ARTA and ARTA Canada Help Clarify
Delta Air Lines Reissue Fee Policy

Nothing New

Scottsdale, AZ and Toronto, 19 February 2010: The Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA) and ARTA Canada wish to clarify that a Delta Air Lines policy widely reported in the media today which alleged that Delta was charging a new $50.00 fee for voluntary changes to travel agency issued tickets is nothing new.

Delta officials confirmed to ARTA and ARTA Canada today that the policy reported as being something new was actually instituted in April 2006. The policy, in place for nearly four years and applicable to U.S. and Canadian online and traditional travel agencies, can be referenced in the Delta Resource Center of WorldAgent Direct under "Booking".

The External Reissue Charge, as it is called, does not apply to changes which are the result of irregular operations, schedule changes, or involuntary rerouting.

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