The Dog Spa LLC Newsletter February 2009

The Dog SpaThe Dog Spa was created to offer healthy, natural pet care and holistic pet products. All of our products offered at The Dog Spa are of the highest quality and made of natural ingredients. You can feel good about buying our goods and services for your companion at our store, because we only use and sell natural products that we give to our own pets. 
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Flea Season's Over! Why is My Dog Still Itchy? 
As we head into the cooler months.we can finally rest knowing that flea season is finally over - right?Unfortunately, for many pups out there, the itchy skin they've suffered from during flea season only continues at the same itchy level past flea season.Why can't these poor dogs get any relief?
What to do? 
1.Look at your food, better protein, less grain.
2.Use a humidifier   
3.Add Fish Oil to the food
4.Bathe with anti-itch Shampoo
Grizzly Salmon Oil
fish oilAll-natural salmon oil Grizzly Salmon Oil™ is derived only from wild Alaskan Salmon. The salmon oil naturally retains its balanced blend of valuable fatty acids and is further protected by adding all-natural Rosemary Extract. It contains inherent antioxidants and traces of vitamins that naturally occur in the salmon. Our all-natural product will not interfere with your dog's intake of vitamins from other sources. 
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