Okay, in last month's newsletter we scratched the surface of QR Codes and hopefully aroused your curiosity. This month we're going to up the ante a bit and discuss custom and dynamic QR Codes, which in my opinion, is where you can really begin to attach value to them.


Before we do that I need to clear the air on our use of a QR Code last month. In our March newsletter I said this is what not to do with a QR Code. Why? Because it took you to our website which is not optimized for mobile. This most likely creates a negative user experience as navigating our site from your mobile device would have been very frustrating. You probably left before ever viewing the QR Code report I was attempting to direct you to. The code on this newsletter is being used in keeping with best practices as it sends you to a specific link on our site which contains the QR Code Report I want you to view.  P.S. After downloading this PDF you may have to view it in your phone's download file.  

Now back to custom and dynamic codes. First,
custom QR Codes, what are they? Well, you're looking at one right here. A simple custom QR Code is one that you brand with your logo as we have. I refer to this as simple because it is. We have simply taken a regular QR Code and inserted our logo into it and utilized our corporate colors while maintaining the standard elements of the code. You can further customize QR Codes by using non standard or squiggly lines within the code or you can imbed a QR Code inside of your logo, where your logo surrounds the QR Code. Perhaps practical only on larger media as the code still needs to be a minimum of one square inch for optimal readability. Why do this? Gaining greater exposure for your brand and demonstrating your knowledge and use of current technology used appropriately are both good things.


What about dynamic codes? A dynamic code is one that has been trained by a certified sales trainer to be more outgoing and engaging thereby enhancing the performance of the code. Sorry, I couldn't resist.   Actually a dynamic code is one which you can re-point whenever you want, as many times as you want. Meaning, you can change where the code takes the recipient when they scan it without having to change the code itself, pretty useful.   You can point it to a video today, a url tomorrow or a text message the next day. Not that I would recommend redirecting it that often without a specific goal in mind, however you could. 

You could actually build a campaign utilizing a QR Code that you redirect to different content each week, great ideas to encourage and continue the engagement process.  Say you print some literature with a QR Code on it or place a code on your website that goes to a video and six weeks later you have new content to share with them.  By re-pointing the dynamic QR Code to a new video your existing literature or website becomes more current without having to re-print or update.  The dynamic QR Code now takes the viewer to current information/offer of your choice. Plus dynamic codes are trackable so you can tell how many times they are being scanned. Every marketer wants to know how successful their efforts are and tracking hits on your QR Code is one great way to help you accomplish this.


So, a custom QR Code allows you to brand the code itself using your logo and colors, the dynamic code allows you to use the same code time and again for different purposes by redirecting it to different content and it's fully trackable. And yes a custom branded code can be dynamic and trackable if I haven't clarified that yet. Now, we've just taken an ugly black box of hieroglyphics and turned it into a thing of marketing beauty. Applications are limited only by imagination and we'd be happy to discuss your specific goals and help you develop a campaign designed around your needs.


Is there a downside to this? Not really. How can you create custom, dynamic codes? Just give us a call and we'll take care of all the details. Our fees range from $65.00 to $125.00  depending on your need and you can have your own custom, dynamic code in less than a week.

As a matter of fact we will offer a free custom, dynamic QR Code to the first five people who contact us, no strings attached, no additional purchases required.  (Limit one per company/organization)


Or, if you'd like to experiment with this yourself, you are more than welcome to by using the following resources: for custom QR Codes and for dynamic, trackable codes. Either way I encourage you to create your own branded, dynamic code and put it to work for you.


Thanks for Listening,


Bill Strobridge