Let's Talk Direct Mail! Are You Ready?


Today I'd like to talk about direct mail that really gets noticed. If you've been following our e newsletters and direct mail campaigns at all you know we've been beating the drum of personalized communication rather loudly for some time now, and rightly so I might add.

It's tried and true technology that really does work and by no means are we dumping it at the curb. We're just going to veer slightly to the left and talk about some unique applications that really grab attention yet are still pretty mainstream with reasonable costs. 

  • Clear Vue Plastic Postcards - When's the last time you received something like this in the mail? They are actually clear yet utilize full color. Typically rectangular they can be die cut to any shape you desire. No postal surcharge! The secret is having the die line pre cut into the plastic without removing any material. It still goes out as a rectangle and the recipient removes the excess to obtain the shape you want.
  • Dimensional Digital - Remember thermography or the raised ink many of us used to love on our business cards? You could actually feel the raised surface. Take that same concept, beef it up with technology and you have a brand new product line. Whatever image and texture you're looking for you can accomplish it in full color. As soon as the recipient picks it up they will definitely feel the difference.
  • Conceal and Reveal - Ever been to McDonalds? Then you probably know what I'm talking about. They have instant win scratch offs or pull tabs on game pieces or sometimes drink cups.  This is a great tool you can use in a variety of ways on post cards or other marketing collateral. You do not have to offer prizes to make use of this technology. There are many great applications. 
  • Intelimailer - Ever heard of a regular letter package with panache? This is it. At first blush it might look like a standard letter package. However the full color and unique folds are a dead giveaway, not to mention full color on the inside of the envelope too. That's right, the outgoing envelope is now an integral component of the campaign, not just a throw away. You can incorporate up to two inserts and a BRE as well.
  • 3d UV- No that's not a typo. This is dimensional print taken to the next level and then some . It's a bit pricey but has a lot more flash. The print surface is highly defined, thus the 3d moniker, especially with the UV coating. The result is an effect unmatched in the world of printed communications. You've definitely got to see it and feel it to believe it.


Alright I know I just put you on direct mail overload, sorry about that, but somebody's got to let you know what's available! If you would like more information or samples please contact us at
Oh, and here's the kicker, remember what I said about not leaving personalized communications at the curb? We didn't, four of these five options can be fully personalized with text, graphics and images. One of these will be coming soon to a mailbox near you.


Now, if we've gone too far over the top and these have too much pizzazz or don't seem to fit your needs tune in next month for our "Ugly Betty Mailer" and several other "self mailer" options. And remember, no matter what you mail nothing ever replaces a good list, good creative and good call to action.


Thanks for Listening,


Bill Strobridge