MRHS Report No. 4 for the Weekend of 23/24 June 2012


Bill Ruck of the Maintenance Department directs the routing of antenna lines from the transmitter gallery floor.


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We're honored that the ex-KPH transmit and receive stations have been placed in our care.  And we happily pay for parts and materials out of our own pockets.  But this is a big job and we need your help to do it right.  If you're a True Believer can make a contribution to The Cause it will be most appreciated.  And remember, we're all volunteers so 100% of your contribution goes directly to purchase the items needed to keep the transmitters and receivers working and the antennas in the air.



Night of Nights XIII 12 July

Mr. Dick Flint, ex-KPH operator and point-to-point man, demonstrated his skills at a past Night of Nights event 


Night of Nights XIII will be held on 12 July 2012 - the date of the supposed last commercial Morse transmission.  Every year on that date we pick up the thread and carry forward with the traditions of maritime Morse.  More details will follow in these updates and on our Web site.  But for now save the date and join us in person or on the air.


KSM Listed in ITU List of Coast Stations

This may not mean much to some readers but hard-bitten old ROs will remember the "Berne book" or, more formally, the ITU List of Coast Stations.  It was required that a copy be on board.  Particulars of every coast station in the world  were listed therein.  They still are. 
We've been talking for years about what it would take to get KSM listed. Somehow we felt it would be meaningful to be in there along with WLO, WCC, KPH and all the rest of them.  With the assistance of a very helpful person at the FCC it's been done!  Click the button to check our ITU listing.

ITU List  
Mike Payne has been the one behind this.  He noted that Mongolia is providing "flag of convenience" registration for ships.  Mike says that any ship owner who registers his ships with Mongolia is by definition a cheapskate.  So he figured that when the Mongolian merchant marine sees our listing and figures out that KSM will handle their traffic for free the ship owners will be scouring the waterfront bars for ex-ROs and telling them to get their keys, they're back in business.  We'll let you know how that plays out.  Meanwhile we think this has got to be the first addition of a Morse coast station to the Berne list in decades. 


Field Day Bulletin Sent From K6KPH

Once again this year K6KPH was the west coast outlet for the ARRL Field Day bulletin.  As you doubtless know, stations participating in Field Day get extra points for copying the message. 

This is not a trivial task for us.  K6KPH uses the fixed frequency commercial transmitters of KPH (Henry HF5000D throttled back to 1.5kW) so shifting them to the W1AW frequencies is a big deal.  Plus we need to activate RTTY transmitters on frequencies we don't normally use.  And of course the antennas need to be tuned to the different frequencies. 

Normally this is done under the direction of MRHS Transmitter Supervisor Steve Hawes who has all the knowledge of the transmitting station in his head.  But Steve was on extended vacation this year so Paul Shinn of the Transmitter Department stepped up to spend several weeks with Steve to absorb all he could to be ready for Field Day as well as the weekly Morse and RTTY transmissions keyed from the transmitter site. 

MRHS Volunteers L-R Bill Ruck, Steve Pazar, Mike Payne, Paul Shinn and Greg Farrell participate in our weekly Services of the Church of the Continuous Wave at the Bolinas transmitter site 

For Field Day 2012 Paul needed a hand.  So Bill Ruck plus Steve Pazar and Greg Farrell, members of the crew restoring the H set transmitter (more about this in a following update) volunteered to be on hand.  Even with their great combined talent they were all very busy.

Paul has done us a great service by writing a full report of the two day event.  It's full of drama and passion and not a little humor (the kind radio people understand).  It gives an inside look at what coast station operations are really like.  We've posted the whole report for your reading pleasure.  It's not to be missed.

Paul's Report 


Mike Payne's Report

Mike Payne bangs away on the Model 28KSR land line TTY order wire to the Bolinas transmitter site.  Mike is trying to give the impression he's sending an important message to the Transmitter Department.  Actually he's setting up a pizza party for after the close of operations. 
As usual Mike Payne was busy plying the key at KSM and K6KPH this weekend.  It was tough making contacts via K6KPH as the bands were wall to wall with Field Day stations.  But he did his best.   
Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea... let's go to press with Mike Payne's report No. 4 for the weekend of 23/24 June 2012...

Before I begin I want to mention that our listing in the Berne Book ITU List of Coast Stations would not have happened without RD. It is because of his efforts that KSM is now listed on the ITU List of Coast Stations. We have made the big time.

All times below are GMT.  The positions refer to operating positions at the receive site.  There are a total of six.  Each has multiple receivers that can access all of the recive antennas.   Each position can key any of the transmitters at Bolinas, both amateur and commercial. 

Saturday Position 6 (RD):

2157 K7JSW (7)
2201 KF6I (7)

Position 1 (MP):

1955 WA6IBC (7)
2008 W6JBT (7)
2010 WA6TST (7)
2023 N3RD (21)
2038 W9CA (21)
2115 KI6SN (7)
2121 W7SAA (7)
2133 AC6JA (7)
2137 W6DIZ (7)
2225 KA8HOK (21)
2230 W8IM (21) QTC NR 51 BT KSM VIA K6KPH BT SWL REPORT 23 JUN 2100 GMT FLA KSM NO COPY 4/6/8 12 QSA 4 16 QSA 3 22 QSA 2 12/16/22 QRK 5 AR
0023 W6AWO (7)

Number of visitors was 5. And needless to say Saturday was Field Day and Bolinas took the K6KPH 3.550mhz for ARRL business.

SundayPosition  1 (MP):

1940 K5BTK (21)
2000 AL7N (14)
2023 AK5X (14)
2040 W7IZ (14)
2043 VE7LLV (14) may have made mistake on c/s Note: 2042 WF4B. Tried QSO but lost him, missed complete c/s
2054 K7VGE (14)
2135 K7ACZ (14)
2148 K4MQM (14)
2201 W5UAL (21)
2225 W7DEO (7)
2228 W7JVY (7) Former KFS Operator Note: I may have K6AA and W7JVY backwards, but I don't think so. Please let me know if I do and will post next weekend. To VE7LLV: QSO too short - was QRL when you called. Next time will be longer. Thanks for your patience. To KK4AM/0: I think I was QRM over station you were QSOing with. My appologies.

Number of visitors was three.

When I first turned on the KSM transmitters this morning and put on the "wheel" I noticed that 16.914mhz was off the air, but the Transmitter Department at Bolinas soon fixed the problem and all was well for the rest of the day.  

The Traffic List and High Seas WX were sent out Saturday and Sunday without incident. KSM traffic nil both days.  

To all stations who called in: We thank you for your support, and if we missed your call or neglected to include you in the Weekly Report please let us know and we will try to do better next time. And if you need me to QRS please let me know, or if you want to QRQ that's OK too. I will do my best either way.  

Also please note that sometimes I send the following: CQ CQ CQ DE K6KPH QSP NTC QRU IMI DE K6KPH If you need translation please contact me at:

Don't let this stop you from calling.  

Until next time...73 from ZUT central KSM/K6KPH MP


Equipment Donations to the MRHS 

From time to time we are contacted by fellow True Believers who kindly offer items from their personal collections to the MRHS.  We have to be careful about accepting these generous offers because the Point Reyes National Seashore archival folks are rightly worried about "collection creep" - bringing items into the site that actually have no relation to it.

But we were recently offered two magnificent Radiomarine receivers, a CRM-R6A and an AR-8516.  The CRM-R6A was in fact used at KPH and the AR-8516 is the shipboard version of the receiver.  Since these represented receivers that were once in use at the station we very happily accepted the donation.  This acquisition is made particularly significant by the fact that the receivers were donated by the family of R. G. Berge, one of the engineers that designed it! 

Mr. Bill Ruck of the Maintenance Department kindly scanned an article co-authored by R. G. Berge about the receivers from RCA Engineer magazine for your reading pleasure.  Click below to see.

RCA Article  

Receivers donated to the MRHS include L-R Radiomarine CRM-R6A, Radiomarine AR-8516, Collins 51J-4 (actual ex-KPH) and National HRO-5 

But sometimes there comes an offer that just can't be turned down.  That occurred recently when Jim Allen/NU6AM offered a wonderful Marconi receiver of a type that none of us have ever seen before.  It's a general coverage marine receiver with the beguiling feature of a preset for 500kc.  Even though a receiver of that type was never used at KPH we gratefully accepted this wonderful offer with the intention of keeping this little gem well labeled and separate from the other items more appropriate to the site.

Marconi Marine watch receiver 

Steve Pazar happily inspects the innards of the Marconi receiver.  Steve collects British sports cars so he probably felt right at home. 

If anyone can supply a manual for this receiver we'd deeply appreciate it.  Meanwhile click on the button to take a look at a description of the receiver.  At the moment this is all we know about it.

Marconi Receiver  


Navajo Code Talkers on KWMR

Richard Dillman, member of the Operations Department and Chief Operator at KSM and K6KPH, recently interviewed author Chag Lowrey on community radio station KWMR in Point Reyes Station.  The subject was the Navajo code talkers of WWII.  That interview is now available for your listening pleasure at the KWMR Web site.  Click below:

Code Talkers 

KWMR is the media sponsor for Night of Nights.  Listen to KWMR over the air or on line for the best of what a real community radio station can offer.

Listen Live 

Until next week we wish you fair winds and following seas.

VY 73,



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