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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, the leader of next generation comparison shopping websites is designed with the best interests of the merchants and consumers in mind.


Rincon, Georgia, June 18, 2007 -, ( Due to the overwhelming response to our Last Chance email, is extending the 60 days free registration deadline for merchants through midnight tonight. That's right; you have one last chance to sign up free of charge! Come tomorrow morning merchants will be charged a registration fee. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to receive large volumes of unique visits to your site. We help you market your site, and you know creating unique visits means internet sales! We are the next generation of comparison shopping. Sign up today! is a unique, innovative comparison shopping website that is designed to increase consumer buying power by providing an educational online comparison shopping experience.  We have combined the best of internet shopping with the latest technology available.  Our goal is to keep the cost to the merchant minimal and customer service exceptional.  Merchants have several services to advertise their products and consumers have various merchants from which to choose to make their purchases. 


We are offering PPA (pay per action) and PPC (pay per click) options for merchants, as well as live web-TV, short merchant controlled video uploads, and an auction site with video capabilities.  All of this for free, if you sign up today...after midnight there will be a fee for the various services.


Blogging is becoming one of the best ways to spread the word about who we are.  For that reason, we are utilizing various bloggers to generate online buzz and drive consumer traffic to your products listed through


E-commerce is consumer driven.  Therefore, if the consumers are not happy, merchants will not be happy.  Our mission is to maintain a site that creates a win/win situation for merchants and consumers. This is a win/win opportunity, don't miss it!


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