SearchMaster Newsletter for October 5, 2012
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Books In SM! 
Project Gutenberg
In my SearchMaster, I have, in searchable ASCII format, over 600 of the finest books ever written. Where did I get them? From Project Gutenberg, where you will find over 40,000 of the finest classics -- in ebook format, Kindle format, and raw ASCII text format.
In my SearchMaster, I created a subfolder named "My Books," which is where I download the books I want to read. Mind you, a good portion of these books are classics, not current pot-boilers, mysteries, or romance novels.
Charles Dickens, Abraham Lincoln,  Emerson, Edgar Allen Poe, Chaucer, Keats, Plato, Thomas Paine, St. Augustine, Kant, Churchill -- and the list goes on and on and on.
When you log on to the Project Gutenberg site, you can search or browse their entire catalog, then download your favorites.
When you click on a book title that you want, you will be able to choose from multiple formats. Choose what works best for you. (The format that works best for  storing books in SearchMaster is "Plain Text.")
Project Gutenberg: HERE.
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Submittals should be no more than three paragraphs in length, and the winner will be notified via e-mail before publishing.
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