June1, 2007 - Comparison Shopping Redefined!

price for sureRincon, Georgia - June 1, 2007 - announces the launching of our innovative comparison shopping website on July 4, 2007. The site is designed to increase consumer buying power and merchant profits. Our multi-media advertising tools include; live web-TV, video upload options, video auction capabilities, live consumer to merchant chat rooms, and blogs. All of the services are available for product advertising and education, helping consumers become smarter shoppers. supports the increase of revenue for our merchants by offering a variety of multi-media features, for a small one-time registration fee. Merchants would only pay additional charges through a pay per click or pay per action feature  when consumers purchase merchandise through's portal. This creates a win/win situation for both consumers and merchants.

How Works:  We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing our merchants with new ways to create a competitive edge.  We expect our multi-media features, such as product demonstration videos, live Web TV, interactive chat rooms, and uploading of video company profiles to allow our merchants direct connection with potential shoppers as they make their purchasing decisions.  We foresee our features to be beneficial to our merchants in several ways. By displaying videos of products consumers have an opportunity to actually see and be educated about the products before they purchase them from the web. In addition, our live Web-TV feature will be used to show infomercials, announce special promotions, and services.  Merchant to consumer chat rooms serve as a channel of communication between merchants and consumers. The uploading business profile feature would enable merchants to provide potential shoppers with information about their companies. 

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