TICO Ignores Agency Protests Over Increases
as Higher Fees Go Into Effect 01 July 2011

ARTA Canada is Committed to Regime Change in Ontario
to Rein In TICO's Abuse of Registrants

Toronto, 31 May 2011: Canada's Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA Canada) decried actions by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) to increase renewal fees for registrants by 20% effective 01 July 2011, thereby ignoring the vast majority of comments opposed by agencies and ARTA Canada. As ACTA has not publicly released its comments, ACTA's position is unknown.

"We know for a fact that of the 80 comments alleged to have been received by TICO, our members submitted 63 comments with copies sent to ARTA Canada. Thus, 17 comments were either submitted by ACTA members or non-members. It is pretty amazing that ACTA can march into a TICO AGM with hundreds of proxies in hand, but can't coordinate a similar effort to help prevent higher costs on its own members. It's pretty obvious that ACTA had little interest in soliciting objections to TICO's increases, and it just goes to show how ACTA's claim that it speaks for the industry is simply an illusion", said ARTA Canada President Bruce Bishins, CTC.

ARTA Canada is convinced, now more than ever, that TICO completely ignores any meaningful consultations. Whether at town halls, surveys, or requests for comments, TICO has proven time and time again that it will do what it wants to do and that input from registrants is of absolutely no consequence. With the most recent objection to fees, and the wishes of registrants to see changes made to TICO's board structure, the ACTA-dominated TICO board has abused its powers and ignored any equitable compromises with the industry.

"It's just pointless to spend any time consulting with TICO. Ontario travel agencies must do what it can to bring about a regime change in the Ontario Government to enact better travel industry legislation and regulations before matters get any worse. TICO needs a complete housecleaning, and ARTA Canada will focus its efforts on ushering in new political stakeholders to rein in TICO's abuses and excesses", added Bishins.

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