ARTA Canada Kicks-Off 2011 Membership Campaign

Streamlined Membership Fee Offers New Value
and Affordability Regardless of Agency Size

Toronto, 03 November 2010Canada's Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA Canada) launched its 2011 membership campaign today with a new fee structure approved last month by its board of directors.

Determined to prove to Canada's retail travel agencies that support for an effective travel agency-only trade association is affordable and very justifiable for every travel agency's budget, ARTA Canada reduced its general membership fee for 2011 to a flat $99.00 regardless of the number of employees in the travel agency. The ARTA Canada board felt that tying the membership fee to the number of employees in an agency was no longer relevant nor realistic and was insensitive to the current economic environment.

ARTA Canada's 2011 fees are now in stark contrast to ACTA's 2011 fees where ACTA not only significantly increased fees for 2011, but also continues to use the number of employees to calculate the membership fee:

"We know that agencies want a strong advocate which doesn't back down from tough challenges. We listened to our members. They wanted more efficiency, lower fees, and an investment in achieving goals and objectives. We're delivering on the mandate expressed by our members, and we will continue to do so in 2011 and beyond", said ARTA Canada President Bruce Bishins, CTC.

ARTA Canada's lower fees are a result of increased vigilance over streamlining management and operational costs and greater efficiencies through more online and automated services. Nonetheless, ARTA Canada continues to offer its members an intimate, hands-on, close-to-management level of service unparalleled in the industry.

The 2011 membership campaign also marks the launch of a new trade slogan for ARTA Canada's member services: "We do more for travel agents before 9:00AM than most others do all day".

The campaign also launches new trade advertising which highlights ARTA Canada benefits, accomplishments, and which compares ARTA Canada to ACTA.

"We want current and prospective members to know there is a big difference between ARTA Canada and ACTA; one which we are proud of in every way. With our new fee structure, every travel agency can afford to have ARTA Canada in their portfolio of business partners, and we look forward to facilitating a profitable and productive retail travel landscape for the agencies we represent", added Bishins.

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About ARTA Canada 

ARTA Canada is the largest non-profit federally incorporated professional association of travel retailers in Canada, the members of which consist exclusively of travel agencies and travel agents. In addition to advocating fair and equitable treatment of travel consumers, ARTA Canada represents the commercial and strategic interests of its member travel agencies and travel agents in a variety of national and provincial domains including regulatory and legislative matters, automation, technology, sales and marketing, and distribution.

ARTA Canada is the strategic partner in Canada of the U.S.-based Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA). ARTA Canada is the Canadian member of UFTAA, the United Federation of Travel Agents' Associations. To join ARTA Canada, complete details and online membership application and secure payment are available on the ARTA Canada web site at

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