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   August 16, 2011    Issue 4


   Mark Moses News - What I learned traveling with my son, Mason, this summer!  



This summer, I took the opportunity to travel, one-on-one, with my ten-year-old son, Mason, to Zurich and Dublin.  For years we have gone away for a 3 day father-son weekend, but this year, we stepped it up, to two fun-filled adventurous weeks.  It was such amazing quality time to spend together.  I learned a lot on this trip and wanted to share it with you.  


1.     To my son, love is not just spending time with him, but when I am fully  

 present, without the iPhone, laptop or other distractions.

2.     Nothing replaces one-on-one time.

3.     My kids are my highest ROI - time now, returns stronger  

 relationships later.

4.     Kids remember some of what I say, but all of what they see me do. 

5.     The way I treat other people will influence how my kids will treat others.

6.     Kids grow up very fast.

7.     Kids don't get what the attraction is with Starbucks.

8.     The Irish use far too much mayo in their Caesar salad dressing.

9.     The maximum number of meals in a row that a ten-year-old will eat  

 penne is 12.  


Mason and I had a great trip and did some amazing things together.  Upon our return home, friends and family asked Mason what was his favorite part of our vacation.  His answer was simple....."Hanging out with my Dad"!



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