, submitting to galleries to have shows of tile work, creating a website, linking their websites, creating a tile festival, developing a better understanding of historical tiles, hosting and attending meetings to learn more about how to be better businesses, meeting other artists and the list goes on.  It is easy to take these achievements and concepts for granted now that we have them but it is important as we start to contemplate the next 10 years and what is missing in our field now. We need to ask ourselves these questions and more:  What should we be trying to achieve as a group?  How are we engaging new members to feel welcome to the organization.  How are we helping more established artists reach their goals?  How do we afford to grow as a volunteer based organization? What are your questions?
The HTA board had its meeting in May and is developing a survey to help get a better understanding of what members would like to see happen over the next 5 to 10 years. We discussed issues of growth locally and nationally and what types of events do members want planned. How can we keep our members connecting to each other.  How can we foster members to continue to collaborate with each other to learn about marketing, design new products, create art, build friendships and become better business professionals?  We still have a lot to accomplish and your voice, time, and energy is needed to make sure opportunities continue to happen for tile and mosaic artists.  We will be hoping to have the survey done by the end of June to early July.  Please take the time to tell us your thoughts. 
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pick up your tile festival postcards
Art A Whirl
The Upcoming Arts Festival Season
next HTA meeting June 10th
American Bungalow
HTA Invited to Gallery Show 2010
Glass Switch Plates
Featured Article
Open Studio Tour
Pick up your Tile Festival Postcards
The MN Tile Festival is half full at this point.  This year we have seen a larger portion of people opting for the inside space then for years past.  The HTA has been getting some good response from the press releases that Sabra has been sending out from the national magazines.  Which should continue to bring in new people to the event.  The HTA website also has a nice new feature that visitors can request a reminder e-mail in September about the event.  So far we have 15 people who have registered.  You can help add to this list by making a link on your website to the reminder link and we will make sure they get a $1 off coupon and a notice of the event.  below is what the link looks like.

tile festival reminder link

tile festival poster

Haven't registered for the MN Tile Festival Click here for tile festival application
Future of the Arts in Minneapolis
High Profile Public Conversation to Explore the Future of the Arts in
Minneapolis  What is the current state of the arts in Minneapolis, and how can we move it forward? Thatıs the dynamic subject to be explored June 12 in a public event at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts by moderator Robyne Robinson (FOX 9 news anchor) and panelists including Kaywin Feldman (executive director, Minneapolis Institute of Arts), Philippe Vergne (deputy director and chief curator, Walker Art Center), John Miller-Stephany (associate artistic director, Guthrie Theater), and Vickie Benson (McKnight Foundation program director for the arts). A vibrant arts scene has long distinguished the Twin Citiesı economy and quality of life. Yet in 2005, the scene arguably peaked as art centers expanded and national attention was drawn to the area. So how do artists, arts administrators, politicians and the public carry that momentum forward? How can Minneapolis ensure its continued reputation as an arts capital? This  panel discussion aims to begin the conversation.
*Details: June 12, 2008. Discussion will begin at 5:30 p.m. and include
audience participation. Free and open to the public, sponsored by the
Minneapolis Arts Commission.
*Location: Pillsbury Auditorium in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2400 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404, (612) 870-3131.

Architecture and Ceramics: Material, Structure, Vision
The Northern Clay Center is having a much talked about show featuring work by Dan Anderson (Illinois), Lidya Buzio (New York), Nora Naranjo-Morse (New Mexico), and Robert Winokur (Pennsylvania).  Gallery A will house an exhibition featuring vessels by William Daley (Pennsylvania), as well as architectural drawings from a collaborative project between Bill and his son Thomas Daley (Pennsylvania), an architect.  These drawings document the project they created for the opening of the new museum Clayarch in Gimhae, Korea, which is devoted to architectural ceramics.
 ncc show
Galleries M and A
May 9 - June 29

Guest-curated by University of Minnesota Professor Robert Silberman, Architecture and Ceramics will explore relationships among clay and design, buildings and ideas through functional and non-functional works in clay as well as architectural drawings.

2424 Franklin Avenue East  |  
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406  |  
Next HTA meeting June 10th and BBQ

BBQ June 10th Tuesday Next HTA meeting

Felice Amato Studio

We will be doing a Mexican blackware firing.  Bring a piece that is bisqued (and burnished if one wishes). Lower cones are better (07 or less).  No greenware for this one so that we don't need to pre-warm.  Bring something to grill and pass.  I will provide beverages and tableware. Please bring pot luck food for the grill!

Mini yoga workshop on shoulder and wrist health at 6 p.m
Come early and maybe make it over to the MN Humanities Commission across the street to check out their beautiful historic tile walls and floors.

MN Tile Festival - postcards will be available, discussion on where we are going to be advertising the show and if members have lead of where we could promote the show.
10 th year party and info on show at Clay Squared
planning for next 5 to 10 years. 
Develop Survey questions.
Identify art centers the HTA members could do shows at and who would like to make proposals of shows for each one.

Directions to 996 East Ivy in St. Paul....
Take 36 or 94 East to St. Paul.  
From 36 take 35E South to take Maryland then go left.
From 94 take 35E North to Maryland then go right.

Go East on Maryland for about one mile (crossing Payne and Arcade) then take a left on Forest and go approx. four blocks to Ivy and take a right.  My house is a larger brick house, mid block on the right, across from the MN. Humanities Commission.  (651) 776-9152
996 East Ivy Ave.--East Side of St. Paul 55106
We are looking for venues to have meetings for 2008 l If you would like to host a meeting please contact the HTA to set one up.

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
Quick Links
Saving on shipping
As we all know shipping cost have been rising but there are some tricks to help keep costs down.  If you have two boxes that are the same size consider taping them together for shipping.  2 boxes together Since each box has a start up fee you can save $5 to $10 per box grouping just by banding them together.  Do you have some shipping tricks?  E-mail the HTA newsletter so we can tell everyone how to save money.

10 Year Gallery Show and Party

Clay Squared to Infinity will be hosting the 10th year anniversary party and gallery show of the Handmade Tile Association!  The party will take place on New Years Eve where we will kick off the 10th year with Fireworks courtesy of the City of Minneapolis who shots them off right outside Clay Squared to Infinity's doors at midnight.
2008 HTA members who are showcased in the HTA directory will be eligible to submit work.
There will be a small fee for artists to submit work and help pay for the promotion of the party.  The details of the show will be coming out in the next month or two.

California Heritage Museum 8th Annual Tile Sale

California Heritage Museum 8th Annual Tile Sale
June 14th 2008
Santa Monica, CA

Wendy Penta of Stone Hollow Tile will be making the trek to sell her work and is handing out HTA directories to the the patrons.  For Stone Hollow Tile collectors living on the west coast this is your chance to collect her great tile art make sure to attend and bring a friend you will very happy you did.
Featured Article
excelsior postcard
Celebrating its 28th year in Excelsior, Minnesota Saturday, June 7 and Sunday, June 8, 2008
Our own Jane Swan is being featured on the postcard and PR for the Excelsior Art on the Lake!  the top right image is hers.

Many other HTA artists do this show as well.  Bring your friends and enjoy!
Open Studio tour

Watch art being made, and come for the reception and exhibit!

Leann Johnson of the HTA will be doing demos

This year, the Center for Independent Artists are holding Labor Room, a 3-day open studio followed by a reception and exhibit showing off the results of a lot of creative synergy. There will be three rooms during the open studio; feel free to come in and talk with artists while they work!

Here are the details:

Labor Room
Center for Independent Artists
4137 Bloomington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Open Studio: Friday, June 6& 7th 4:00-9:00 p.m.
     Sunday, 1:00-6:00 p.m.
Exhibit opening: Friday, June 13 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Exhibit closing/sale: Sunday, June 28 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Exhibit runs from June 13-June 28.

For more information, please visit:
Are you participating in a tile event?  If so send the HTA info so we can post it and send out a reminder to the membership.
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