Did You Know????????????

...High Impact Solutions has been in business since 1988 and our number one goal is to help you achieve your goals?  Over the years we've operated under two other names, Pro Graphics and Data Resources.


...that marketing is at the core of everything we do? That's right, the world of marketing is our sandbox and we play in it every day.


...we have more than five unique, attention getting direct mail applications?  These are great products that boost response rates and several of them can be used on other print applications as well, like brochures and folders.


...we belong to an industry association called PSDA (Print Services Distribution Association) that allows us to access the brain trust of other businesses like ours nationwide via an email list serve? Topics like best suppliers for specific needs, latest technology applications, "how tos" for challenging client needs are all common conversations.


...that nearly every time we fulfill a print request for our customers we first shop it with at least three suppliers in order to bring you the best value? There are over 200 member manufacturers we can tap into to meet your needs.  Ninty-five percent of these manufacturers sell exclusively to the trade with no retail or direct sales. Although we have many local and regional resources we also have relied on suppliers as far away as California to meet specific needs.


  ...we have an online search tool for promotional products   that allows us to find literally any product you may want in as little as a few hours and each of these suppliers is rated on quality, service and cost? Rest assured, we only work with the very best companies.  Tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you find the right item, at the right price point.  You can also conduct your own search from the Shop Online page of our website


...we've produced and delivered apparel and promotional products across the country and around the globe for our clients' important meetings, trade shows and corporate events? If you have an event out of town or out of the country with time sensitive delivery, feel free to call us. We've delivered on time, every time to California, Tennessee, England, Spain and more.

...we provide all major brands of apparel as well as several unknown brands with similar features and qualities? We constantly meet our clients' needs with products like Callaway, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Columbia and many more.


...our online order platform is fully integrated with our business software making ordering all the more efficient and dummy proof? Not only do you have complete automated order entry with variable capabilities and full proofing we do as well. We have no manual re-keying of your orders unless you count about 5-9 keystrokes before we send your work into production.


...our online order platform, hear Web to Print, has virtually unlimited user and location capabilities? Our smallest online program is set up for a company with just one location, two or three items and two users. Our largest application has thirty two locations with more than 100 skus and about 50 individual users and this doesn't even begin to come close to maxing out our capabilities.




...that purls, gurls and qr codes match up perfectly with personalization and are a very common applications for us? These technology tools have their place and we are more than happy to help you discover when to use and when not to use them. of our college clients recently experienced a 10% increase in response rates by using personalization?  The simple use of a person's first name in one location made the difference. 


...we can re design your website and optimize it for mobile viewing?  Mobile web viewing from smart phones and tablets is becoming as commonplace as web viewing from desktop and laptop computers.   


...we employ several designers with specific skill sets to help meet your individual design needs?  We have designed items as simple as business cards and as complex as entire campaigns incorporating brochures, direct mail pieces, product package labels, static clings and promotional products.  


...our client list is made up of organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, 3M Abrasives, Edward Rose & Sons, Botsford Hospital, Central Michigan University, Datamatics Global, Great Lakes Christian College, Michigan Educational Credit Union, Henry Ford Community College, Team One Credit Union, Panasonic Automotive, FME Federal Credit Union, Amerisure Insurance and many more?


I hope you've enjoyed the departure from our typical newsletter and found this  information to be of value.   

As always, thanks for listening,


Bill Strobridge