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September 19, 2012      
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      Autodesk's GHG Target Settinf
  Open-Source Sustainability: Autodesk Frees Its Climate Stabilization Method
In taking steps to shrink its carbon footprint, Autodesk realized it could liberate its own process from proprietary practice to make it freely available for all companies to follow. Autodesk's C-FACT, or a Corporate Finance Approach to Climate-Stabilizing Targets, represents a step-change in environmental metrics by integrating sustainability context into its approach.
Columbia-PepsiCo Collaboration Creates Powerful Software Tool for Carbon Footprinting
Researchers at Columbia University, in collaboration with PepsiCo, have developed new software that can rapidly calculate the carbon footprints of thousands of products simultaneously. The methodology could greatly reduce the time and expense associated with carbon footprinting, helping companies design ways to reduce their environmental impacts.

Audi Partners with Next-Generation Sustainable Fuel Company
Joule — a Massachusetts-based company making liquid fuel directly from sunlight and waste CO2 — announced a strategic partnership with Audi today. Joule's Helioculture platform directly converts sunlight and waste CO2 into fuels, including ethanol and hydrocarbons, that serve as the essential chemical building blocks for diesel.
New Metrics: The Conversion Tool That Demystifies Sustainability Data
This groundbreaking platform, developed by software company Energy Points, enables companies to conduct one-to-one comparisons of their resource consumption or sustainability initiatives, regardless of the original unit of measure, creating a benchmark against which to compare the success of various programs and impacts of their operation.

Airbus: Assisted Take-Offs, Flight Formations Could Reduce Environmental Impact of Commercial Aircraft
ColorZen launched a new technology to reduce the environmental impact of dyeing cotton. By pre-treating the cotton, ColorZen says it creates a strong affinity between the dye and the cotton fiber, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and reducing water and energy consumption.

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