May 30, 2012  Issue 9

The Courage to Think Big!


When was the last time you decided to think big and go out and do something that took both courage and determination?



Check out this inspiring coverage about my son, Mason and our good friend Ryan Rieches on ABC News.


For my 11 year old son, Mason, it happened this month when he completed his first half marathon.  He began training almost 4 months ago when he decided that he wanted to run the race in honor of our family friend Ryan, who had just beaten throat cancer. While Ryan was undergoing radiation treatments, a group of us told him that there was no question he was going to beat it and we would all run the OC half marathon in the spring to celebrate his recovery. Weak from heavy radiation treatments, Ryan had trouble picturing himself running 13.1 miles but he agreed to take on the challenge. When Mason learned of the pact, he jumped at the chance to support his friend and fellow cancer survivor.

When Mason was four-years-old, he underwent treatment for a brain tumor. The treatment consisted of two invasive brain surgeries (one to remove the tumor, and a second to create a new channel for drainage). Thanks to a great doctor and team of therapists, he is fortunate to be able to lead a healthy and active life.

Running 13.1 miles is pretty rare for an eleven-year-old but Mason felt strongly about supporting Ryan and proving to himself that he could do it. He even put his own skin in the game, agreeing to reimburse me, his father, for the $95 entry fee if he didn't cross the finish line.

He trained four days per week for four months, logging over 200 miles. On his weekly long runs, his mother or I rode our bikes alongside him for company and encouragement. Every week he increased his mileage (his longest training run was 11 miles) and logged his progress.

On May 6th, Mason & Ryan ran the entire race side by side and crossed the finish line together in 2 hours and 30 minutes. It was a huge accomplishment and demonstrated the courage to think big, set a Big Hairy Audacious Goal, and go after it.


This happens in business too!  About a year ago, a client of mine decided he was going to think really Big!  After a really tough year, he had the courage to buy out his partners, renegotiate over a million dollars in debt, inspire his company to buy into his vision and today is having his best year ever. 

What is your BHAG? I encourage you to push yourself to accomplish something that might seem a bit daunting. There is no telling where it can lead.




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