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December 2007


The first thing you will probably notice is the HTA newsletter looks different.  The HTA host server went down and we had to switch to a new newsletter.  Please bare with me as I try to figure this out on the fly This is a trial run so please tell me if you like this version or if it is confusing.  You might also be asked to verify you are on this Handmade Tile Association newsletter please do and you will continue to recieve the newsletter. 
In This Issue
Thank You Tax Lady
Ceramics Monthly
Two Public Library Opportunities
Tile Festival PR Coordinator
and the winner is...
Two Holiday Sales
Let's Make Tile Intro
Thank You Tax Lady
The 2008 HTA Directory will be 40 pages our largest to date and the most expensive at $8500 plus sales tax of $607.  Every year Orton Toffe from Gopher State Litho asks why the HTA has to pay tax for the printing of the directory.  Our stock answer has been we are not a non-profit and we are the end user since we hand the directory out for free.  He asked me to check and see if there was anything new out there that might help us.  After talking to to our accountants they knew of no "loop hole" so to speak but encouraged me to talk to the State of MN and see if there was anything they could offer.  So I called  the State of MN and talked to a friendly tax lady and we went through lots of scenarios and we were almost at a dead end and she found a code that says if we were to send the directory straight from the printer we would not have to pay for the tax on the sent directories.  This was big!  The HTA mails 2500 directories every February which is a huge job.  Gopher State Litho said they could stuff and mail the directories for $615 not including postage.  By doing this concept the HTA  would save about $200 in tax.  Plus we would not need to buy a bulk mailing license which is around $160 a year.  Saving us $360. The mailing takes about a whole week worth of time and between 6 - 8 volunteers are needed to stuff, organize, count, and mail the directories.  All to save $255. This was a no brainer, plus we had the money so we will have Gopher State print and mail the directories.  Which will also go out in early January instead of February another perk. Also we will not have to ask volunteers to help us with this mailing saving our strength for other ventures.  Thank you tax lady you made our day.
Ceramic Monthly
ceramics monthly adIn October the HTA was offered a offer it could not refuse.  $500 for a full page full color ad that would be distributed during the SOFA show in Chicago and to their subscribers. 
We have received 53 requests for the directory  to date.  Mercury Mosaics said that she received a contact from a showroom to view her work.  We hope many others have made some contacts from the advertising too.  Please tell us if you have recieved any new leads from HTA adverting so we can assess what type of advertising is working and what is not.
Two Public Library Opportunities
Hennepin County Library invites artists to submit qualifications for an opportunity to design, build, and install art in new libraries being planned for Maple Grove and Plymouth.

To apply, please submit the following to

1.   Artist's statement of interest in this project, briefly noting relevant past experience, interests, approaches to art in public places and any other information you wish to highlight about your work and career (2 pages maximum). Please indicate why you are applying for this project in particular. If you are planning to work with materials or processes that may not be immediately apparent from your past work, please explain.

2.   10 electronic images uploaded to the online application page on the Hennepin County Library website. All images must include the artist's name. Artists applying as a team may submit up to six additional slides for the entire team.

3.   Completed contact information.

4.   Resume(s) (two page maximum).

Most all HTA artists should highly consider signing up for this. 
Tile Festival PR Coordinator
Sabra Waldfogel contacted the HTA wanting to help promote the MN Tile Festival.  Sabra might be familiar to some of our membership when she spoke at the 2006 Tile Conference, she is a board member of the Twin Cities Bungalow Club, and a member of the MN Art Pottery Association. 
Sabra talked to Roger Mayland and to Josh Blanc about how she could get the word out better for the show.  After interviewing both of them she drafted up a comprehensive PR schedule for both the organization and to help the artists get the word out on our great show. 
We are looking to grow the MN Tile Festival by 10% to 12% to over 900 people in attendance.  With the bigger goal of 1000.  To do this we will be looking for your ideas, experiences, help with distribution, and participation.  There is a lot of work to accomplish if we want the tile festival to reach its real potential.  We hope you can be a part of it. If you are interested in being a being part of the committee please contact Sabra at
We are looking for venues to have meetings for 2008 l If you would like to host a meeting please contact the HTA to set one up.

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
and the winner is..
hta cover 08
2008 Directory cover sneak peak!
During the proofing party members voted between four choices of Flint Faince tiles provided by Roger Mayland and Kristine Burton.  All were beautiful. Above is the one that  was chosen.  8 of the 14 members voted for this choice.
Also thank you to all that came to proof the 2008 directory.
Two Holiday Sales

SoMi Tileworks, Inc.

somi tree
Saturday and Sunday December 8th and 9th
10 am - 4pm
15% off everything in stock
tiles, mosacis, ornaments, garden tiles and more.

Also: Paintings by Norma Hanlon Ceramic Fisth by Bob Brocken


Clay Squared to Infinity
Customer Appreciation Day
15% off
December 8th 11 - 5pm
15% off everything in the store
Door prizes all through out the day.
Let's Make Tile Intro
Let's Make Tile Intro to Tile at Sheryl Tuorila Studio
An introduction to tile making for mosaics. Students will explore texture, shape, and glazing while making terra cotta tile suitable for interior or exterior applications. Students are encouraged to bring cookie cutters and unique textures. Students will finish class with 1-2 square feet of tile. Last class includes a basic introduction to tile adhesives and installation techniques including mesh mounting.
Class meets for three nights.
December 11th, 13th and 17th 6-9pm Feel free to phone me with any questions or to register -
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