23 July 2012

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In a previous issue of the newsletter we provided a video showing MRHS volunteers in the antenna field at the transmitter station in Bolinas with Service Car 50.  If you missed the video you can see it HERE

This week we present information about antenna work at the receive site in Point Reyes.  This site has the most historic antennas including R209, a terminated curtain rhombic on an azimuth of 209 degrees (Tahiti).  This is the last remaining antenna of the point-to-point era at the site.  The circuit to Tahiti was the last point-to-point circuit.  When it shut down in 1973 the point to point era in Marin County begun by the American Marconi Company in 1914 drew to a close.

For more information about the point to point service click on the button:

Point to Point
Aside from being the most historic antenna at either site the R209 is also a tremendous receive antenna - when it's working.  Which it is not.  Much of the wire is on the ground.  But the poles still stand and the potential to restore this classic antenna exists. 

Last Saturday a crew of MRHS volunteers ventured out into the antenna field at the receive site to assess the work needed to restore this great antenna to functionality.  Take a look at these photos for an idea of what's facing us. 

This is the bridle at the far (Tahiti) end of R209. Made of 4x4 timber, it supported the antenna and provided a place for the terminating resistor, in the capped white tube.
R209 was a terminated rhombic meaning that it was unidirectional.  If we can restore it we're thinking of making it an unterminated, bidirectional antenna since the reciprocal of 209 degrees would be useful into Europe. 
This is the bridle at the feed end of R209. It's still aloft - but barely. The curtain wires to the south are still connected. The ones to the north are gone (but recoverable on the ground).  The antenna wires connect to a TMC balun, then to Heliax for connection with the receiver multicouplers. 
In the finest tradition, Bill Ruck, MRHS Maintenance, sketches the construction of R209 for the rest of the crew on a sandwich wrapping over lunch.

Make a Donation

We're under no illusions about the time and effort it will take to return R209 to service.  But we're up for it.  How about you?  If you're a True Believer and can make a contribution to The Cause it will be most appreciated.  And remember, we're all volunteers so 100% of your contribution goes directly to purchase the items needed to keep the transmitters and receivers working and the antennas in the air.  




Final Wrapup

One of the really great things about Night of Nights is the number of people who are part of the history of KPH and make the effort to join us on that special night.  This year Jack Martini (last KPH station manager), Ray Smith (senior Morse operator who sent the farewell message from KPH), Dick Flint (ace Morse operator and point-to-point man) and Rick Wahl (ex-KPH Morse operator) joined us.

But also there for the first time was Gloria Geisel, the daughter of Frank Geisel.  Frank was known as "Mr. KPH" and was famous throughout the radio world.  Gloria came to work at the station as a teenager.

Here's Gloria at the Underwood mill typing Seal Letters at KPH.  These were a less expensive option for radiogram delivery.  They were sent by mail to the addressee. 
And here's Gloria once again at the Underwood mill at N of N 2012. 

It was a real thrill to have Gloria with us this year.   We thank her and everyone else who joined us at the station and who listened over the air for making Night of Nights XIII such a success.     







Here's the latest report we have received about our beloved Denice, relayed by Paul Shinn.  Kathy is Denice's sister.


Hi Paul,  


All is well here in Michigan. The weather has cooled a bit and is much more comfortable. Denice had a great week in therapy this week. She had one day with three sessions back to back and another with two. They tuckered her right out. I have brought Denice home to my house for four days. The change of sceenery has been good for both of us. We called dad last night to let him know we were here safe and sound and Denice had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. We both needed that. Good Therapy. Today I will be taking her out to a river and dam for lunch and some sights. I have a dog and that has been good for Denice as well. Her speech is coming right along. Still gets tongue tied a little when talking about herself or her condition. But all in all she is moving right along. The cards just keep coming. They are an inspiration to Denice and she appreciates them all. Please pass that along to the "fans". I once again thank you for your continued support and friendship. I will keep in touch.  




Thanks to all who have written to Denice.  As you can see from the above report every message was very much appreciated.


If you'd like to write to Denice your cards and letters will reach her at:


Ms. Denice Stoops

1524 Marquette St.  

Saginaw, Mi. 48602







While Mike Payne was beavering away working stations at Position 1 Chief Operator Richard Dillman remained on vigilant alert for calls from ships at Position 6.  We're not sure why we let this guy hang around. 
Rick Wahl has been a great and much appreciated addition to the MRHS operating staff.  Rick is a former USCG CW operator at NMC and a former KPH operator.  So he provides a direct link to the station's history.  Here he is at Position 4.  Check out that Begali paddle.  As you'll see in Mike's totals below Rick was working 'em one after the other.

Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea... let's go to press with Mike
Payne's report for the weekend of 21/22 July 2012...

RK (Bill Ruck) from the Bolinas engineering department was out at the station with a bucket truck and a crew to initiate "four wire" repairs on a couple of the hf receive antennas on Saturday. They were quite successful. The press and wx were sent out as normal.  


As for visitors, on Saturday I stopped counting after a "grunch" came through, including RK's antenna crew who were very interested in the operations of the station. Sunday seven people visited the station. Also, we were blessed to have FW (Rick Wahl), a former NMC/KPH operator who sat the circuit on 14.050 both Saturday and Sunday at Position 4. The results of his QSO's are below.   The overall station operation was normal for both days. And as you will see below it was quite exciting having three operators at the station on Saturday and two on Sunday. This was banner weekend that soon will hopefully be repeated.


Band conditions on Saturday were good but Sunday were poor except for 14.050. There was heavy QRN on 7.050 and 21.050 for much of the day with many static bursts on all bands.


Saturday July 21st




1918 KKUI QTC 1 (12)




Position 6


2050 K0KEX (14)

2221 KD7GNH (7)


Position 1


1855 W6CF (14)

1915 W4LNI QTC 1 (14)

2030 WA5AFD (14)

Note: 2040 Xmtr Dept at Bolinas takes 3.550 for ARRL Bcst duties

Note: 2055 Xmtr Dept at Bolinas takes all K6KPH freqs for ARRL Bcst duties

2155 Xmtr Dept returned 7/14/21mhz to normal ops

2159 Xmtr Dept returned 3mhz to normal ops

2209 HR1RTF (21)

2227 JE1TRV (21)

2233 V73AX (21) Kwajalein Atoll



Position 4


1922 W4NML (14)

2006 K3NDE (14)

2013 VE7BGT (14)

2022 AE6N (14)

2031 WO8J (14)

2203 W4YOK (14)

2206 AL7N (14)

2214 K0HUU (14)

2220 K7ACZ (14)

2229 K5LY (14)

2239 NP2CB (14)

2243 VE7JQ (14)

2250 XE1CHE (14)

2256 W6HF/KL7 (14)


Sunday July 22nd








Position 1


1809 W4LNI Sig report KSM (14)

1813 VE6LLV (14)

1934 ZF1DJ (21)

2010 NS3X (21)

2053 WA6MOW (7)

2118 N7YT (7)

2123 VE6LLV (7) comms check (see 1813 on 14 above)

2240 CX2BR (21)



Position 4


1900 KK7UT (14)

1910 K6KSG (14)

1913 G1WKL (14)

1917 K0IMI (14)

1919 VE6LLV (14)

1922 K4MTI (14)

1928 KR7W (14)

1937 K9VT (14)

1934 AE0G (14)

1935 K4MQM (14)

1939 KB3FBR (14)

1944 N9NM (14)

1950 WI9M/9 (14)

1956 WB6SPX (14)

2014 DL7UXX (14) maritime mobile near the Columbia River, Or

2018 K0AV (14)

2026 W0AEW (14)

2033 AL7N (14)

2039 VE7BAJ (14)

2050 K5DP (14)

2057 AB7R (14)

2100 KB9UWR (14)

2103 VE6LLV (14)

2120 W4TVI (14)

2127 K6ETM (14)

2130 W8IM (14) Sig report KSM

2133 K9JT (K9UT?) (14)

2152 N5TM (14)

2200 WO8T (14)

2202 WD0BC (14)

2214 K4JPN (14)

2220 N5HCW (14)

2221 NK4E (14)

2224 W5EEA (14)

2241 WA7NCL (14)

2246 AL7V (14)

2253 K2PXM (14)


Weekend Contacts KSM 1

Weekend Contacts K6KPH 67


As always, if I have made errors in your c/s or neglected to include you in the report please let me know at and I will make the corrections the follow week.

73s fm ZUT central  





Until next week we wish you fair winds and following seas.

VY 73,



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