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February 2012  



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New Spiritual Thougths Series BOOK
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7-292 cover_When a Catholic Marries A Jew
When a Catholic Marries a Jew
4x9, 8-panel brochure
Sold in packages of 25.

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: $12/pack 

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7-234 cover_Dominus Eisus Declaration
Dominus Iesus:
Commentaries and Studies
Volume 1 of "Documenti e Studi" Series.

Your Price: $14.95
Pub. No. 7-234 
New! The Face of Jesus
Pope Benedict XVI, Spiritual Thoughts Series

 Lent starts February 22...


7-195 cover_Face of Jesus, Spiritual Thoughts

The Face of Jesus, the latest in the Spiritual Thoughts Series, lends itself to the season.


Meditate on His face... 

grow closer to Jesus... 


SALE Price: $5.56

List Price: $6.95

Pub. No. 7-195



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 7-194 cover_Christmas, STSThe Word of God (Spiritual Thoughts Series)St. PaulMary

    Christmas       The Word of God        St Paul                   Mary

   Pub. No. 7-194      Pub. No. 7-065       Pub. No. 7-053     Pub. No. 7-054 

     List $6.95              List $6.95              List $6.95            List $9.95 

    SALE $5.56           SALE $5.56           SALE $5.56           SALE $7.96 

 7-055 cover_The Saints, STS7-056 cover_Following Christ, STS7-196 cover_STS Young People7-084 Eucharist

   The Saints       Following Christ     Young People    The Eucharist

  Pub. No. 7-055      Pub. No. 7-056       Pub. No. 7-196     Pub. No. 7-084 

      List $7.95             List $6.95            List $6.95           List $6.95
     SALE $6.36          SALE $5.56           SALE $5.56         SALE $5.56

5-765 cover_Pope Benedict XVI, Spiritual Thoughts7-075 cover_Family, STS7-086 cover_Priesthood, STS7-137
Pope Benedict XVI      Family           The Priesthood      Sickness

 Pub. No. 5-765      Pub. No. 7-075       Pub. No. 7-086     Pub. No. 7-137

    List $9.95             List $6.95              List $6.95             List $6.95
   SALE $7.96           SALE $5.56            SALE $5.56          SALE $5.56

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Mary and Family also on E-Book format.
                 More E-Books coming soon to usccbpublishing .org 


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