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February 1, 2012      
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  The Innovation Director for a Sustainable Future
Looking back, 2011 feels like the year ‘the brand’ broke through on sustainability and there is now growing recognition, even excitement, in the role that brands can play in creating a sustainable future. It is now time to turn our attention to the mechanisms of making this happen and the role of the Innovation Director.
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      Solution Providers:  
  Cascades Introduces First Unbleached, Recycled Toilet Tissue for Commercial Market
Cascades Tissue Group, North America’s fourth largest producer of towel and tissue paper, launched a 100-percent-recycled, unbleached bathroom tissue for use in public restrooms. Cascades already sells a 100 percent recycled content product for the market, but this is the first that is unbleached and therefore visibly different from the standard white roll. The product, called Moka, will be available in late August.

  TerraCycle To Launch Upcycling Program for Disposable Diapers
TerraCycle, the New Jersey-based company that specializes in upcycling waste packaging into durable consumer products, will soon launch a program for disposable diapers, according to Waste & Recycling News. Ernie Simpson, global vice president of research and development for Terracycle, says the company is 90 percent finished with the development of a continuous process for collecting, sterilizing and processing used diapers. Certain parts of the diaper will be compostable, and the remaining materials will be upcycled into plastic lumber, pallets and outdoor furniture.
  Honda Reduces Trucking Requirements with Green Logistics
Green logistics initiatives allowed carmaker Honda to reduce transportation requirements needed to support its North American production, the company said in its seventh annual North American Environmental report. Strategic planning reduced 5.6 million miles of truck travel and 6,743 metric tons of CO2 emissions associated with moving parts across the continent.
OnStar, Google Test System to Optimize Grid-Supplied Renewable Electricity for Chevy Volts
A new technology for OnStar systems may one day allow Chevrolet Volt owners to charge their electric cars with more renewable energy. OnStar and Google are working together to demonstrate the technology on the 17 Chevrolet Volts in Google’s electric vehicle based at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.
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