ACTA-Dominated TICO Board and ACTA Proxy Votes
Prevent Successful Motions from Benefitting Ontario Agencies

ACTA Turns Deaf Ear to Reasonable Requests to Help Reduce
Regulatory Burdens and Costs and Improve Rights of Agencies

Toronto, 27 September 2011: Canada's Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA Canada) expressed dismay today at ACTA's unwillingness to support reasonable requests to improve reducing costs on agencies in Ontario. At the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) AGM today, ACTA's Ontario Chairman and TICO Board Member, Mike Foster, armed with 58 proxies, voted against a motion to minimize the excessive costs of financial statement review engagements (in lieu of a notice to reader), and against a motion to provide agencies with a "bill of rights" and access to an ombudsman to review cases where TICO or TICO staff may have acted incorrectly.

Both motions were introduced and proposed by ARTA Canada member Darren Swidler of TruExperiences Tours, Toronto.

Ironically, both motions were merely requests for the TICO board to take into consideration the substance of the two motions, and to review the needs, impact, and feasibility of the proposed actions. However, in true TICO fashion, the ACTA-dominated TICO board members voted against the motions, supplemented by the proxies used by ACTA's Ontario Chair.

"What more needs to be said. ACTA has no interest whatsoever in supporting Ontario travel agencies in reducing costs, regulatory burdens, and assuring a fair hearing when agencies have concerns about how TICO handles various compliance matters. I have to believe that 58 TICO registrants gave their proxies to ACTA having no idea that ACTA would use them to disadvantage the agencies themselves. Why anyone would want to be a member of ACTA in light of today's TICO AGM is a mystery to me", said ARTA Canada President Bruce Bishins, CTC.

ARTA Canada believes that the only way TICO will ever be forced to make much-needed change and to treat travel agencies with respect and fairness is with a change in the Ontario Government. ARTA Canada will continue its efforts to support the Progressive Conservatives in their quest for Queen's Park.  

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