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September 20, 2012      
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      EcoShift's Criteria for Robust Standards & Metrics
  Metrics & Reporting, Part II: Where To Report & Why?
More companies are collecting and reporting sustainability information using one or more environmental performance standards; the challenge is that these standards continue to proliferate and evolve. This article explores the evolution of sustainability reporting standards and metrics, and what this means for those who participate.
Deloitte Survey Finds More CFOs Involved in Driving Sustainability Strategies
Two-thirds of CFOs say they are involved in driving sustainability strategies in their organizations, and more than half say their involvement has increased over the last year. A new Deloitte report shows how CFOs are increasingly engaging with sustainability to support their business goals, and operationalize sustainability to gain a competitive advantage.

Making the Grade: Why Apple and Google Should Sharpen Their Focus on Sustainability
Apple and Google are two of the most recognizable brands on the planet. But, in a report we at EIRIS recently published, both firms garnered relatively weak ratings on sustainability criteria. How can such financially successful firms rank so poorly on EIRIS' assessment of their sustainability performance?

Get Your Caffeine Fix and Fight Climate Change at the Same Time
Carrotmob just launched our first global campaign with Thanksgiving Coffee Company. The family-run company buys coffee beans from small farms and cooperatives around the world, and already embraces cutting-edge sustainability practices. But we challenged them to do even more, and they have stepped up to the challenge.

Call for Content! October's Issue in Focus: Driving Supply Chain Sustainability
Guest editor Phil Berry, VP of Sustainability Strategy at WSP Environment and Energy, is seeking content to publish during the month of October. This is a great opportunity to showcase your company's supply chain and sustainability plans, programs and activities that reduce risk or increase sustainability.
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