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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: launched yesterday, July 9, 2007. We are a comparison shopping site, designed to compete with the likes of, and even What makes us so different?

Besides the fact that this company began 4 years ago as a class project from the mind of a young graduate of Savannah State University; factor in our amazing features listed below. offers comparison shopping for consumers, live web-TV for merchant infomercials, video business profiles, and video auction capabilities for merchants to re-sell open box products, sports memorabilia, etc.   We also provide chat rooms and blogs for consumers to contact merchants directly. We will even have a virtual auto showroom where merchants can display their vehicles and consumers can shop.

Additionally, merchants choose to pay either PPC which is pay per click or PPA which is pay per action. What does this mean? It means a more efficient use of merchant advertising dollars and more revenues gained by the merchants. Merchants only pay us when they receive either traffic or purchases through our site.

We are the next generation in comparison shopping! Be the first to feature a story about this amazing company in Southern Georgia!

Check out our press kit here.


press kit!!!

The Team looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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Director of Marketing
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