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Today, there are 46 updated glossaries to download!
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    Kick Mickey Mouse Out of Your House! 

Your mouse is stealing you blind, and it's time you starved the little rascal once and for all! Most modern software, including SM, is designed to be used with, or without, the mouse. Did you know that you can accomplish nearly every task in SM without ever touching the mouse, and that doing so can save you a substantial amount of your precious time? Click HERE to watch a brief movie that will help you dramatically reduce the amount of time that Mickey, the Merciless Mouse, steals from you every day!
Power Through Your CITY USA Searches!
SearchMaster already contains, on the Tutor & CEU tab, a very detailed training movie on the subject of searching the CITY USA file in SearchMaster. THIS brief narrated movie provides a few basic tips that can greatly enhance the effectiveness and speed of the searches you conduct of the CITY USA file in SearchMaster. Check it out!
Create PDFs of Indexes & Transcripts in SM!


Those of you who have set up a multiple-wildcard-searchable ASCII transcript database in SearchMaster and who are creating job indexes from those ASCII files will be glad to know that, in SearchMaster, you can create PDFs of those indexes, and even of transcripts, so you can share them with others who are working on the same case! And you can do this directly from SearchMaster, with just a few clicks, without a need for additional software! Want to see how it's done? Click HERE!
                Searching Your Career Index!

Check out THIS little movie for valuable, time-saving tips on searching your Career Index in SearchMaster!
What, you haven't set up your Career Index yet? What's holding you back? Click SM's Transcripts & Indexing tab, then double-click the question mark next to "Career Index" to learn why so many SearchMaster users are raving about this revolutionary feature! 
SearchMaster's Career Index is the only index in the
entire reporting community that allows you to find any word
any name, and/or any proper noun from your previous transcripts in less than 2 seconds flat.

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Index Your Career!

You aren't saving in your SM an ASCII of your transcripts so you can set up a transcript database and create your Career Index? Watch THIS!

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