SearchMaster Newsletter for July 21, 2012
27 Updated Glossaries for You Today!
Margie's Corner 
Margie Wakeman Wells takes us on an informative walk through the proper punctuation of "that is" in our transcripts. Do we use dashes? How about a comma? Maybe a semi? How should we handle "that is"? Click HERE and find out!
Your Research Dashboard  

If you're about to edit a transcript, chances are you're going to have to do some research for the spellings of people, places, and things. So what do you do? You're in your CAT file. You need to look something up in SM. You then open SM, conduct your search, close SM, return to your CAT program, and repeat over and over again? There is a better way.


Open your CAT program. Minimize it. Open SM. You now have both programs open at the same time. When you're in your CAT file and need to look something up, access SearchMaster by either pressing Alt+Tab on your keyboard, or by clicking the SM icon down on your Windows taskbar. And if you're in SM and you want to return to your CAT program, either press Alt+Tab on your keyboard or click your CAT program's icon down on the Windows taskbar. Voila!


The entire purpose of SM, after all, is to save time. Why lose time by opening SM and closing it over and over again while editing your CAT file?


SearchMaster is your research dashboard. With SM open, you have access to the glossaries, your ASCII transcript files, your indexes, the Acronym Finder, Google, One-Look Dictionaries, and the Yellow & White Pages. Doesn't it seem like a good idea to you to have all those tools at your fingertips while you're editing? Just open your CAT program, open SM, toggle or click back and forth between them, and you'll save even more time!



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SearchMaster Webinars, Anyone?

I am considering conducting weekly SearchMaster webinars. They would be weekly one-hour webinars, probably conducted on Saturdays. Webinars directed to new users would be held every other Saturday, with webinars for intermediate and advanced users held on the Saturdays in between. I'm thinking 3 p.m. Pacific Time.

For those of you who might want to receive CEUs for attending a SearchMaster webinar, there would be a modest fee. (SearchMaster is both an NCRA- and an NVRA-authorized CEU provider.) For those of you who don't need CEUs, there would be no charge for attendance.

Before proceeding with any such plans, I will need feedback from you as to whether this is something you might want to take part in. If a sufficient number of folks respond that "Yes, I would like to attend a SearchMaster webinar," then I will start setting it up. If there is insufficient interest, I will until such time as there is. Interested? Click HERE and let me know.


Creating Your Own SearchMaster Glossaries  

Ever see text on a Web page that you wish you had in your SearchMaster? See the tutor movie entitled Creating Your Own Glossaries on the Tutor & CEU tab, under the heading of Searching the Glossaries, and you'll be able to capture and save text directly from Web pages right into your own SearchMaster!


Jumping back to the "Search For" Box 

Search For box  


You've selected a file to search, you've entered the text you're searching for into the Search For box, you've selected one of the Method of Search options, you've pressed Enter on the keyboard, and the result is on your screen. Now you want to conduct another search of the same file(s). Type the letter S on your keyboard (upper- or lowercase) and the cursor will jump back to the Search For box, highlight the text that's already there, and you can just type your new search right on top of that text without having to delete it. 

And pressing F5 from anywhere in SearchMaster jumps the cursor back to the very top, where you can start typing the name of the next file you'd like to search. 
SearchMaster's Facebook Page 


At the bottom right corner of SearchMaster's main screen, between the E and the G buttons, is a little Facebook link --the f --  that will take you to SearchMaster's Facebook page. If you're a Facebook user and you have tech support-type questions, pop in and ask away. I will be monitoring the site on a daily basis and responding to any and all commentary and/or questions. (Oh, and when you go to the SearchMaster Facebook page, please click the "Like" button so you'll get updates in your Facebook News Feed.) And if you happen to be in the mood, you might even give SM a hearty endorsement while you're there! (Thank you.)


 Keep 'em Coming!


Your contributions to SM's glossaries are very much appreciated, friends; so if you had to go to some other source to find what you didn't find in SearchMaster, please send me that reference so I can verify it and add it to the next update! The easiest way to do that is to click the little white tech support envelope in the lower right corner of SearchMaster's main screen, or by clicking HERE.


"The secret of succcess is to do common things uncommonly well." (John D. Rockefeller)

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