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I recently gave a presentation on Public Relations
in today's media-rich. fast-moving world of communications to the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada.  
In it, I pointed to two contradictory studies on social media and its relevance to travel decisions.  While the jury is still out, social media is definitely part of today's media mix, as you'll read below.
Ever try to manage what is said about your company in social media?  See what Peter Greenberg had to say about it, when he spoke recently at  a conference sponsored by one of our clients.  You'll also find out how costly some of those on-location talk shows can be, as well as a quick tip to help you write more compelling news releases.

As always, we hope you'll enjoy this edition, and we look forward to your comments.
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Peter Greenberg: "Travel is front page news"


Peter Greenberg, reporter, travel ambassador for AARP, author, and broadcaster, keynoting a recent US Travel Insurance Association conference, said that travel is front page news today.  According to Greenberg, since 9/11, much of the travel-related news we hear has been driven by safety concerns; in fact, concern over terrorism is  the #1 question he gets from AARP readers.  

About managing social media reporting, Greenberg said: "Everyone today is a journalist.  Every time you try to manage information you'll get your ass kicked, even if they don't have their facts straight. In the world of citizen journalism no one is vetting it."

How can you get your story across?  Greenberg encouraged communicators to tell the story of how you help travelers.
Public Relations in the Age of No 

Do you want an entertaining, fast-paced presentation on public relations?  Our presentation, Public Relations in the Age of No, takes a look at today's communications environment, including social and traditional media channels.  The presentation examines how the media landscape is changing, the challenges it presents, and how to get your message across. 


To book this presentation for your company or organization contact us for details.

 How effective is social media? 


It's no doubt that social media is here to stay.  But how effective is it? 


According to a 2010 Y Partnership Survey (Portrait of American Travelers), even though just under 50% of travelers taking at least 1 trip per year have a page on a social site, content on these sitesn has not had significant influence on choice of a final destination or travel supplier.  That's becuase social sites are used mainly to stay in touch with friends. Survey results go on to say that only 6% selected a destination or travel supplier based primarily on information or feedback from a social networking site.  The study concluded that the perceived credibility of social media is low relative to the credibility of other information sources

However, a 2010 PhoCusWright study of 2 million traveler reviews and visitor referrals concluded that social media and user-generated content play a major role in online travel planning and shopping.  According to this study, travel review websites, like Trip Advisor, are among the most influential for US travelers when planning leisure travel.  

 Quick Tip: Keep your intro short

Does it take you two or more paragraphs to get into the meat of your subject?  That's a common and major mistake in today's information-overloaded world.  If you can't capture a reader - particularly an editor looking for information - in the first sentence or two,  the game is over.  The reader has already moved on to the next story.   

The takeaway:  Always try for the 5 "w's" -- who, what, when, where, how-- in your first paragraph.

 The price of successSydney Opera House

When a celebrity broadcasts a TV show from a remote location, it's great P.R. for the destination.  But it doesn't come free.  Often the location must not only house a sizeable production staff, but they must  pay production expenses, which can amount to big bucks. 


Consider Oprah's Australia shows.  According to a reporter for the Sydney Daily Telegraph, Australia paid Oprah's production company $5 million to bring her to Australia, in the hope of promoting tourism in the US market.


The take-away: Big publicity costs big dollars!

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