SearchMaster Newsletter for July 8, 2012
Margie's Corner


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We're all busy trying to make a living, and that often means we don't have the time to take the time to flip through a style manual in a desperate attempt to find a rule for this, that, or the other. That being the case, all of Margie's presentations here are going to be less than two minutes in length. 


In the next installment of
Margie's Corner, we'll see how what we learn in this 
presentation should be applied to the punctuation that we use when we prepare our transcripts. In other words, first the information, and then comes the application.


Controlling the SM
Tutor Movies!
On SearchMaster's Tutor & CEU tab, double-click Getting Started, then double-click Controlling the Tutor Movies. In the early days of SM, we had a manual, but we no longer do. Why? Because my customers kept telling me, "I don't want to read a manual; show me how to do what it is I want to do!" So I abandoned the manual and went to tutor movies.
The tutor movies in SM can be utilized very much like a manual, which is to say, you can stop the movie, restart the movie, move around in the movie, and you can do all that without once touching your mouse.
For instance, you have a tutor movie open. You're watching and you're listening, but now you want to temporarily stop the movie so you can do what you just saw me do. Easy. Press the space bar on your keyboard and the movie will stop. Click outside the borders of the movie, and it will be reduced down to the Windows Task Bar. 
Do what you want to do. Then, to continue with the movie, click on its icon down on the Windows Task Bar and the movie will pop back up on the screen right where you left it. Press the space bar on your keyboard, and the movie starts playing.
How easy could it be? Knowing how to control the Tutor movies in SM is essential if you want to get the most out of all those movies that I spent so much time creating for you so that you could easily learn the program.
Check out that movie, friends. You'll be glad you did. Trust me.


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SM's "My Files" Update is Ready!


Personalize your SearchMaster so that when you open it up, the files that are displayed are the ones that you search the most often, and all the other files are just a click away!
Click the word PREVIEW here for a sneak peek! 


This update should be applied only by those who
have SM through 11.0.0.
installed on their computers. 
If you have an earlier version of SM and your subscription is current (look at the top of the 
screen in your SM), and you want to update to this version, E-mail or call me for assistance!


Follow this 2-step procedure to update your SearchMaster to Version


If SM is already installed on your computer, ignore the Step 1 instructions below, but do follow Step 2.
Step 1: Click the word ENGINE here and you will be taken to the SearchMaster Web site. Carefully read and follow the directions on that page to update your SM search engine. Make sure that you close SearchMaster before applying the engine update! 
Alternative engine update install method: Firefox and Chrome users can right-click the appropriate file on that page, click Save Link As, and save it to a location on your hard drive (the Windows Desktop usually works just fine), and run the file form there. Chrome users can do the same thing, but after right-clicking, click Save Target As.) If anyone has any problems installing this update, call me. I'll hook up to your computer remotely, and then I'll install the update for you.)


Step 2) When you follow Step 1 above (or the alternative), SearchMaster will open automatically, and SearchMaster Version will be displayed at the top of the screen. Click the News & Updates tab. Click the Update My SearchMaster button. When the Update Me Now button appears in the lower left corner of the screen, click Update Me Now. When the next box pops up, click Update Me to install the MY FILES tutor movie


When you complete Step 2, the new tutor movie that shows you how to set up your personalized MY FILES display will be downloaded and inserted into your SearchMaster. 


There will then be two places where you can access the tutor movie that shows you how to set up your personalized MY FILES SearchMaster display: 
1) The MY FILES button on the Power Tools tab.
2) On the Tutor & CEU tab, double-click Power Tools, then double-click Setting Up Your Personalized MY FILES Display.


"Jim Barker's Court Reporters Forum" 


As you may (or may not) have noticed, in the lower right-hand corner of SearchMaster's main screen is text that says Court Reporters Forum. That text is actually an Internet link; and up until now, clicking that link would take you to Compuserve's The Court Reporters Web page. With the release of SM Version, clicking on that link will, instead, take you to Jim Barker's Court Reporters Forum on Facebook. There, we will be discussing any and all matters that pertain to court reporting: CAT systems, computers, English punctuation, realtime, the threats presented by electronic reporting, the powerful advances in technology that are going to dramatically affect the future of court reporting, etc., etc. Want to join us right now? Click HERE. If you're not already a member, click Ask to Join, and I'll unlock the door. (It's a closed Facebook page, the better to keep away pranksters, troublemakers, and other irritating unpleasantness that no one wants to deal with.)


SearchMaster's Facebook Page 


At the bottom right corner of SearchMaster's main screen, between the E and the G buttons, is a little Facebook link --the f --  that will take you to SearchMaster's Facebook page. Up until now, I haven't done all that much with that page, but I'm going to start regularly posting tips, hints, and searching advice, as well as responding to commentary and inquiries by SM users. If you're a Facebook user and you have tech support-type questions, pop in and ask away. I will be monitoring the site on a daily basis and responding to any and all commentary and/or questions. (Oh, and when you go to the SearchMaster Facebook page, please click the "Like" button so you'll get updates in your Facebook News Feed.) And if you happen to be in the mood, you might even give SM a hearty endorsement while you're there! (Thank you.)


 Keep 'em Coming!


Your contributions to SM's glossaries are very much appreciated, friends; so if you had to go to some other source to find what you didn't find in SearchMaster, please send me that reference so I can add it to the next update! The easiest way to do that is to click the little white tech support envelope in the lower right corner of SearchMaster's main screen (or you can just send an E-mail to


Until next week, my friends, I leave you with these words from Mark Twain:  
"The two most important days in your life: the day you were born, and the day you find out why."

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