The Meadowlark Times The Official Newsletter of The Front Range Birding Company
Winter 2012


  • February - National bird Feeding Month
  • The 2011 FRBC/Wildlife Photo Contest Complete
  • 1st Place - Young Fox by Phil Lyon
  • 2nd Place - Eared Grebe mom with chicks by Lee Farrell
  • 3rd Place - Great Horned Owl family by Deb Carstensen
  • March 3rd - Hudson Gardens Walk with Tom Bush 9 AM- Noon
  • Walk the Wetlands with the Audubon Society of Greater Denver
  • Chatfield State Park Tours with Joey Kellner
  • Northern California Trip with Harry Fuller September 9 to 14, 2012
  • Hogback Honey - Available
  • Mark Your Calendar for May 12th and Our 8th Annual FRBC Open House and Dove Race
  • Doves away!

  • The 2011 FRBC/Wildlife Photo Contest Complete

    Here are the winning Photos!

    1st Place - Young Fox by Phil Lyon
    fox pup 2011 photo winner

    For the 2nd year in a row Phil Lyon has snagged First Place honors with this cute look of a young fox cub. It captured the hearts of the majority of our voters.

    Phil and his wife were actually looking for reported Bald Eagles north of Silverthorn, Colorado. After an exhaustive search for the elusive raptors, Phil spotted a family of foxes playing along side the road. With a little photographer luck, one of the fox pups posed just the right amount of time for Phil. Giving up on Eagles, Phil was quick with the shutter and got the curious expression, one not easily forgotten.

    Phil is a 4th Grade teacher at Red Rocks Elementary school in Morrison, Colorado. His students love his passion for nature and he certainly shares it with them. He will use the entire 1st place $200 prize of Wild Delight birdseed to stock the feeders outside their school windows.

    We congratulate Phil Lyon for winning 1st place in the 2011 FRBC Photo Contest jointly sponsored with the Wild Delight Birdseed Company.

    2nd Place - Eared Grebe mom with chicks by Lee Farrell
    grebe with babies 2011 2nd place

    Lee and his wife Linda are avid birders and live close to the the Front Range Birding Store. However, their passion for birds and photography take them far and wide across the Colorado landscape. Lee loves to give back to the birding community and is a huge supporter of the Audubon Society of Greater Denver (ASGD) and actively volunteers his time for the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory (RMBO).

    Much of Lee's RMBO volunteer time is helping to monitor the colonial bird nest sites in and around Walden, CO. Lee was able to catch this Eared Grebe mom with new born babies taking a ride on her back.

    Visit Lee Farrell's smugmug website Lee's Big Picture for more fantastic photos of birds, wild life and majestic places. You will be amazed!

    Congratulations to Lee for his 2nd place photo. His effort is rewarded with $100 of Wild Delight birdseed.

    3rd Place - Great Horned Owl family by Deb Carstensen
    great horned owl family 2011 3rd place

    Deb actively supports wild birds in her back yard and travels at every opportunity to see and photograph birds of all types in the wild. She was rewarded early last spring when she happened on a Great Horned Owl nest of Mom and 2 young chicks about ready to fledge.

    Thanks Deb, your photo wins 3rd Place and $75 worth of Wild Delight birdseed.

    Deb is very conscientious and has donated her entire prize Wild Delight seed to the Wild Bird Rehab organization in Aurora, CO.

    The good folks at Wild Bird Rehab do incredible work helping to rescue and return injured birds to the wild. Their work is daunting and expensive however.

    For more information on how you can help this great endeavor visit them at

    Sport Birding with the Front Range Birding Company - Get out there!

    Check out all the trips, walks, and talks that we support and endorse below. We have done the research and these are the best!

    March 3rd - Hudson Gardens Walk with Tom Bush 9 AM- Noon
    Hudson Garden winter scene

    Please join me this March 3rd from 9 to noon for a late winter/early spring bird walk at Hudson Gardens located at 6115 South Santa Fe Drive in Littleton.

    Hudson Gardens is committed to preserving natural Colorado habitat and have many native plants that attract a wide variety of bird species. They are also conveniently located right on the South Platte river and we will explore the varying habitats, ponds, and a good portion of the river. Flora and Fauna abound in this beautiful urban oasis.

    Recent sightings include Hooded Merganser, Common Golden Eye, Buffelhead, Great Blue Heron, and Snow Goose. This "Duck Walk" should get some early returning migrants as well. Expect the unexpected at Hudson Gardens!

    Registration required. There is a $8 fee ($5 Hudson Gardens member) with all proceeds going to the support Hudson Gardens. Call Hudson Gardens to sign up at 303.797.8565. Space is limited.

    For more information on the many programs to include weddings and concerts visit Hudson Gardens at:

    Walk the Wetlands with the Audubon Society of Greater Denver

    WALK THE WETLANDS of Chatfield State. This very popular walk always is full of surprises.

    Walk the Wetlands are normally scheduled for the first Sunday of every month. Winter walks are:

    1. Sunday February 5, 2012 9:00 AM - Noon
    2. Sunday March 4, 2012 9:00 AM - Noon

    LEADERS: Hugh & Urling Kingery (303-814-2723) and other Master Birders

    Pre-registration is NOT required. Meet in the parking lot at the Audubon Center at Chatfield. The Audubon Center is located on Waterton Road, 4.4 miles south of C-470 and Wadsworth.

    Chatfield State Park Tours with Joey Kellner
    joey kellner

    We now support master birder Joey Kellner with his Chatfield State Park walks the last Saturday of January, February and March from 8 am till noon.

    Joey Kellner began birding as a teenager (many years ago) and has served as president of the Denver Field Ornithologists (DFO), Joey is a naturalist, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm of not only birds, but reptiles, amphibians, mammals, butterflies, etc. Joey has been leading monthly bird walks at Chatfield State Park for over 13 years.

    Joey's Chatfied State Park bird walks are scheduled for 4 hours, but participants are welcome to leave whenever they need to. We will look for birds in a number of locations inside the park. Meet inside Chatfield State Park at the Platte River parking lot (just east of Kingfisher Bridge.) No reservations necessary, just show up! Bring binoculars and scope if you have. Please no pets or small children.

    Northern California Trip with Harry Fuller September 9 to 14, 2012
    American Oyster Catcher

    September 9 to 14 the Front Range Birding Company joins with the Audubon Society of Greater Denver and the Partnership for International Birding to offer you a trip of a lifetime.

    Northern California is one of the few places in the United States where mountains, marshland, deep forest, open ocean and arid grassland exist within a short drive of one another. You can find birds that nest above the Arctic Circle and migrate south in the same area as birds that breed in Mexico and migrate north.

    We will bird the exotic areas of Lake Merced, Golden Gate Park and Land's End in San Francisco, Point Reyes National Seashore, the Sierra Foothills, Big Sur, and Monterrey Bay. A Pelagic Extension with Shearwaters Journeys is also available.

    The plethora of unique and lifer sightings will certainly be earmarked with the likes of California Condors and Sooty Shearwaters not to mention Humpback Whales, and Giant Sequoias. See a full list of possibilities here at

    The basic land cost for the trip is estimated to be just $1,390 per person. A portion of the proceeds will directly benefit the ASGD. For full details of the trip to include pricing, lodging, guide information, itinerary, and expected sightings visit

    There are many other trips offered through our Partnership with International Birding.

    Hogback Honey - Available
    Tom & His Hives

    Pure raw local honey.

    Great taste and a healthy choice from Colorado.

    This honey is all natural and straight from our hives located at Jared's Garden Center in Littleton.

    We are also in contact with other local beekeepers for access to their honey crops as well. Currently we feature 3 types of honey: Sweet Clover from the plains, Alfalfa, and a popular "stout" from a mystery flower near Red Rocks Park .

    Also now available is our very own hogback Honey "Healing lotion and lip gloss" made from natural oils and wax right from our hives at Jared's Garden Center.

    Check out the Jared's Nursery bees in action here at Front Range Birding on Youtube.

    Check with us for availability. Enjoy!

    Mark Your Calendar for May 12th and Our 8th Annual FRBC Open House and Dove Race
    art and craft fair

    HawkQuest, the Art and Craft Fair, Food, Fire Trucks, AirLife helicopter, Bar-B-Q, Music, and of course over 100 doves all return!

    It promises to be a great Mother's Day treat. We hope you can make it.

    Enjoy all nature has to offer!

    Come in for our 20 percent off anything birds eat sale and celebrate February as National Bird Feeding Month.

    Tom, Sara, Diane, Shannon, Dave, Jennifer, Esther, and Megan

    Doves away!
    2010 Dove Race

    February - National bird Feeding Month
    Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese in the Bosque

    photo provided by National Birdfeeding Society, this article is reprinted from 2011. We love the GBBC!

    FRBC February Seed Sale is on for the entire month!

      Anything birds eat 20 % off All Month!

    Once again FRBC celebrates National Bird Feeding Month with its February 20 percent off anything-birds-eat sale. We love this month long event sponsored by The National Bird Feeding Society>. As with the Society we at FRBC believe the bird feeding and watching hobby is both a great educational pass time and a superb way to aid in conservation. During the cold Front Range winter months many bird food sources are snow covered and wild birds become desperate for high fat and protein diets to keep their high paced metabolisms producing essential body heat. Your help with clean full feeders certainly helps to ensure a good avian survival rate.

    One highlight of the National Bird Feeding Month is The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), a "citizen science" project by the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. It will take place this year on February 17-20. All ages can participate in the the GBBC and it is a great way to spend time with friends and family. It is simple, enjoyed by beginner and expert alike, and only takes as little as 15 minutes on any single count day!

    The 2012 GBBC will help the Cornell Lab as it attempts to track and answer many questions regarding bird health and population trends. These questions include the timing of birds' migrations, affect of bird diseases, bird diversity in different habitats, cold weather influences, and any species decline.

    It is neat that the count can be done almost anywhere - a backyard, apartment balcony, any park, or on public land. The balcony at the Red Rocks Park Trading Post is one great place to do a GBBC. The bird feeders there supplied by us at Front Range Birding have drawn a variety of unique and rare birds to include all three species of Rosy Finch, a Curve Billed Thrasher, and Spotted Towhee. When you add daily January sightings of a Golden Crown Sparrow and Prairie Falcons, the trip to scenic Red Rocks is a very special treat .

    Join us at FRBC as we also count the birds. Come in or call us with any questions you may have regarding the GBBC. To help with your decision to participate, if you bring us your GBBC count form afterwards, we will give you 25 percent off any bird feeder in stock at the store. If we don't have to one you want we will order it for you! This is a great opportunity to get a high quality, guaranteed Droll Yankee, Brome, Aspects, or Bird's Choice feeder at a great savings.

    Find out more about the GBBC by visiting or give us a call at 303-979-2473. Learn more about The National Bird Feeding Society at Another great local source of birding information is the Audubon Society of Greater Denver. Give them a call at 303-973-9360.

    Thanks for helping feed the birds. We would love to hear what's going on in your natural habitat.

    Quick Links to Front Range Great Birding and Nature sites...

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    North American Bluebird Society

    Audubon Society of Greater Denver

    The Plains Conservation Center

    Audubon Colorado

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    Denver field Ornithologists

    The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory

    Red Rocks Park

    The Front Range Birding Blog

    The Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund

    The American Birding Association

    Partnership for International Birding

    White Birds Unlimited

    South Platte Park on Facebook

    The National Audubon Society

    Jared's Garden Center

    Hudson Gardens

    Wild Bird Rehab of Denver

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