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Best friend I ever had.

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Jim Barker

The Happy Camper

Too many blessings to count, and thankful for every one of 'em.

Whatever holiday you're celebrating this season, may it be the best ever!

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What, you didn't find what  you were looking for in your SearchMatser, and you had to go to some other source to find that information? Send that reference to me so I can add it to SM for the next updtate! (The fastest way to do that is to click the little support envelope located at the bottom right corner of SearchMaster's main screen.)


Some folks ask, "Where are the doctors, the dentists, and the streets in SM?" Click the red arrow at the bottom left of SM's main screen, and there they are! Click and search!


Need CEUs? Click the Tutor and CEU tab at the bottom of SearchMaster's main screen, then click "CEU Information & Testing."


Need help setting up your CAT program to export your ASCIIs to SM's ASCII folder? Call me, I'll hook up remotely, and I'll set it for you!


Bottm line: I'm here when you need me; so send me an E-mail or give me a call, and all willl be well!




SearchMaster Newsletter & Update Alert
Saturday, December 17, 2011
19 Updated Glossaries for You Today!
Court reporting professionals are among the last defenders of proper English usage in a world that no longer seems to care about such things. I salute you for your honorable commitment to excellence and for all that you do to ensure that your end product reflects well upon you and upon the reporting community at large. 
Gifts for Everyone!

For you: Give yourself the gift of a Career Index! In SM 11, click the Transcripts & Indexing tab, then double-click the question mark next to "Career Index."

For you: Late-Fee Forgiveness: Renew your SearchMaster subscription without paying the customary $40 late fee: Only $59. (No matter how long it's been since your subscription expired!) Click HERE.
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The above offers expire on December 31, 2011.


This Week's SearchMaster Tip!


See all those question mark buttons through the SearchMaster software? Those are movie buttons, and you'll find 'em next to each feature in SearchMaster. Want to know what a certain feature is and how to use it? DOUBLE-click the question mark movie button next to that feature, then sit back, watch, listen, learn, and save even more of your precious time!

The Most Important SearchMaster Tutorial Movies!
The SearchMaster tutorials on Line Begins With, Line Ends With, Line Contains, and Find Whole Words Only are the most important tutorials in the entire SearchMaster program. On SearchMaster's main page, DOUBLE-click the question mark movie button next to each of the features listed above, and you will dramatically enhance the speed and accuracy of your searches. Once you've watched those movies, let me know if you have any questions! (Calling my toll-free number below is the fastest way to get SearchMaster support, but if you E-mail me for support, be sure to include a phone number where you can be reached.)
Don't Have SearchMaster 11 Installed Yet?
Your subscription is current (look at the very top of the screen in your SearchMaster,) but you haven't installed SearchMaster 11 yet?
Click HERE.
Toll-Free and Remote Control Support!
There are two ways for you to access SearchMaster tech support: 1) Send an E-mail to [email protected] (be sure to include a phone number; 2) Call me at my toll-free number below. (My toll-free number is also displayed at the very top of SearchMaster's main screen.)
In the event that you require hands-on assistance, call me, and I'll hook up to your computer remotely and address any questions you might have.
Merry Christmas, Everyone!
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