he`s so originalhe`s so original

Lateef Olubajo puts products at your fingertips.

Though he's the founder and CEO of the online shopping comparison portal and SmarttSystems, it wasn't so long ago that the Nigerian native counted himself among the technically challenged. "My uncle bought a Dell computer and told me to put it together-it took me forever!"

That initial education seven years ago inspired him to take on the world of e-commerce, and these days his Rincon-based company booms with traffic. A Savannah State graduate with a degree in management information systems, the father of 4-month-old Abigail recently incorporated community scholarships into the PriceForSure web site.

"I come from a less fortunate environment, and I want to pass on the opportunities I've had."

What does he like best about his business!?: I love it because it gives everyday people a reason to shop and retailers a chance to stand a long time.

How about wearing a skirt?: I can dance with it!
Lateef Olubajo is the owner and CEO of and Smartt Systems Inc.. He is a very motivated individual with an insatiable hunger and determination to succeed. The company survives as a spin-off from an entrepreneurial project that was done in college which he made materialize by culminating networks and fundings he eagerly worked hard to build. With is directions and guidance, has managed to maintain a very strong internet presence as a result of his expertise, wit and drive in this highly competitive marketplace.
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