June 14, 2011, Issue 3 


16 Lessons to High School Students from Mark Moses 


I spoke recently to a group of high school students in Orange County about some life lessons.  Thought you or your family might find them of interest.

1.     Life isn't Fair!  


2.     Get comfortable with the uncomfortable!


3.     Set goals & share them with friends and family!


4.     High School and College are the best times in life!  Enjoy!   


5.     The college you graduate from will not guarantee your success in life, you will!


6.     The A students end up working for the C students!


7.     You are who you friends are....if you hang out with losers, you are likely to be one too!


8.     It's ok to Fail!


9.     Never give up!


10.  Keep a positive attitude!


11.   Nothing ever great in life was achieved without adversity and the desire to march on!


12.  Figure out what you want to do in life and pursue it with passion!


13.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  There will be plenty of big stuff to sweat about that really matters!


14.  Live life to the Fullest!  You only live once!


15.  You can achieve anything in life if you believe in yourself!


16.  Think Big!

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