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College Students Hanging OutThe college experience is both exciting and challenging.  Many will be attending college as freshmen and others are returning to finish their college career. Thousands of questions are plaguing these students' minds:  Will I like my classes?  What organizations do I plan to join?  How will I balance studying and entertainment?  Don't worry- will help you entertain yourself with cutting-edge electronics when you want a break from studying.

Do you want to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience?  Now you and your friends can, by playing your favorite video games on the Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS Game System, or Microsoft XBox Console.  You can also use your new laptop to surf the internet and visit different social network websites.  Pass the time at the bus stop by watching action movies on a portable DVD player. is your one-stop virtual online store.
Need something fun to help pass the time between classes? Tell your parents to buy it for you at or Electronic Showplace!
Our merchants at and Electronics Showplace have the electronics you need to entertain yourself.  Get ahead in college by using the latest technology!  Find these products and more from our merchants, The and Electronics Showplace. 
Nintendo DS Game System

Nintendo DS Game System

The entertaining Nintendo DS Game system is different from other handheld game systems on the market.  It features two bright screens, improved graphics, a maximum of 16-player games using built-in Wi-Fi, and an on board 3-D processor., Price:  $109.95
Portable DVD Player
Portable DVD PlayerThis 7" LCD portable DVD player provides easy access to your entertainment.  You can watch a variety of movies in the comfort of your dorm room. Get some popcorn, a drink, and relax. 
Electronics Showplace, Price:  $118.99
Sony PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system provides you with a high-definition experience.  Features of this system are:  AC Power Cord, AV Multi Cable, 2x Memory Card Slot, built-in IR, built-in Blu-Ray Disc, and a USB., Price:  $444.95

Sharp Aquos Television

Sharp Television When you need a break from studying, watch your favorite movies and television shows on the 15" LCD Sharp Aquos television.  Some of the features included are:  640 x 480 resolution, 170 degrees viewing angle, and an EDTV monitor., Price:  $179.95

Microsoft XBox Console
Microsoft Xbox Console Have the ultimate gaming experience with the Microsoft XBox Console!  This video game systems has an Intel 733 MHz processor with an Ethernet port and a front loading DVD tray., Price:  $129.95
HP Pavilion
 HP Pavilion                                     Surf the Internet, visit social network websites, and chat online with your friends.  You can burn your own DVDs and CDs for entertainment.  Some of the features are a 1.80 GHz, DVD+CD-RW Combo Drive, and a 56K modem., Price:  $695.95

HP iPod

HP iPod

Listen to 12 hours of awesome music and store up to 12,000 songs with this iPod!  The display back lighting makes it easier for you to search for a particular song.  The touch-sensitive click wheel is used for navigation., Price:  $184.95   


Bluetooth iPod Stereo Audio System
                                  Bluetooth iPod Audio System    The Bluetooth iPod Stereo Audio System features the rich sound of Aura acoustic speaker technology, so you can dance to a variety of music in your dorm room.  It comes with BluePin so you can send and receive music to or from a mobile phone, laptop computer, MP3 player, or other device with Bluetooth wireless technology.  With its AV output, you can play your favorite videos if your ipod has video capabilities. 
Electronics Showplace, Price:  $106.99

Panasonic MP3 Player
 Panasonic MP3 Player                                      Enjoy your favorite music with this MP3 player!  This ultra compact digital audio MP3 / WMA Player has  256 MB of built-memory.  It has a digital FM Tuner with 20-station preset memory and it is water and shock resistant., Price:  $78.95

Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth HeadsetEnjoy wireless hands-free talking!  This headset is lightweight for a comfortable fit and it links with up to 8 Bluetooth compatible devices.
Abe's of Maine, Price:  $33.00

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