TICO AGM is Today, 01 November 2010 at 4:00PM
and Live Webcast is Also Available 

Please Support ARTA Canada's Helen Thompson Travel's Motions

Toronto, 01 November 2010Canada's Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA Canada) urges all TICO registrants to attend today's 2010 TICO AGM at 4:00PM at the Toronto Congress Center, 650 Dixon Road, Toronto (airport area).

The TICO AGM will be broadcast live by webcast for those unable to attend. To log-on to view the AGM, please register by clicking here or visit:


ARTA Canada member Helen Thompson Travel also seeks your support for its motions to be considered at the TICO AGM:

1. A motion to require TICO to release to registrant members the results of the One Step Travel Third Party Review, which, on information and belief, has been in TICO's possession for quite some time; (Update: the report has been released)

2. A motion to require TICO to provide a written explanation as to why none of the Province's July 2009 recommendations regarding greater disclosure of registrant compliance, following the demise of Conquest, have been implemented;

3. A motion to require TICO to provide a written explanation why an amendment to the Travel Industry Act Regulations allowing TICO to refuse to provide financial information about registrants was never disclosed to registrants in advance nor subject to comments nor consultation, and why such a shielding of such information does not run counter to the Province's own recommendation for greater disclosure;

4. A motion to require TICO to provide a written explanation as to why it did not have the required trust account agreements from Conquest Vacations, and how TICO plans to minimize exposure to registrants in future failures where amounts, absent a perfected secured claim, might not be recoverable under similar circumstances;

5. A motion to require TICO to provide a written explanation as to what progress has been made in amending the regulations so that travel agents are permitted to seek reimbursement from the compensation fund for any commissions or service charges due from a wholesaler, but not paid, as a result of a registrant wholesaler failure.

About ARTA Canada 

ARTA Canada is the largest non-profit federally incorporated professional association of travel retailers in Canada, the members of which consist exclusively of travel agencies and travel agents. In addition to advocating fair and equitable treatment of travel consumers, ARTA Canada represents the commercial and strategic interests of its member travel agencies and travel agents in a variety of national and provincial domains including regulatory and legislative matters, automation, technology, sales and marketing, and distribution.

ARTA Canada is the strategic partner in Canada of the U.S.-based Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA). ARTA Canada is the Canadian member of UFTAA, the United Federation of Travel Agents' Associations. To join ARTA Canada, complete details and online membership application and secure payment are available on the ARTA Canada web site at www.artacanada.ca/join.

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