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All Inclusive Package or A La Carte?

Do you urgently need a vacation from all the  hard work you've put in this year? But you can't afford to take a vacation because your efforts are not producing results? Fret no longer. For the average online merchant who hasn't been around that long, success is a battlefield that has yet to be materialized. Everyday, trial and errors are made in hopes that luck will one day strike. Well, we have happy news ! provides several platforms to outgrow your fears and trials. Taking it a step further, this social shopping portal gets you the added exposure you need and will expedite the time it takes to climb that mountain. Finally you'll be able to take that vacation soon. And not only that, you will be flattered with the options they offer you including an all-inclusive package or an a la carte sale. This Christmas, choices are a must and the most fabulous choice entails one flat fee of $100 per month for unlimited traffic plus exclusive access to all their features for the first fifty merchants who register.

Everyone knows that Success comes with just the Right Mix

Have you ever heard the saying " if you knew then what you know now it would be so much better" ? Don't miss out any longer on this knowledge gold mine. Merchant Advantage gives you just the right mix and best of all , they do all the work!

When using our Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Action, or Flat Fee Option it is important that the product catalog data you feed to us is 100% accurate, all of the time. 

This is critical because it ensures that:

  1. your product catalog is listed in all the appropriate areas (or categories?)on PriceFor$
  2. the data you send to us reflects the most updated data in your shopping cart, and
  3. we can better help market your company using our coupons, podcasts, RSS feeds and videos on an ongoing basis

Our staff is here to help, but we also know that setting up, managing and updating data feeds, key words, and taxonomies can be overwhelming.  To help you save time and money with managing your time and IT needs, we are proud to introduce MerchantAdvantage. 

MerchantAdvantage is a valued partner of PriceFor$ure with tool-based solutions that help you:

  • set up PriceFor$ure feeds with a click of a button
  • analyze how your marketing campaigns are performing on a daily basis
  • automatically ensures that your data feeds reflect your most up to date shopping cart offerings
  • eliminates manual upkeep of your data feeds, and
  • Saves you time and money!


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Offer Expires:December 31, 2007