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July 18, 2012      
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  Street Nature Score: Attempting To Tip the Market
Living in a walkable, high-density neighborhood is one of the best lifestyle choices people can make to minimize their ecological impact, but these areas often lack green space. Street Nature Score is a new tool created to help the market drive greener cities by measuring natural spaces in urban areas, and help people find locations that have the best of both worlds.
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MIT Bottle Coating Offers Promising Solution to Product Waste
Researchers at MIT have developed a coating for the interior of bottles that allows condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise to flow out easily and reduce food waste. The coating is made entirely from food materials, is flavorless and completely harmless, and has been effective on nearly every type of surface tested, including glass, plastic, metal and ceramic.

Coke Says New Water Recovery Process Could Save 100 Billion Liters Annually
The Coca-Cola Company announced it has developed and tested a first-of-its-kind system for recovering water from its commercial bottling process for reuse in non-product activities such as bottle washing. By reusing, rather than treating and discharging the water used in bottling facilities, Coke says it could improve water use efficiency by up to 35 percent.

Tesco Employs Matchmaking Software to Identify Green-Tech Options
Tesco, the UK's largest retailer, announced it will use software made by iVeridis to identify technologies that can further improve the energy efficiency of its stores. iVeridis' Greensourcing Software Solution is a platform that allows businesses to input their exact green-tech requirements and be matched to the best solutions available.

McDonald's Unveils Recyclable Uniforms in UK
McDonald's unveiled its new, recyclable uniforms that employees in the United Kingdom will begin wearing during the Olympic Games this summer. The uniforms were designed by British fashion designer Wayne Hemingway in consultation with Worn Again, an organization that works with big brands to upcycle their existing textiles waste into new products.

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