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April 25, 2012      
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  It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Social Enterprise?
There’s little doubt that the Social Enterprise sidelines are getting as crowded as its playing field with investors, entrepreneurs and academics wanting to figure out the new rules of engagement. In fact, this time may indeed be remembered as the period in which definition finally trumps ambiguity -- something that I would have benefited from 33 years ago, and what this generation needs now.
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  Social Enterprise: A Balancing Act of Profit and Purpose
The value of social entrepreneurship revolves around the ideals of the entrepreneur, who is engaged in a constant balancing act between “profit and purpose”. Determining if the venture can be true to its mission is just like that sweater you received as a present from your in-laws; it takes a few washes for the true colors to shine through.

  GE, Ford, Intel Ranked Top Climate Innovators
Risk analysis company Maplecroft published its latest Climate Innovation Indexes (CIIs) studying the 360 largest US multinational companies and how they manage and adapt to climate change, with a special focus on innovation. Maplecroft rated each company against more than 100 criteria, including: technological innovation and new working practices to combat climate change impacts; management of climate-related issues; adaption to physical climate-related risks, such as flooding or extreme weather events throughout the supply chain; and, the reduction of GHG emissions.
  Social Enterprise, Health And Wellness, And The Law: A New Frontier
There is a movement afoot in the for-profit social enterprise world and new business forms are being crafted to meet the objectives of these social entrepreneurs. They may not be right for all businesses; but, for those who want to create what we might call "enlightened profits" the legal community is creating new business formats to assist. Stay tuned, because this movement will only grow bigger and stronger.
The Growth of Social Return on Investment
Many social enterprises are analyzing the impact of their services using a framework called Social Return on Investment. Like all evaluation, it takes effort to do well. However the multi-stakeholder perspectives inherent in the process is starting to shift the discourse. Read More...
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