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October 10, 2012      
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      Sustainability of Products
  Chemistry for Sustainable Supply Chains
The chemical industry is a key player in the quest for more sustainable products and supply chains, as chemistry helps make virtually all products we use in our daily lives. A newly published guide from Cefic looks at how companies can assess and develop their product portfolio using a life cycle approach.
Future of Fuels Report Finds Gaps in Sustainability Knowledge
The social and economic impacts of various types of fuels are not understood as well as the environmental impacts, according to a paper to be published by BSR as part of the Future of Fuels initiative. In researching the report, BSR worked towards a more complete sustainability assessment for six fuel types.

New PUMA Line Closes the Loop on Shoes, Shirts and Bags
PUMA said it will launch a new collection of shoes, apparel and accessories that are either biodegradable or recyclable. In addition, the company released details from a new facet of its groundbreaking EP&L accounting that analyze the environmental impacts of two products from the new eco-friendly line.
Multinational 'Old Dogs' Use New Tricks To Lead Sustainability Charge
As sustainability moves from buzzword to business as usual, many companies are still easing in - making piecemeal, incremental improvements until they can be sure the efforts are worth their while - leaving market-disrupting innovation to the hotshot startups with a lot less to lose.

DuPont Bio-Based Enzymes Reduce Water Intensity of Cotton Production by 70%
Bio-based enzymes developed by DuPont Industrial Biosciences can dramatically reduce water, energy use and processing time for cotton textiles, and eliminate the need for caustic chemicals. At the Sustainable Textiles Conference this week, DuPont presented results of trials to replace traditional chemicals in bulk-scale cotton textile production.

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