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May 7, 2012      
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  It’s Easier To Be Sustainable Than Green
When companies spend money to make their products or manufacturing methods “greener,” but find consumers are reluctant to pay a corresponding “green” surcharge, what they have done is to substitute one form of green – the environmental kind – for another -- the monetary variety. And while virtue may be its own reward, it's also true that a company that engages in enough unprofitable behavior may soon become unsustainable.
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  Microsoft Aims for Carbon Neutrality in FY 2013
Microsoft is instituting an internal carbon fee in an effort to achieve carbon neutrality in fiscal year 2013 (which begins July 1), the company said on its blog. COO Kevin Turner explained the initiative aims to make each Microsoft business unit responsible for the carbon it generates, thereby incentivizing greater efficiency, increased purchases of renewable energy, better data collection and reporting, and an overall reduction of environmental impact.

  Free Webinar: Harnessing Technology to Build Futureproof Brands
Leading up to Sustainable Brands 2012, Marc Stoiber has been gathering perspectives from many of our conference keynotes on how they are futureproofing their own businesses. His findings - from companies like HP, BMWi and BASF - illustrate how technology can help today's brands be the leaders of tomorrow. Join Marc as he discusses the role of technology in creating futureproof brands on May 23rd.
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  J&J, Sprint, Sony and Other 'Climate Savers' Cut 100 Million Tons of CO2
Corporate members of the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Climate Savers program cut their carbon dioxide emissions by more than 100 million tons over the period 1999 to 2011, according to an independent review of the program released this week. The figure is equivalent to double the current annual emissions of Switzerland.
Run Up to SB'12 - An Interview with Hunter Lovins
In our first piece from the "Run up to SB'12" series, Hunter Lovins answers our questions around the economic implications of climate change, how organizations can use sustainability as an innovation platform, and how the business community can collaborate to create positive change.
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