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  • Greetings!

    Welcome back, everyone! We're off to a very strong, brisk start of another dynamic year. We have many great success stories and photos to share and we don't want to leave you out.

    New Developments

    Expanded Parking Lot and Art Department Open on Schedule

    floor mapApplause, thanks and kudos to the many people who have been working on recent construction/renewal projects: adding 449 new student parking spots to Lot B (NO complaints yet!), and bright new creative spaces for the Art Department.

    We can't say that everything went smoothly, but, in light of our economic state, we're progressing in the right direction at LMC. Thanks to everyone for your patience, tenacity, and support.

    We can now access the newly remodeled Art area after a full year of construction. Download the floor map here. Please note that we have changed the room numbering convention for this entire section of the building. All room numbers in Journalism, Art, PTEC, DSP&S High Tech Center and Drama now begin with the number "3" to designate the third floor of the College Complex. To simplify the change in room numbers, we have maintained the other two digits for rooms that have not been remodeled by this construction project. So, the Little Theater was room 622 and now it is room 322. Likewise, the Journalism Lab was room 601 and now it is room 301. New room number signs have been posted.

    We have included these new room numbers in the Fall 2010 Class Schedule and we will supply the attached flyer to students so they can find these rooms at the beginning of the semester.

    The Nursing remodeling project is scheduled to begin in October of this year. Once that project is completed, those room numbers will also begin with the number "3" to maintain this new room numbering system.

    Peter Garcia Off to DVC, Richard Livingston Appointed

    Unless you've been in an ice cave for the past month, you probably are aware that our own president, Peter Garcia, is off on October 1st to provide interim presidential leadership at our sister college, DVC, while the District begins a search for DVC's next president.

    It is a testimonial to our whole operation that Chancellor Helen Benjamin would select President Garcia to fill the interim void that will be left by Judy Walters, current DVC President, when she retires the end of September. Obviously Helen thinks we'll do just fine as various LMC leaders fill the void.

    Richard LivingstonRichard Livingston, who has taught here since the "birth" of LMC, and been Senior Dean of Instruction since 2002, will continue moving our college forward in a healthy direction as interim President through June 2011.

    Some of you may not be aware of Richard's lengthy commitment to the health and welfare of LMC. Richard was a founding faculty member of the college, the first journalism instructor, and one of the creators and teachers of the original interdisciplinary curriculum. He is a longtime resident of Antioch married to a math teacher at Deer Valley High School - an LMC alumna! His positions in the District and at LMC have included serving as the interim Dean of Humanistic Studies, Director of Human Resources for the CCCCD in Martinez, Dean of Social Science, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and currently Sr. Dean of Instruction (Chief Instructional Officer). He has been LMC's Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) for much of his administrative career and recently successfully assisted Diablo Valley College as a consultant with its accreditation work.

    He has been a management representative on various iterations of shared governance at LMC, and been on numerous management bargaining teams with UF. He has been an active member of the Curriculum Committee, CUE, TLP and numerous other college committees and initiatives. During the protracted illness of former President Stan Chin, he was asked to serve as the acting president.

    Richard is the proud father of LMC graduate Morgan Livingston, who has transferred to UC Santa Barbara but is still prominently featured in many of LMC's marketing pieces, including our beloved bus tails. Richard is an excellent writer, a defender of academic excellence, and a passionate believer in community colleges as a successful community college graduate. He loves LMC and his alma mater, Stanford!

    Thank you, Peter and Richard, for stepping up to the plate for what certainly will be an interesting year.

    The moves have been acknowledged in the media:

    Community College Times 08/01/10

    Contra Costa Times 7/21/10

    LMC Foundation Board Elects Jason Cox as Board President

    coxThe Los Medanos College Foundation Board of Directors has elected Jason Cox to serve as Board President, beginning July 2010, serving a two-year term.

    Cox, Director of Organizational Development for USS-POSCO Industries, Pittsburg, has served on the Board of Directors since 2006. Jason has also been an active member of the Electrical and Instrumentation Technology (ETEC) Advisory Committee and Tech-Prep Committee (focusing on supporting the high school/college transition and student success).

    "Jason Cox has been a great friend and partner, and we are excited that he has agreed to be the President of the Los Medanos College Foundation," commented LMC President Peter Garcia. "His liaison work with his employer USS-POSCO Industries, other Contra Costa County industrial stakeholders, and his insights into LMC's impact on the community and the economy have been invaluable."

    Kiran Kamath, Dean of Career/Technical Education is enthusiastic about Jason's new role at LMC. "You could call Jason Cox the 'father' of LMC's ETEC program. He was the driving force behind the overhaul of the program, and moving it into new LMC facilities. He has been an incredibly committed partner and instrumental in his involvement with curriculum development, industry surveys, and grant development resulting in a $450,000 Industry-Driven Regional Collaborative (IRDC) grant. Jason is very committed to education, workforce development, and seeing students succeed and get jobs in the local area. I am delighted that Jason will be continuing his involvement with LMC as the Foundation's Board President."

    The LMC Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer community leaders who dedicate their time and effort to the Foundation's mission of supporting students. The Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support Los Medanos College students through scholarships and academic program underwriting.

    Grants Help LMC Move Forward

    The LMC Foundation has started the new fiscal year with great successes, including three significant grants totaling $80,000.

    Wells Fargo contributed S10,000 in support of the college's AVID program. "Wells Fargo is delighted that we can provide financial support for the Los Medanos College AVID program", explained Tim Silva, Well Fargo's Senior Vice President of Community Development for the Greater Bay Region. "Student success is key to community success. Our goal in giving this support is to help create future vitality and prosperity in the communities where we live and work." Past grants from Wells Fargo have supported LMC's Big Read project, MESA and a comedy fundraiser for the LMC Foundation.

    $60,000 was contributed by the Los Medanos Community Healthcare District as a two-year grant to support the college's nursing program. The college has been receiving approximately $25,000 per year from this organization since 2003.

    We also received $10,000 from the Keller Canyon Mitigation Fund to support the college's community involvement. Lindy Maynes explains, "The Mitigation Fund has assisted the Foundation for a number of years and we are very greatful. Their contributions have supported the Summer Math Institute, microscopes for science labs, and CERT equipment and training."

    We appreciate the support these contributors have given the college. Especially in these challenging times, outside support

    Myra Snell and Peter Garcia Interviewed at Carnegie Foundation's "Improving Basic Skills Education in Community Colleges" Meeting

    From the Carnegie Foundation's website:

    The vast majority of students entering California's community colleges are underprepared for college, testing into "basic skills" or "developmental" classes; and many will never make it to the credit-bearing courses necessary to earn a degree. In response, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation began an initiative to identify interventions and design more effective models for teaching mathematics and literacy at this level.

    In the course of its work with 11 campuses participating in the Strengthening Pre-collegiate Education in Community Colleges (SPECC) initiative, Carnegie found a need for shared responsibility for developmental education. At a recent SPECC convocation, Carnegie spoke with a community college president, and two others who work with basic skills education on their campuses on what it will take to transform the community college student's experience.

    Link to Myra Snell's presentation:Role of Faculty Learning in Community Colleges

    Link to Peter Garcia's presentation: Role of the Community College President in Ensuring Student Success

    Late Add Process Enforced

    Please note that if a student has not registered by the last date to add, he/she will need to fill out a Late Add Petition, ask the instructor to sign the form indicating both the course census date and the student's first date of attendance, along with an explanation. The student must then take the form to an Instructional Dean or to Admissions & Records for the Director to sign. The student has five (5) working days from the course census date to complete this procedure, or he/she will not be allowed to enroll.

    Please be sure you adhere to all posted deadlines and that you check your roster prior to census date to ensure all students attending your classes are on the roster, properly enrolled. Late Add Petition Form

    FERPA Guideline Reminder Do you remember which things you can share about students and what is private and protected by FERPA?

    All LMC employees received a card in their mailbox about the guidelines, but just in case you ambitiously recycled before reading, here are the details:

    FERPA Guidelines for Faculty & Staff

    Release of Student Educational Records Maintaining Confidentiality of Student Records

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records, including the right to inspect their education records, request an amendment of the records the student believes are inaccurate, and the right to control disclosures of their records except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent.

    One of the exceptions permitted by FERPA is the release of Directory Information to parties outside of the institution. Directory Information is defined as information which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. The following Directory Information may be released without student signature of approval:

    • Student name
    • Student participation in officially recognized activities and sports including weight, height and high school of graduation of athletic team members
    • Degrees and awards received by students, including honors, scholarship awards, athletic awards and Dean's List recognition

    NOTE: Other than directory information, no information will be released to any party without a student release or subpoena. Federal regulations require release of name, address and phone number to military recruiters upon request. This is identified as the Solomon Amendment and more information can be found at http://www.aacrao.org/publications/Solomon.pdf. If the student wishes to opt out of directory information release, he/she may file an "opt out" form available on our website.

    Student names and addresses may be provided to a private or public school or college. No private or public school or college shall use this information for other than purposes directly related to the academic or professional goals of the institution. Directory information and other personal information may be given to appropriate persons in connection with an emergency if the knowledge of that information is necessary to protect the health or safety of a student or other persons.

    For district and federal policy on FERPA see:

    • California Education Code, Section 76200
    • Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 54600
    • CCCCD Board Policy 3013
    • CCCCD Student Services Procedures 3009 and 3026
    These can be accessed through http://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/index.html

    Guidelines for Release of Information:

    A. To the student In person: no signature required. If in the presence of 3rd parties, only release information specifically requested by the student. Students must show a picture ID to receive any information. Phone requests: no information of a personal nature may be released over the phone. B. To school officials No signature required if requestor, as part of their employment responsibilities, has a legitimate educational interest in the records. C. Third parties, including parents, spouses, other students, references and schools. If releasing information OTHER THAN DIRECTORY INFORMATION, you must have a signature of release and may only release specific information designated by the student.

    Note: You are not obligated by FERPA to release information to third parties; therefore, if the request eliminates important information, you may deny the request. Examples: 1. Send my transcript but only the courses with "A" and "B" grades. 2. Send a reference but you cannot mention my unsatisfactory marks in student teaching.

    All LMC employees are responsible for maintaining student record confidentiality. If your office is in an open area: a. Close all files when not in use or when 3rd parties are present; b. Position computer screen so that 3rd parties cannot see information and close out whenever leaving work area; c. Check to see if printers, copiers, fax machines, etc. are in secure areas and that student record information is not left on printers/copiers; d. If discussing educational record information with the student, if at all possible go to a private office or area so that conversations aren't overheard.

    Thank you for your assistance in protecting our students' privacy. For further information not answered above, please contact Admissions & Records.


    LMC Marketing Resources Available on Web

    Need an LMC nametag or business card? Need letterhead, envelopes, the logo? Are you responsible for your webpages? Did you know we have writing and logo style guides to help us be consistent in representing the college? Check it all out at the Marketing/Media Design or our link on the Faculty/Staff home page (left column).

    Awards and Acknowledgements

    Kathy Griffin Receives Mountain Star Award for Preservation Efforts

    kathyOur very own Kathy Griffin was acknowledged recently by Save Mt. Diablo for her efforts in countering an attempt to expand Brentwood's Urban Limit Line. Guess you never know what your coworker might be doing in her spare time! For more details, download a recent article (PDF)

    Doug Beavers Releases New CD, Hosts Talented Drummer at LMC

    Doug Beavers shows no sign of getting tired of jazz. The Grammy Award-winning LMC alum is a very active part-time faculty member in the LMC Music Department's Jazz program.

    Doug is, however, kicking off a new album, Two Shades of Nude, with a concert at Yoshi's on September 17th. It will be released WORLDWIDE in Europe, United States, South America and Asia. Kudos Doug!

    Dafnis PrietoOne of Doug's special guest artists at the release concert, Dafnis Prieto, will visit LMC for a workshop with LMC jazz students. Dafnis Prieto, a Cuban drummer, is described by some as the hottest drummer in New York. (Kinda makes you want to be a jazz student, eh?)

    Recent press quotes: "Dafnis Prieto is easily the most impressive young drummer to come on the jazz scene during the past decade." - All About Jazz

    "Bedazzlement is a proven strategy for Mr. Prieto, a spectacularly proficient Cuban drummer who arrived in New York a decade ago." - The New York Times

    Thanks, Doug, for making LMC such a special place for our students to learn and experience amazing things.

    Welcome New LMC Employees

    Russ Holt Takes the Reins in LMC's Buildings and Grounds Department

    holtRuss Holt started hitting the ground running this summer at the LMC campus. Russ began his career in the District in 1998 when he was hired as a Senior Equipment Maintenance Worker in LMC's Buildings and Grounds department. He then transferred to DVC and was promoted to Lead Maintenance Mechanic. Since January 2009, he's also been an adjunct professor for DVC in the discipline of Electronics. During his DVC assignment, he was instrumental in bringing the San Ramon Center facility to fruition. Having just completed the District's Leadership Institute, he's a well-rounded and experienced individual, and will prove to be a great asset to us this fiscal year. Welcome aboard, Russ!

    Chris Shipe Moves into Head Football Coach Position

    Los Medanos College has hired Chris Shipe to head the football program. Coach Shipe moves from being LMC's Offensive Coordinator (Quarterbacks), a position he's held since 2002. Last year, his offense was the #2 rush offense in Northern California and also produced the #1 rusher in the state, All-American RB Thomas Hampton. Read more...

    2010 Service Awards Presented at Opening Day

    How time flies when you're doing the right thing! Applause, applause for the following dedicated souls who have reached pinnacle moments in their time with LMC.

    35 Years of Service:

    • Lori Biles

    30 Years of Service:

    • Nancy Ybarra

    25 Years of Service:

    • Don Kaiper
    • Sharen McLean
    • Mary Rock
    • Lois Yamakoshi

    20 Years of Service:

    • Stephanie Alves
    • Helen Benjamin
    • Tess Caldwell
    • Bruce Cutler
    • William Fracisco
    • Durwynne Hsieh
    • Rod Raumer
    • Leticia Rodrigues

    15 Years of Service:

    • Mark Lewis
    • Glenn Sobolik
    • Richard Villegas

    10 Years of Service:

    • San Mei Chen
    • Erlinda Jones
    • Sandra Mills
    • Frances Moy
    • Carl Payton
    • Susie Purdy
    • Steve Valencia
    • Sherry Weikum
    • Helen Wu

    5 Years of Service

    • Rosa Armendariz
    • Reynaldo Flores-Zelaya
    • Jennifer Garcia
    • Melissa Jackson
    • George Mills
    • Jody Mills
    • Anthony Olgin
    • Carmen Pacheco
    • Jancy Rickman
    • Annica Soto
    • Jonny Vu

    Welcome, Welcome Back, and Bravo!

    A lot of changes have been going on! Be in the know regarding who's new, who's moved, and who's back -- here goes:

    New Tenured Faculty

    • Joanne Bent, Nursing
    • Jason Dearman, Automotive
    • Marco Godinez, Counseling
    • Lucy Snow, Art
    • Alexander Sterling, English
    • Katalina Wethington, English

    Management Changes

    • Peter Garcia, DVC Acting President, Oct. 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011
    • Richard Livingston, LMC Acting President, Oct. 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011
    • Russell Holt, Interim Buildings & Grounds Manager, July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011

    New Classified Employees

    • Jimmy Cox, Lateral Transfer CCC to LMC, Student Services & Instructional Support Coordinator, Care/CalWORKS
    • Richard Azzopardi, Lateral Transfer DVC to LMC, Lab Equipment Tech II, Voc Tech
    • Arvela Tutt, Lateral Transfer DVC to LMC, Book Buyer

    Classified Staff Changes

    • Letta Greene, Lateral Transfer, Pittsburg Campus to Brentwood Center, Student Services & Instructional Support Coordinator
    • Leetha Robertson, Promotion to Senior Payroll Clerk
    • Linda Maniscalco, Promotion to Senior Account Clerk/Cashier
    • Daniel Amare, Reclassification/Promotion to Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator
    • Lucienne Gouveia, Lateral Transfer/Increase in Hours Worked, Child Study Center
    • Lucienne Gouveia, Lateral Transfer/Increase in Hours Worked, Child Study Center
    • Tammy Oranje, Increase in Months Worked, Child Study Center

    New Temporary Out-of-Class Assignments

    • Rikki Hall, A/R Assistant I, from Brentwood Center to Pittsburg Campus - July 19, 2010 to December 31, 2010
    • Ron DeKelaita, Custodian II to Building Maintenance Worker - July 19, 2010 to December 31, 2010
    • Jamila Stewart, Additional Duties as Academic Senate Secretary (25% time) - August 4, 2010 to June 10, 2011

    2009/10 Faculty Retirees

    • Diane Jorgensen, 23 years
    • Dorrie Fisher, 17 years
    • Kathleen Willett, 5 years
    • Olga Arenivar, 37 years
    • Andy Ochoa, 34 years
    • Madeline Puccioni, 20 years
    • Don McKnight, 20 years
    • Brendan Brown, 29 years
    • Van Boschetti, 28 years

    2009/10 Classified Retirees

    • Carmen Connell, Financial Aid Assistant II, 8 years
    • Paul Palizzolo, Custodian II, 17 years
    • Linda Cullison, Instructional Assistant, 13 years
    • Joyce Pavich, Book Buyer, 27 years
    • Natalia Marquez, Custodian II, 19 years

    2009/10 Management Retirees

    • Jim Taylor, Buildings & Grounds, 20 years

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