Air Canada Provides Transaction Incentives
for Agencies to Assist with AC Direct Bookings

Toronto, 14 June 2011: Canada's Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA Canada) applauded Air Canada's decision to embrace travel agent assistance during the work stoppage by incentivizing agencies to assist AC direct customers with post-booking (rebooking) and ticketing services.

AC will offer agencies a CAD 30.00 transaction fee for passenger rebooking on North American (Canada/US) itineraries and CAD 50.00 on international itineraries. Travel agencies may assess their normal service charges (if any) in addition to the AC compensation.

"We are very pleased that Air Canada has embraced travel agencies in this process and will reward them for their efforts. Agencies have a great opportunity at hand, not only to assist the travelling public, but also to show them the exceptional value and service which travel agencies deliver not just today, but every day", said ARTA Canada President Bruce Bishins, CTC.

Travel agencies will be able to access all AC direct bookings, either booked via an AC call centre or via the AC consumer web site, by logging in to the AC travel agency portal (www.aircanada.com/agents), and then accessing the link "Manage ac2u Bookings" (requires same login credentials). Bookings may be retrieved from "View by Booking Reference" by entering the PNR record locator.

Procedures for rebooking and other policies can be found at on the AC travel agency portal (Agency Reference Section) or by clicking here.

About ARTA Canada 

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