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October 4, 2012      
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      FTC Green Guides
  Presenting: The New FTC Green Guides
Two years ago, the FTC proposed revisions to its Green Guides (Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, "the Guides"), which first were released in 1992. The Guides then were revised in 1996 and 1998 before lying dormant for twelve long years. Yesterday, the FTC announced the release of its revised Guides.
AT&T Doubles Commitment to Fuel Cell Power
AT&T plans to add an additional 9.6 MW of fuel cell power made by Bloom Energy to data centers and other facilities. The new installations will make AT&T Bloom Energy's largest non-utility customer. The "Bloom Boxes" contain stacked fuel cells that convert air and natural gas into electricity through a clean electrochemical process.

Celebrating the Expanding Conversation on the New Metrics of Sustainable Business
Last week marked the culmination of this year's month-long exploration of the shifting nature of value and the new business metrics that are being crafted to help define, measure and manage value for the future. Aptly, the month and week wrapped with the 2nd annual New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference.

Want a Futureproof Brand? Start With Uncomfortable Questions
Last month, I delivered a talk on motivating consumers to action. My formula for success boiled down to two simple fundamentals. Understand yourself, and understand your customer. How hard could this be? There isn't a brand manager alive who doesn't understand their brand and target market, right? Wrong.

Carbon Labeling: A Metric To Engage Consumers in Behaviour Change
Why do some consumer labels on packages succeed when others fail? Are any factors resulting in change or just being purchased off the back of marketing success? Do the labels, and underlying metrics, result in added value for my business? The most genuine answer to these common questions is: "It depends."
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